Johnny Depp: The Isle of Wight’s Latest Fan?

Looks like Johnny Depp has a new favourite bolt hole, with lots of people confirming they’ve seen him around the Island over the past few weeks.

Around the time of the 2011 Round The Island Race and the NatWest Island Games, it was rumoured that American actor and musician, Johnny Depp had been spotted on the Isle of Wight

We’d heard rumblings of him being down in Ventnor in previous years (later confirmed by those who met him) and last weekend, apparently Johnny was spotted in Ryde (via).

VB followers on Facebook say that Johnny was spotted in the Chocolate Apothecary on Ryde Esplanade on Sunday, happy to have his picture taken with a fan.

Taking in the delights of the Isle of Wight
He was clearly trying to take in as much of the Island as possible, with Karysha Clarke-Ferrell, saying he was in Ugly Mug Cafe in Shanklin on Saturday.

We haven’t seen him down in the South this time, but Diane Gray said, “He was in Cowes in the Union on Saturday Night”.

We may see a lot more of Johnny and his wife, Vanessa Paradis, on the Island if the rumours that Helen Nicholson have heard are true. “He’s rumoured to have brought a house here” she told us on Facebook.

An Isle of Wight residence would join his pads in Paris, LA, The Bahamas and the South of France (via).

We can totally understand why Johnny would want to have a bolt hole on the Island, natch.

Image: Nicogenin under CC BY 2.0

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Monday, 11th July, 2011 3:51pm



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Fay W

Well I hope he contacts the BBC about his IW holiday! Lol!
Great to see he’s been back, just hope it means we won’t get overrun with pap’s whenever he’s around

Alan Mansell

Hopefully if we all keep quiet about him being here, and not attract paps, then he’ll visit more often. I wonder if he uses a different name e.g. Johnny Caulkhead. He could probably do a decent IW accent nipper!

K. Eepstum

That was my first thought, hassle him & he’ll stop coming, he is resident on Il de Re in France & from what I hear (french friends live there), when he is in town he leads a hassle free life, be nice if we could do the same if he chooses to visit more often?

Chicken Licken

Yes,let’s all hide when he comes and he’ll think it’s a beautiful unspoiled place where celebs can wander freely

Turkey - Lurkey

Better still lets all hassle him, form a queue, get our i-phones out take pictures, plaster them all over chav book, talk to him like he is our best mate & that we’ve known him since birth, text the photos to our mates so he really feels at ease!

Chicken Licken

What about getting ‘News of the World’ over?

Reuben rich

He came into my bookshop on Saturday afternoon, he and 2 or 3 friends were browsing the books in babushka books in shanklin.

Chicken Licken

Did they try to steal any? Celebs often do that I understand.
Were you hiding behind the cash till?


2 or 3 friends? Not 4 or 5 or 1 or 2? What was he wearing?


I’ve sat opposite him on the Ryde cat – nobody paid any heed to him. He was reading, studious looking guy.


Why would he use the fastcat? Its not a very convenient way to get here considering the over options open to him.


*over* should say “other”

Sailor Sam

Maybe the Black Pearl was in dry dock?

Just to clear something up, i remember when this rumour was started last September ( link here )and it wasn’t true at all. The guy did bare a resemblance to him but it wasn’t him.At the time he was filming pirates of the carribean. The lookalike johnny depp did not even have the tattoo’s, which i did find funny. If i remember correctly this was confirmed… Read more »

The real Johnny Depp has been to Ventnor and stayed at the Wellington Hotel. May not have been when the other rumours went around, but I know people who work there and confirmed it as the case after the event.


With the greatest respect Margie, saying it after the event is a bit fishy. It wasn’t him last time, just someone who looked very much like him and it really was an easy mistake to make. I find incorrect rumours like this nothing less than embarrassing.

Sailor Sam

Well you don’t expect that a hotel worth it’s salt is going to reveal that a big celeb is staying there while they are still there do you? Get real man!


So you seriously believe every single member of staff would keep some oath of silence? At least one person working there would have said something, its human nature. The owners would also never know who it was that told people either. Get real man!

Sailor Sam
Yes actually, I would Al. I think you will find that some hotels (the ‘higher graded ones) do have a confidentiality clause in their employee’s contracts. This is to ensure their guest’s privacy is respected and as such, is a ‘selling point’ of the ‘celebrity’ facilities that the hotel provides. Such hotels would see it as a very important to maintain it’s reputation so it continues to… Read more »
Reuben rich

Confirmed in the county press. Yes he and 2 or 3 friends, I don’t remember precisely, came into my bookshop in shanklin Saturday. He had a flat cap on a glasses/shades. Babushka books.

Sailor Sam

Apparently he went in the ‘Ugly Mug’ cafe as well. The ‘friends’ with him were actually minders… apparently.

mark francis

All these phone-hacking paparazzi scum always argue that “celebrities” are desperate for publicity in their scabrous newspapers. Johnny Depp is not famous for being in papers but for being in films on account of being a damned good actor (& having better “British accent” than Dick Van Dyke). Also rather disappointingly fopr the hack press he seems to lead an irreproachable private life.
Give the guy some space.


He would adore the Garlic Festival.I will be there this year – again.Matchbox, Dodgy & Linda Lewis.Not quite Alvin Stardust or Mungo Jerry yet still that’s the point.You will find me in the beer tent Johnny – watch that cloudy cider !




I heard he has bought [part of comment removed by moderator] St. Lawrence.

Smoke and Mirrors

If Johnny has got a place on the island he could wear his Capt Jack regalia and walk around unnoticed at the Gaffer’s Festival……or better still, wouldn’t it be great if he officially opened it!

mark francis

How do you know he didn’t?

Sailor Sam

He seems to like Arreton Barns… everytime I go there, he is there!

mark francis

Wow! Stalked by Johnny Depp – how cool is that?

I thought I saw him outside the Xoron Floatel in Bembridge along with a mate. Cotton is an IOW name isn’t it? Didn’t say much.

mark francis


Only Robert Newton actually said “Ahhharrr!” but Talk Like A Pirate Day is on 19 September.

mark francis
Oh, you lucky, lucky people in the IOW!! Having Johnny Depp as a visitor…he was filming here, in the south of England, in recent months, and he ate at local pubs rather than the 5 star Michelin restaurants he could have chosen. He’s an ordinary man, and he enjoys the same things we do. Love that! And if Johnny likes the IOW, then it must be something… Read more »