IW Council Chief Exec office and Chair both say Steve Beynon retiring. Beynon’s payoff says redundant. Which is it?

Even the top brass at the IWC are confused as to whether Steve Beynon is being made redundant (as they’ve claimed previously) or retiring (as the official invitation to his leaving party says). Find out more …

There has been more than a little controversy over the departure of the current Isle of Wight council Chief Executive, Steve Beynon (whose official last day is today).

Last year he was talking publicly about retiring after May’s election, then, all of a sudden, shortly after the recent disastrous Ofsted inspections of a few of the Island High Schools, the council decided his role would be ‘deleted’,.

This left Mr Beynon in the fortunate position of being about to receive money from tax payers, as they said he role was being made redundant. His retirement would have brought no such financial gain.

The council then spread it wide that he would only receive a £13,500 redundancy package, OnTheWight dug deeper to find the figure to actually be way in excess of that.

The CX Dept and Chair of the council says Retirement
In the last few weeks – direct from the Chief Executive’s department – the council’s own official invitation to an “informal evening event to mark the departure” says that “Please join us to wish him well in his retirement”.


The latest development in the saga occurred at this week’s Full Council meeting. At the end of the meeting, the current Chair of the Isle of Wight council, Cllr Susan Scoccia, invited those present to a drink afterwards to mark the Retirement of Steve Beynon.

Why is the Island paying?
If the Chief Executive’s department is sending out invitations to his retirement party; the Chair of the council is referring to his departure in the same way in a Full Council meeting; and even Beynon himself was talking about it last year – Why are the current Conservative administration happy to see Mr Beynon being given a considerable pay off?

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Friday, 22nd March, 2013 6:34pm


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  1. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s probably a large financial bung.

    The big question is what do we, the tax payers do to stop the payment, or declare it illegal?

    From the above it’s clearly retirement in the eyes of those involved, just with a large sweetener, funded by us!

  2. Could it be that the poor chap is so emotionally damaged by his job being abolished that he cannot face employment anywhere else – hence retirement follows!

    What price some speedy emotional healing in around 6 weeks time followed by a restful thereupeutic consultancy somewhere on the north island?

  3. I have seen a copy of Beynon’s last weekly email today to council staff – The Vine. He refers several times in it to his ‘retirement’, he makes no bones about it.

  4. JipperNipper

    22.Mar.2013 9:16pm

    Extremely glad to see the back of ‘Bunion’ as of today, however this really stinks. Me thinks Private Eye will be all over this one – under their ‘Rotten Borough’ section.

  5. If this was happening in an African country it would be called a corrupt banana republic.

  6. The question here shouldn’t be was he made redundant or did he retire, it should be why wasn’t he sacked!

    Steve Beynon has been responsible for a catalogue of failures throughout his term as CEO, which in any normal organisation would have lead to his dismissal. He has left the Council, it’s Children’s services, Education system and the Islands general economy in a very sorry state.

    Looking at the last twelve months of failures we have:-

    The Isle of Wight festival transport fiasco. where Stuart Love’s tranport emergency plan failed resulting in the island grinding to a halt

    The failure to deliver the Cowes Enterprise College’s new school building, again down to the incompetence of Beyond and Love, who made excuses for failures in the Trust

    The OFSTED report for children’s services, finding the councils services under Beynon and Anderson to be the worst in the country

    The ignominy of having to outsource Children’s Services and Education to Hampshire because IOWC were deemed incapable

    I’m sure there are many more examples of why Beynon should have been sacked.

    The danger now is that we jump out of the frying pan in to the fire and apoint Stuart Love as the new ‘lead office’ – God help us. Let’s hope for the right result in May and maybe then we can have a clean start.

  7. Island Monkey

    23.Mar.2013 6:54pm

    I believe we have endured a dozen Chief Execs in the past decade or so, arguably this bloke was number one on the worst of the lot list?

    Who would bet against Steve Beynon Ltd is soon working or consulting elsewhere at another authority, possibly nearer his Surrey home.

    Sacked, redundant or retired? The local Tories can’t ever get their stories straight. They are an embarassment.

    • biggmarket

      24.Mar.2013 11:29am

      I struggle to understand how the post of Chief Executive cab be “made redundant.” Whatever job title you use somebody has to take responsibility to be head of the Council Staff and ensure they carry out the policies of the elected councillors.

      The silence of the County Press on this story speaks volumes.

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