Scrutiny Chair says residents deserve to know how decision to cut 29 roads from gritting route was made

Chair of the Scrutiny Committee said that residents deserved to know how the decisions were made

Island Roads gritter team

Earlier today the Isle of Wight council announced they would be cutting 29 roads from the winter gritting route.

In response, Andrew Garratt, the Liberal Democrat councillor for Parkhurst and chair of the council’s Scrutiny Committee, said residents deserved more information about how the decisions were made.

Garratt: Islanders deserve a more detailed explanation
He told OnTheWight,

“Islanders deserve a more detailed explanation about this announcement.

“Among the roads being removed from the gritting map are ones that residents will see as priorities. We deserve more information about how the assessments and decisions were made.

“We should also be told how great a saving is being made so that we can see if this actually represents value for money given the additional risks road users may now face.

“I have emailed Cllr Ward asking him to make this information available.”

Thursday, 17th October, 2019 4:55pm



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9 Comments on "Scrutiny Chair says residents deserve to know how decision to cut 29 roads from gritting route was made"

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No point of Scrutiny Committees as the council ignores them. The floating bridge debacle has shown that.


Only guessing but was this another Cabinet Decision behind closed doors?


Interesting that they are cutting the Yaverland road which is a bus route! I wonder if they considered that in their “risk reduction” exercise?

This is a fair request by Cllr Garratt. However was he not present when full council approved its budget that included the headline savings figure. And if he was, did he not see fit to ask at the time just how such significant savings would be found without cuts like these? Seems to me that councillors now, quite rightly, asking questions would have better served residents had… Read more »
Stuart George

About 50% of the roads are bus routes.

It’s a “genius” decision! Keeping ‘the main routes open’! What’s the point if no one can access the main route? e.g. if they’re not gritting Castle Street, New Barn Rd and Old Rd in East Cowes; which is a school access route, are they going to close the school on frosty icy mornings? Or are people going to be asked to ditch their cars on York Avenue… Read more »

The one bus I won’t be using in icy/frosty days is the No12. Not gritting Brook Village Road is bad enough but I don’t fancy being in a bus going along the Military Road to Compton and then down to Freshwater Bay. I feel sorry for bus drivers that have to drive this route with the added responsibility of their passengers.


All bus routes should be gritted – it might keep a few extra cars off the roads if those drivers felt safer on a bus.

Benny C
Less money on silly vanity projects for the few, such as the Undercliff Drive bridge, would keep considerably more roads gritted, increase safety for all of us and reduce the huge costs and resource stress inflicted on the NHS, fire service and police every time they have to deal with a serious accident. All of this would be of instant benefit to voters. Who, I thought, the… Read more »