MP against Puckpool plans due to lack of affordable housing

Bob Seely says he is opposing the development because the houses will not be affordable for Isle of Wight families trying to get a foot on the housing ladder

puckpool hill houses plan with bob seely

Plans to build 50 homes at Puckpool Hill in Seaview have been met with objections by Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Bob Seely.

Mr Seely, who has been leading a group of MPs nationally on a campaign urging the Government to scrap unrealistic and damaging housing targets for the Isle of Wight, said,

“This type of development is exactly the opposite of what the Island needs and precisely why I have been campaigning against the Government’s plans to accelerate large-scale house building in rural areas.”

No affordable housing
Mr Seely said he was opposing the development of the site at Puckpool Hill on the basis that the houses were not affordable for Island families trying to get a foot on the housing ladder, existing infrastructure would not cope and that trees and hedgerows would be destroyed in the process.

He said,

“Firstly, the applicant claims the construction of 18 ‘affordable’ houses. The starting price for an ‘affordable’ two-bed property at the proposed site is set to be £172,000. I do not view this as truly affordable.

“Secondly, the development would impose strain on existing infrastructure, namely through surface water runoff and increased traffic. Existing residents will be adversely impacted by this.

“Finally, the development shows a blatant disregard for nature and the Island’s natural beauty with the removal of a significant number of trees and mature hedgerow. We must protect the Island’s green areas and build with care and sensitivity.”

Mr Seely said he had been contacted by a number of concerned residents about the plans.

Have your say
Members of the public can have their say on the plans until Wednesday 13th January and can do so on the planning portal (ref: 20/01733/OUT).

News shared by the office of Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Robert Seely, in their own words. Ed

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Steve Goodman

I think you would be hard pushed to find a new two bedroom house on the island for less than £172,000. But I take Bob’s point, £172,000 is not affordable, certainly for any family earning the minimum wage, which a lot of islanders, particularly key workers, are earning.


Elections on the way ?

Benny C

It’s a plot! Quite a big one, in fact.

I agree with Bob Seely over this development as I do about covering any greenfield site with housing and tarmac. Unfortunately, the Pennyfeathers development is nearing its final stage to go before the planning officers for approval. This has been ongoing for years now and bearing in mind Seely’s opposition about building on greenfield sites I haven’t really seen much about him opposing Pennyfeathers. The same applies… Read more »

I agree with Bob Seely – well there has to a first for everything!

This is why what we need – throughout the country, not just on the Island – are council houses.