Letter: Why I want to leave the EU – a ‘deceitful organisation’

This reader explains his reason for wanting to leave the European Union. His decision dates back to 1972.

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We always welcome a Letter to the Editor to share with our readers – unsurprisingly they don’t always reflect the views of this publication. If you have something you’d like to share, get in touch and of course, your considered comments are welcome below. This from Dave Maguire. Ed

As a Leave voter my reasons for that decision date back to our entry into the EEC back in 1972. We didn’t have the ease of the Internet to look up facts about the foundations of the European Project, we had to spend much time in reference libraries to find our information.

Today, unless you give everybody links, they generally can’t be bothered to research it for themselves.

This has been proven by anti-Brexit demo supporters who, when interviewed, come out with things such as, they like the EU because it gave them the NHS. Well that shows their level of knowledge regarding the EU! Heath had promised we would not enter without the full-hearted consent of the British people, but proceeded to do just that.

Entry was constitutionally illegal
For all the people who keep on about the referendum being not legally binding, our entry was constitutionally illegal. Ross McWhirter invoked the Bill of Rights 1689 to show that the government did not have authority to give away the rights and liberties of the people. Tragically, he was assassinated before the matter was decided.

The European project was being pushed forward by Jean Monnet, a Frenchman who had spent considerable time in America working with US politicians. It will continue to move forward to a federated state. Heath knew this, Heseltine admitted he knew it, but they didn’t tell the people. Anti-marketeers knew it, but the public believed their politicians.

Manipulating the project
It is no surprise that declassified US government documents show that the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and later the CIA were financing and manipulating the project.

Another founder of the European project was Joseph Retinger, who also set up the Bilderberg Group in 1954, a group created for the interests of the political elite, banks and global multinationals.

Bilderberg managed to hide in the shadows until the coming of the Internet, anti EEC supporters knew of them in the 1970s, but got scoffed at by the equivalent of the anti-Brexit supporters now. Even now they still ban any press reporting at meetings and reporters have been arrested for getting too close. You can now find reports of their meetings even in the Guardian, (a rarity in the 1970s) but definitely no information on internal discussions or who spoke.

Attending Bilderberg meetings
Typical attendees over the years have included Edward Heath, Kissinger, Rockefeller, Bill Clinton, Peter Mandelson, Tony Blair and Manuel Barroso.

Other important attendees have been George Osborne and his IMF friend, Christine Lagarde, he campaigned for her second IMF term.

Bankers supporting Remain
Remain supporters were prepared to accept the same banks responsible for the 2008 crash as financial supporters of the remain campaign. Goldman Sachs (called the Vampire Squid by Rolling Stone magazine) brought out their Alumni in support, Mark Carney Governor of The Bank of England, Malcolm Turnbull Prime Minister of Australia, Anders Rasmussem ex-Prime Minister of Denmark, and the man whose campaign they financed, Obama.

Their Alumni have featured well in the so-called democratic EU, for example, Mario Draghi President of the European Central Bank. Regime change, EU/Goldman Sachs style, placed the un-elected Mario Monti as the new Prime Minister of Italy. Same thing in Greece, Lucas Papademos, though not a direct Goldman Sachs man, had worked with them to hide Greek debt.

Leaving a ‘deceitful organisation’
Well that’s just some of my reasons for wanting us out of, what is in my view, a deceitful organisation.

The result confirms the competence and common sense of at least 17.5 million people in this country. Most of the remainers who I have come in contact with haven’t got a clue what the EU is all about or what its final goals are.

The only remainers who really know the truth are the multinational corporations and banks that are moving it forward on their own agenda in their own interests. The people who voted to support those institutions will not be considered when they reach their final goal.

Image: Leon Yaakov under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 6th July, 2016 1:04pm


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  1. Simon Haytack

    6.Jul.2016 1:34pm

    That’s an awfully long read for something that doesn’t really say anything. Not one remain voter I’ve personally come across has claimed the EU founded the NHS.

    The arguments for remaining in are clear. The ability to freely live & work in 27 member countries at any time. Access to a $16.6 trillion market of over 500 million people for businesses of any size. The availability of funding to farmers, rural & social development and scientific research. Free healthcare & consumer protection abroad. Sustaining over 3 million UK jobs. Plus much more.

    That’s sadly all in jeopardy now.

    • It says a great deal. Most importantly regarding the illegality of the original legislation which took us in the EU. No British politician has the authority to sign away sovereign powers, yet they did it anyway.

      As for access to markets, we will soon be free to trade with the entire world, including the EU. There is zero chance of the EU not making a mutually beneficial deal with us, as the world’s 5th largest economy. Failing to trade with the UK would harm them more than it does us!

  2. Didn’t we have a referendum to vote out 2 weeks ago? Not sure what the purpose of this letter is a fortnight after the event.

  3. What no Illuminati?

  4. This piece makes fascinating and all too credible reading.

    I give billy builder’s comments a miss nowadays, because the needle is stuck. They give me a shiver of Goebbel’s repetiton of the same phrases in a dead and life-draining manner, a closed and dominating mind.

  5. I look forward to the day when Billy Builder and his fellow Remain campaigners overturn the iniquitous result of the recent referendum and return Britain to the glorious EU partnership of countries dedicated to mutual harmonious co-operation.

    Perhaps he can be persuaded to stand for election as an MEP representing the Socialist Workers Party and join his fellow European Parliament members in bringing us to the Promised Land where we’ll all enjoy untold prosperity.

    This will naturally entail having our lives controlled from cradle to grave by Brussels but this will be a small price to pay for a life in the Utopian United States of Europe.

    • Simon Haytack a link for you, listen carefully to it but here is a girl that claims the NHS is one of her reasons for being in the EU. Look for other Graham Phillips videos at the demos he asks everybody he interviews about the EU, what they know about it and many struggle to even give the Commission Presidents name. Did the people that wanted out in the 1975 referendum about the EEC and lost, go out on the street and demonstrate because the Government had lied to them, well no. So EU democracy training in not accepting the answer you don’t want has worked well on its supporters.


      Suona, I think you’re confused, Bilderberg exists, they are not the illuminati whoever they are? Guessing that a lot of remainers will be Guardianistas and accept no other papers, I have a link to articles they have printed on Bilderberg in a slightly humorous tone, but still give accurate reports on attendees.
      I felt I could include one from the Independent that hopefully will be acceptable to those that generally go word blind when reading anything that doesn’t fit with their belief system.

      • Of course the illuminati don’t exist. That was what we call A Joke, which is the only reply the letter deserves.

        Of course Bilderberg exists.

        So does the former National Association for Freedom (NAFF)– a mob of rightwing nasties set up by the McWhirters [letter para 4] now known as the Freedom Assn, and associated with UKIP.

      • Children say all sorts of things Dave6, (“a girl”). Any evidence about the NHS being linked with the EU would need to be about an adult – say, a ‘woman’. Or a ‘young woman’ …

    • From PE 1422, p.10 (Brussels briefing):

      “If you thought the EU referendum debate was ill-informed, demeaning, and divisive, get ready for talks on the UK’s continued access to the single market; there is much more to come.

      “Even if the Tory wish-granting fairy does eventually allow Britain to limit the unfettered freedom of movement guaranteed by the rules of the single market, other rules – on standards and laws affecting various sectors – will still have to be adhered to.

      “No one has yet faced up to what this entails. Under the EEA Agreement, three non-EU countries (including Norway) wave through reams of EU regulations over which they have no say. The scale of this is such that the three have rubber-stamped around 10,000 legal acts in the last 20 years, and there is still a backlog of 500 acts waiting to be adopted…

      “…In theory the EEA countries can refuse to adopt laws, but the veto has never been exercised because it would mean losing single market access. In other words, EEA countries are on the hook. As one Norwegian official puts it, ‘Formally we’re not handing over sovereignty but in reality it’s a massive transfer of sovereignty’.

      “It’s almost impossible to see how this can be squared with the promise of Britain’s Leave campaigners that an Out vote was a vote ‘to get our country back’. And even if the UK forges it’s own trade deal with the EU, rather than signing up to the EEA agreement, the effects would largely be the same; the UK would still have to adhere to the made in Brussels single market rules…”

      “The Norwegian official is perplexed. ‘The UK joined the EU primarily to gain access to the single market; why move out of that and into it again without voting rights?’

  6. Who knew the CIA was behind the EU all along, obviously not even the Leave campaign!? (dons tinfoil hat)

  7. Incredible isn’t it. 17.5 million people wanted out. I wasn’t brainwashed into that decision. I owned a substantial international trade and freight business for 25 years until 2008 and am well aware of the implications of Brexit. Here are some facts. 2000 staff in Brussels and Strasbourg earn more than our PM! in the past 20 years the UK has vetoed 55 EU directives. In every single case we were overruled. Who seriously thought we would ever be able to change anything that we didn’t like about the EU. David Cameron knew it, and when he realised he couldn’t deliver a result to his mates at Goldman Sachs , he quit ! And lets talk about Turkeys accession into the EU. DC said it wouldn’t happen until the year 3000 and yet he wouldn’t veto it.Strangely, the British Emabassy website in Istanbul said it was working hard constantly towards accelerating Turkey’s entry into the EU ! Etc etc. etc…..

  8. Suona, the point was about constitutional law and the fact that Heath trampled on it. I was never a great fan of Tony Wedgewood Benn or the Labour Party, but I remember him saying that if we went into the EEC a lot of British industry would be destroyed . He made many other points on the EU that proved right. I can only say that because I didn’t follow his political path, that I consider everything he said was worthless. When I was in the Anti Common Market League which had Tory and Labour politicians, the International Socialists, a mob of left wing nasties, used make life difficult when we were handing out leaflets. We left them alone to sell their newspapers but they didn’t leave us alone, we were Little Englanders. When I did eventually get one to answer what they thought Europe had to offer them, they thought it would be a Socialist Utopia. Today they are called Socialist Worker and oppose the EU, their dream never came in the Goldman Sachs Europe. I was just a driver for most of my working life, the EU gradually made jobs harder and harder to find after we joined, and graphs back that up showing that unemployment has never been as low as just prior to us going in.

    • Stewart Blackmore

      9.Jul.2016 9:32am

      Dave, You have a loose grip of history if you believe that the EU destroyed industry you’re deluded.

      Have you forgotten what the Thatcher & Major governments did to our industrial and engineering heritage? It was mass privatization that was responsible, not the EU (remember Maggie in her EU jumper extolling its virtues?).

  9. Newman, do remainers never do any research. Do you really think that politicians even on the leave side were going to antagonise America by saying that they started all this. Well here is a couple of links, sorry they are not the Guardian.



  10. Mark Francis

    7.Jul.2016 4:06pm

    The major effect of the 1689 Bill of Rights was to establish the Sovereignty of Parliament. Never mentioned referendums if course.

    The NHS is nothing to do with the EU & it was the Leave camp that suggested the £350m a week would fund the NHS. However due to the impending recession, all that money is not saved; its just gone. In fact we are still paying it but as the value of the pound has tanked it actually costs more.

    Yes, most financial experts said this would happen. This is because they are financial experts not some lush down the pub with access to YouTube.

    The Bilderberg Group is run by lizards.

  11. Point taken Nico, I should have said young woman, but she definitely fits the snowflake generation requirements. If she had been at University I would have been sure she was doing Bob Geldolf studies, on why he doesn’t like Mondays.

    • :) but we don’t get ‘boy’ used in the same way.

      You’re not the only place in my life where ‘girl’ is used with no thought of the casual devaluation of being an adult woman, (no matter what studies), and sometimes I snap!

      • That’s not strictly true, I’ve been called boy, lad and nipper in the last month alone.

        I’m a 40-something bloke!

        I’ve never seen it as an attempt at “casual devaluation of being an adult man”. It’s just a turn of phrase.

        I’ve been called much, much worse!

        • It depends on the relationships and situations involved. For example, if Cameron referred to a ‘girl’ on the shadow front bench, if a mature black man was called a ‘boy’ by a stranger in the street or by his mother, and a group of women going out and calling themselves ‘girls’…. I’m parking this one here now!

      • Man in Black

        8.Jul.2016 7:29am

        Hmm, going slightly off topic here, but Nico is sounding more and more like a former commenter here who hasn’t been around for sometime.

        I’ll Try and see if I can remember their name ;-)

  12. Colgate 90

    9.Jul.2016 8:23am

    Dear writer of this letter. Please ask someone trusted to explain confirmation bias to you.

  13. Stewart Blackmore, Yes I do remember her pro EU stance, I also remember a rare (for the 1970s) report of her attending a 1975 Bilderberg meeting in Turkey. How much she followed her own policies or those of EU/Bilderberg, is a matter of personal opinion. One thing was certain, once she rebelled against the EU going too far she was finished. There has been a tendency for pro EU people to see it as a bastion of protections and rights and yet there is a case to say that it is a transnational corporation driven neo-liberal project. An example is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which the EU has been negotiating with the US, this would open up public services to US corporations. The EU Directive that said postal services must be opened up to competition, was the real reason that Royal Mail was sold off. It shares were underpriced even though the “experts” were advising (Goldman Sachs was one), and an estimated one billion pounds was lost to taxpayers.

    Colgate 90’s your comment on confirmation bias or my side bias, could equally be applied to remain bias. Remain bias generally doesn’t think for itself, it accepts what its taught within the EU box.

    • billy builder

      9.Jul.2016 2:05pm

      Dave6, with the greatest respect the selloff of Royal Mail was the last of a long line of national assets sold off by the Tories over the last forty years as a means of balancing their books without asking the rich to pay their fair share.

      As an aside, did you notice the hypocrisy on the Daily Mail front page today, whingeing about the currency exchanges under selling the pound. After all it was their lies and deceit that has lead to the pounds collapse.

      • I certainly agree with you about the Tory sell-off of RM, though if an EU directive had something to do with it too, so be it.

        Bit tired of your mantra “lies and deceit”, but I can see you’re very committed to it.

  14. I came across this article, entitled

    “Brexit regrets? Yes – I wish I’d voted Leave”

    from a Spectator writer.


    • billy builder

      10.Jul.2016 9:04pm

      I suspect that for every Remain voter who wished he/she had voted Leave there will be at least 5 Leave voters who wished they’d voted Remain and at least 10 non voters who wished they’d voted Remain.

      Lets recap the BREXIT achievements to date:-

      Pound fallen 15% against the Dollar and about 11% against the euro. With due to the fall being because the foundation of the economy is being undermined, there will be very little if any export growth. And with further falls expected taking the pound down to parity with both the dollar and the Euro.

      Major stock market falls for banks, construction and insurance in the FTSE100 and a 10% fall in the FTSE250

      Annuity rates falling rapidly, with a 4% reduction in pension sizes since the referendum.

      Well, didn’t BRexit do well.

  15. get over it it was a fair and democratic vote as i sad before if you dont like it move to Iceland

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