Plans on the horizon for 475 new homes in Ryde

Of the 475 houses, following housing allocations from the Isle of Wight Council, 35 per cent or 166 homes will be ‘affordable’

artist's impression of West Acre Park

An Island developer is getting ready to submit plans for a new 475-house development in Ryde.

Last September, Captiva Homes unveiled plans for West Acre Park at the top of Ryde, on land behind Bullen Road, Hope Road and Appley Road, in order to undertake public consultation.

475 houses, a doctors’ surgery and cafe
Now, a public notice has been issued announcing the imminent submission to the Isle of Wight Council for planning permission to start the major works, which include 475 houses, a doctors’ surgery and a cafe.

Updated plans will be submitted for approval in the near future, which include ten more houses than previously thought, to increase opportunities for first-time buyers.

25 acres of landscaped space
Developers promise they will leave more than a third of the development area open to the public, creating 25 acres of landscaped space.

Captiva Homes, who are also the developers behind Princess Court in East Cowes, Springfield Court in Seaview and Cavendish Close in Bembridge, said it was ready to submit plans three months ago but due to lockdown held the submission back.

Pink: We must get the economy up and running again
James Pink, director, said:

“Our ethos is openness and integrity and to have submitted plans before now felt at odds with this. But we are passionate about the Isle of Wight and we must get the economy up and running again.

“We have always been about building Island homes for Island people and during the public consultation we had feedback from people about the number of homes available for first time buyers.

“As a result, we have reduced the number of executive homes and provided more homes for those just starting out on the property ladder.

“We have not reduced the amount of green space we were planning for as lockdown has made people think more about the space they live in and what they value most from their homes. The priorities seem to have shifted with people wanting the ability for separate areas to work from home and of course with better access to high speed internet connectivity.

“Outdoor space has become high on the agenda for people looking to move, with bigger gardens and access to green space on the doorstep.

“In line with Ryde Town Council’s Place Plan, we have a stunning park right at the heart of our West Acre Park development. By placing the landscape at the centre of this development we have been given the unique opportunity to create something truly special, a place where nature in all its beauty and seasonality permeates every aspect of daily life.”

Neighbouring 80 house development
Next to the West Acre Park development, also on Hope Road, Captiva are currently building more than 80 houses.

The proposals to allow access to West Acre Park from Appley Road and Bullen Road are aimed to alleviate the burden on Hope Road, with a footpath from Marlborough Road to enter the site.

166 homes will be affordable
Of the 475 houses, following housing allocations from the Isle of Wight Council, 35 per cent or 166 homes will be affordable.

Mr Pink said:

“The land in this location has been identified as suitable for residential development and the team at Captiva Homes, as local people, felt a commitment to exploring this opportunity to ensure maximum protection and responsible development of the land by Islanders who care about our community. This is the premise we had in mind when we developed the West Acre concept.

“These homes go some way to meeting the housing requirements for our Island now and for future generations, and we have designed our homes to grow with families and give them the opportunity to extend them in the future.”

Captiva Homes anticipates the scheme will see more than £2 million invested into the local community, including for local schools, improvements to local roads and highway infrastructure, a new community cafe or hub on the parkland, a recreation ground and play area and an increase to the current number of allotments.

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Mason Watch
So 475 there, another 50 in Puckpool, 1600 at Pennyfeathers, how exactly is the current infrastructure going to cope. A doctors surgery? Really? They are closing down all over the island and existing staff are totally bemused as to how this will work. The land is a working farm and full of wildlife, geese, Curlews in the winter and the appeasement of open space doesn’t stop the… Read more »

Despite what the IWC may say, the current regeneration plan is suggesting more homes are the answer to getting in more council tax and the IWC has actively encouraged developers to build homes towards the ridiculous targets set by government. The whole scenario is bonkers but there seems to be little opposition in the council chamber.

‘the ridiculous targets set by government’ – exactly. That is the source of the problem, on top of the ‘right to buy’ back in the 80s. There would have been nothing wrong with the policy of allowing council tenants to buy their council houses, if only the money had then been used by local councils to buy existing houses to become council houses, or to build new… Read more »
Eagle eye
When a change to a planning application was submitted for a larger pumping station for the homes being built in Hope Road it was challenged by Cllr Lilley, he stated at the time that it was an enabling application for future development. Cllr Lilley’s claim was slapped down by Cllr Quirk who claimed it was nothing of the sort. This was reported at the time by OntheWight.… Read more »

As well as the developer’s ‘artist’s impression’ it would be good to have some photographs of the existing site and its landscape and wildlife. That would be fairer.

Sally Perry

Those will probably be included with the application paperwork when it is submitted to the IWC.


It would also be useful to have a link to the plans.

Sally Perry

I don’t believe there are any plans online yet, “An Island developer is getting ready to submit plans for a new 475-house development in Ryde”


Isn’t there some way that large new developments could be required to sell/rent to Islanders only?