Are you using your inhaler correctly? ask Isle of Wight NHS

Last year the Isle of Wight CCG spent almost £3,400,000 on inhalers, so the IW NHS Trust is keen to ensure the money is being used as effectively as possible.

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Andy shares this latest news from the Isle of Wight NHS Trust. Ed

Do you use an inhaler? Are you using your inhaler correctly?

There are nearly 16,000 people living on the Isle of Wight with a Respiratory condition and health services on the Island are often seeing that people are not using their inhaler correctly.

Using your inhaler poorly means you will not be getting the optimum dose of your medication. The Respiratory Department at St Mary’s Hospital along with Breathe Easy Isle of Wight have produced inhaler technique leaflets to help improve your technique.

Variety of inhalers
Different inhalers require different techniques to use effectively.

  • Metered dose inhaler’s (MDI) which produces a fine mist when triggered, need a slow and steady breath in technique
  • Dry powder inhalers (DPI) which require the effort of your breath to trigger, need a hard and fast breath in technique

Each leaflet provides:

  • Step by Step instructions with pictures
  • Examples of the different forms of inhalers
  • Common errors in using inhalers

Poor inhaler technique is common
Sarah Kearney, Respiratory Clinical Nurse Specialist said

“Incorrect technique when taking inhaled medications frequently prevents patients with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) from receiving the maximal benefit from their medications. Poor inhaler technique is common and it is estimated that only 15% of patients use inhalers correctly.

“Inadequate control is linked with poor symptom control, increased emergency visits and wasted resources.”

To pick up a free copy of either of the above leaflets, please contact 01983 552190

Last year the Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) spent almost £3,400,000 on inhalers alone. Let’s make sure that money is being used as effectively as possible!

Image: niaid under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 17th February, 2017 4:08pm



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Email updates?
Peter Hall

Can you find out how much they are paying for an inhaler?


thats over £200 per person per year. How many of the 16000 pay for their prescriptions I wonder.