Isle of Wight student wins national award for his innovative dynamic virtual school idea

Finn McCabe impressed judges with his passion for improving home-learning for students during the lockdown period, with a particular focus on support for students with SEN

finn mccabe

Congratulations are in order for Finn McCabe, a pupil at Medina College, who has impressively won a national competition.

In June this year, during the period of lockdown and school closures, InvestIN Education set a challenge for students aged 12-18.

Propose one big idea to transform virtual learning
Students were asked to propose one big idea to transform virtual learning in any school activity.

They were asked to think of a bold innovation. It could have been a creative product design to allow students to carry out practical lab work at home; a way to virtually deliver crucial life skills that students get from extra-curricular activities such as sport and drama; or maybe a way to recreate the fun of face-to-face contact with friends.

Finn created ‘The e-School’
Finn’s winning innovation was ‘The e-School’, a dynamic virtual school with a 3d environment and innovative video whiteboard. The e-school also has a particular focus on providing virtual Learning Support Assistants, ensuring students stay on-task and comfortable with online home-learning.

Finn produced a video in which he fully explained and presented his idea which can be viewed on You Tube below.

An overwhelming favourite amongst judging panel
InvestIN Education said that,

“The e-School was the overwhelming favourite amongst the judging panel.

“They were delighted to hear Finn’s innovation and creative flair towards solving the issues faced by many students during the lockdown period, as well as his clear compassion for improving the education of those who need the most support.”

Finn’s prize for winning the competition was a £50 Amazon voucher and a free place at one of InvestIN Education’s Autumn Term Careers Education Programmes. Finn has chosen to take part in the Computer Science programme next February.

Larcombe: His innovative thinking will support other students
Julia Larcombe, SEND Manager at Medina College, said,

“We are incredibly proud of Finn and his achievement. As a student with SEN, Finn decided to enter the competition off his own back, realising during lockdown that having access to support in lessons is just as important online as in school.

“His innovative thinking is something that will support other students in the future which is incredible.”

News shared by Gemma on behalf of Medina College. Ed

Friday, 16th October, 2020 3:14pm



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Well done Finn! Great idea and very well presented. Thumbs up from me :)

Angela Hewitt

Absolutely brilliant. £50? come on……. This deserves an honorary bonus.