Pet-loving community spring into action to help find runaway rescue dog

In all around 100 people helped out in one way or another to find Moose the rescue dog from Spain who shot out of the car boot and into the wilderness on Sunday

Moose the missing dog rescued in 28 hours

Given the ever-increasing news about Coronavirus we could all do with a positive lift, and this latest contact from Stacey Cripps gives us (and you) just that.

Stacey is currently pretty poorly at the moment with Covid-19 and self-isolating at home. To help out, a friend of hers offered to take her new rescue dog, Moose, out for a walk.

Moose is about two-years-old and was rescued from one of the notorious killing stations in Spain by From Foster to Forever. Stacey says she doesn’t really know much about the dog’s history, but added that Moose is extremely nervous around strangers. Luckily she knows Stacey’s friend, John, and his dog Toby.

Community springs into action
However little did they know that John’s offer to take Moose for a walk on Sunday was the start of a 28-hour adventure that saw the Isle of Wight Lost Pets community spring into action.

IOW Lost Pets is a community of animal lovers who through the Facebook platform work together from across the Island to help locate and reunite lost pets with their owners.

The community came together on Sunday lunchtime after Moose shot out from John’s car boot as soon as he arrived at Ventnor Downs and ran off into the distance.

Over 100 people helped out
Stacey posted the news to the Facebook Group and over the course of 24+ hours more than 100 people helped with the search for Moose at all hours of the day and night, and in dreadful weather conditions.

Moose was finally found on Monday afternoon, some 28 hours after jumping out of John’s boot into running off across Ventnor Downs.

Stacey: Selfless people willing to help strangers
Stacey told News OnTheWight,

“My reason for contacting you was to highlight that even in such difficult times there are selfless people in our community who are prepared to give up their time voluntarily to help others.

“We are hearing so much in the news about the bad behaviour of a minority at the moment  that I think this story could highlight that here on the Island amongst the animal-loving residents there is such kindness and support.”

Stacey: An amazing response
Stacey went on to say,

“I was overwhelmed by the offers of help from complete strangers as well as my friends and family. I received literally hundreds of goodwill messages from people including from Turkey, Canada, Spain and the USA after my original post on Lost Pets IOW was shared by huge numbers of people.

“It was an amazing response and it shows the positive power of social media and that it can be used for good.”

Very special thanks
As well as to the 100 who got involved in one way or another, Stacey wanted to give a special thanks to those who able to get out to search for Moose. She said,

“The Track a Dog team were incredible and special thanks go to them, John Cassidy, Matthew Cripps and Simon Ledger and all the fantastic people who eventually helped find her and bring her home safely.

“It was a sighting by Abigail Christina yesterday (Monday) afternoon that was pivotal in her rescue.

“Up to that point she hadn’t been seen. I was obviously isolating at home because I have Covid and I was completely helpless and dependent on others to help me. I can honestly say the response was inspiring and would like everyone involved to know how immensely grateful Moose and I am.”

You can read the 680+ comments on the original post on the IOW Lost Pets Group.

Well done to everyone involved and we do wish Stacey a very speedy recovery from Covid-19.

Tuesday, 12th January, 2021 4:39pm



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Poor old Moose, frightened and alone out in the cold but great that so many people turned out to help find him. Well done Isle of Wight dog lovers. Both Stacey and Stacey’s friend, John must be so relieved!

I wish Stacey a speedy recovery now that she can relax a bit more knowing Moose is home.


Thank goodness the poor dog was found and nice to have a positive story to read.
Where was Moose found in the end?
Well done to everyone.