No-deal Brexit planning to counter possible 20 mile motorway lorry park

Leader of the council say they are planning for a no-deal Brexit and the possibility that 20-mile section of motorway in Hampshire could be closed and turned into a lorry park if there are severe delays at Dover or Calais.

Lorry exhaust

The Isle of Wight Council is planning for a no-deal Brexit, authority bosses have said.

The council, alongside authorities from Hampshire, have begun talks about what would happen if the UK left the European Union without a deal in 77 days time.

Motorway lorry park
A 20-mile section of motorway in Hampshire could be closed and turned into a lorry park if there are severe delays at Dover or Calais.

While Portsmouth is preparing to act as a relief port if there are serious delays at Calais, it cannot accommodate queuing lorries.

Stewart: Importance of Island connectivity
Leader of the Isle of Wight council, Cllr Dave Stewart, said he had attended meetings with mainland colleagues to address concerns.

He said:

“There are significant concerns that need to be covered regarding the flow of traffic through Southampton and Portsmouth as there is a strong possibility vehicles going to Dover may decide to go to Portsmouth instead and contingency plans have been put in place to cope with that.

“As an Island that relies on the connectivity with Portsmouth for our own ferries, and the impact the congestion of those lorries would have — it only takes 13 lorries for it to go back to the motorway and start a huge trail back — it’s important I make sure our local interests are protected.”

Cllr Stewart said good contingency planning was in place through the local resilience forum, and the council was having regular meetings.

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Email updates?

Before solving non-existing problems on the mainland, perhaps our glorious leader might like to solve our own real problems such as the floating bridge, the tailbacks from the racecourse roundabout into Newport and the stupid lane signage down the dual carriageway in Newport which causes the problem in the first place. Or is it that he just doesn’t use these roads?


Do all these ‘Councilors’ live in Cloud Cuckoo Land?

So Portsmouth are going to stop all vehicles entering or leaving because they are going to turn it into a lorry park are they? That’s not going to help the port or movement of freight is it, or am I missing something? This apparently, in turn will affect our own ferries. Well it sounds as though problems are being created by such thinking rather than anything logical.… Read more »
These potential problems are due to the short-sightedness or vindictiveness of all those politicians in Westminster who will not vote for Theresa May’s draft agreement. Many thousands of pounds are being wasted on all this planning for a hard Brexit, money which could be better used by the NHS or local authorities on vital services. It looks as though Remainers are trying to thwart the will of… Read more »
Mark L Francis
No – it looks like reality is trying to thwart the will of that part of the British (well, English) population expressed in the rerendum vote. The fact that these traffic jams will be on the doorsteps of large concentrations of Leavers is known as “karma”. Nobody supports May’s Deal. Probably not even Theresa May. – unless of course she has, since childhood, secretly nursed a desire… Read more »