Letter: Can ‘due course’ be today Prime Minister?

This letter writer says of the Prime Minister, “Dithering is making the situation worse for schools, pupils, staff and the communities, in which they live”

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This from Peter Shreeve, Assistant District Secretary, Isle of Wight – National Education Union shares this Open letter to the Prime Minister. Ed

On reading ‘Concerned voices ask County Hall Conservatives to reconsider opening of schools tomorrow‘ (3.1.21), I find myself still trying to understand what is happening and why.

All we need to know is cases continue to rise, internationally, nationally and locally. You don’t need to know much about this virus to see that a minority of national leaders, sadly who have power, and their supporters unwilling to break ranks and face the facts are reacting far too slowly. Instead of forward planning prevention and keeping ahead of the virus, they are following it and struggling to keep up.

Fixed in the car headlights with the mantra ‘keep schools open’, ignoring ‘Covid likes a crowd’, as the danger worsens.

Contradictory understanding
What is even worse is the contradictory understanding and absence of action. Sky News reported in the last hour, the PM saying:

“If you look at the numbers there’s no question, we will have to take tougher measures and we will be announcing those in due course.”

Time to close schools
Can you inform all Local Authorities that they should close schools except for vulnerable children and those of key workers?

We fully understand that closing schools should be a ‘last resort’, but we have surely past this point. Dithering is making the situation worse for schools, pupils, staff and the communities, in which they live.

Can ‘due course’ be today, Prime Minister?

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Monday, 4th January, 2021 1:11pm


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Some will still not see the sense of the letter. Many cannot see past “Jolly Boris” who has been behind the curve of this virus since day one.
Almost 500 infection a day on the Island means more and more tragic deaths.
Many could be avoided if this government could be persuaded to use common sense
I fear they just will not listen.

Steve Goodman

Again: helpful link for Led by Donkeys ten-minute timeline video, projected onto Barnard Castle, detailing the shocking failures of PM Johnson’s woeful, disastrous, almost criminal negligence in the face of the pandemic… https://twitter.com/ByDonkeys/status/1278672584930758656


The trouble is Steve, the IW will still vote for this shower

Steve Goodman

A reminder that not all eligible IW and other voters vote, that the flawed ‘first past the post’ option is not the best way to produce political servants and/or hand power to ‘leaders’ or to replace some disappointment and conflict with something more co-operative and productive, and that the we would all benefit from a better choice of candidates and better choices being made by those elected.

I think face masks and shields should be worn in public not just the shops and if you can’t wear either due to health then should you risk your health being out. A person in b n m doesn’t wear either and she serves people, how can this be allowed in a shop, all shops should make sure both staff and the public are safe. The ferries… Read more »

Both schools in Upper Ventnor were open today ! How do parents know what’s happening !

We have had this sharp rise in Covid due to people being selfish just before and over the Christmas period. Why doesn’t the PM state face masks or face shield should be worn at all times while you are out in the public. Masks are worn to help prevent germs in shops but when you get out people take them off. The virus isn’t just in the… Read more »

Since Boris is the best PM we have had sinnce Mrs Thather I suggest you wind your necks in. Bet this wont get posted !!


I’ll give you one thing,Johnson’s finished off what Thatcher set out to do and.totally destroy this country.

Steve Goodman
The sacked for it more than once serial liar has help. Here’s something to ponder while we watch the clean-up after America’s latest (world-beating, as Trump’s friend Boris might say?) will of the people violence: “…there has long been a transatlantic exchange of ideas between the two nations’ centre-right parties and there are some disturbing parallels in the rise of Trump and his debasement of Grand Old… Read more »