Letter: Isle of Wight vaccination process should be example for the rest of the UK

This reader shares his and his wife’s experience of receiving Covid vaccinations in Freshwater last weekend

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This from Don Adams in Totland. Ed

Being over eighty, my wife and I received our second anti Covid vaccinations at the Freshwater Sports Centre last Saturday.

I feel moved to report that this was a very well planned event and one that was quite brilliantly executed.

No queuing
Being an appointment only occasion, no queuing at all was involved and we were quickly ushered to one of seven ‘jabbing’ stations.

A few quick questions and then a uniformed nurse administered the painless injection. We were then moved to a seated waiting area and provided with a small timer set to fifteen minutes.

No delays
New arrivals were appearing in a continuous, but discretely separated stream, so the nurses were able to continue their injections without undue delay.

There was an happy atmosphere in the room and needless to say everyone their wore masks throughout. When our timers had buzzed we were conducted out through a different door.

Should be the example for the rest of the UK
I hope this is the standard to be found throughout the rest of the Island and it should certainly be the example for the rest of the UK.

Image: gobiernocholula under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 13th January, 2021 11:01am


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Thank you, Don, for sharing your experience. I hope it reassures readers that vaccination is being well organised.


I’ve done a marshalling shift at West Wight. Also had my flu jab (first snice school!) there. They really are very well organised and working very hard to do this well and safely. Can’t wait ’til it’s my turn!