Magic Doors creative writing project brings Poetry to Orchard House

The Magic Doors creative writing project made its way to Orchard House residential home in Newport and the results have been surprising and rewarding.

Poetry shack:

Hannah shares details of this latest project from Independent Arts. Ed

Local charity Independent Arts have now run a second successful creative writing project with residents, families and staff at Orchard House residential care home in Newport and once again the results have been really surprising and rewarding with staff and residents embracing the power of poetry.

Independent Arts Worshops Coordinator, Kerry Tindall-Guignard, said,

“The rhythm and musicality of poetry like song can be really beneficial for older people living either with age related memory loss or dementia and I’m so pleased to see that Orchard House are keeping poetry at the heart of residents’ lives in the home.

“The home have created beautiful poetry ‘pods’ in each unit and both residents and families have actually begun contributing their own work to the pods.”

A beautiful collection of poems and musings
Through the series of workshops, community writer Ann Emery and artist and poet Nick Cook invited participants to explore themes of journeys, magic and memories helping residents to produce a beautiful collection of poems and musings.

The resulting work has now been celebrated in a collection of text and image panels which are on display for residents and families to enjoy at the home.

Maria, Activities coordinator at Orchard House, said,

“I have had the most amazing feedback from our residents, family members and staff. One resident has since started writing again after a very long time.

“She had become uninterested and felt that her writing wasn’t important but since the project she has been reborn and it has given back her interest in poetry.”

The Magic Doors
The Magic Doors creative writing project is currently delivered free to homes, and Independent Arts would like to thank project funder, Barchester Homes for their support for the project, and the staff and residents of Orchard House, Newport for their participation.

For further information or to arrange to join the programme please call Independent Arts: 822437 or email [email protected]

Work from Orchard House
Some examples of work taken from the exhibition, and resident’s poems

Rosy you are my posy
You are my hearts delight.

One day will you be my wife
Which will make me happy all my life.

My love for you is very true
If I don’t see you I am very blue.
(Joan – Orchard House, Newport)

Orchard House
Standing along the road to Newport
Is a very splendid place
Where many lovely people work
To let others enjoy their space.
It’s Orchard House on Fairlee Road
The only place to be,
So come along and meet us all
And enjoy a nice cup of tea!
(Jean and Jill – Orchard House, Newport)

Image: VH Hammer under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 17th February, 2017 2:48pm



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