Tier 3 visitors to the Isle of Wight asked to stay away, others asked to travel ‘the Wight way’

Head of Visit Isle of Wight asks visitors to respect what the local community has achieved in keeping infection rates low on the Island low

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Visit Isle of Wight is working with the Isle of Wight Council to ensure that visitors to the Island can enjoy everything on offer while maintaining its Tier 1 status.

Announced last week by the UK Government, the Isle of Wight, along with Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are currently the only places in England to be placed on a medium alert status.

Tourism is one of the main economic drivers of the popular south coast destination, and visitors have long been welcomed to enjoy its warm hospitality, attractions, events, the countryside and beaches.

Travel the ‘Wight way’
Recognising the importance of tourism while balancing the health and needs of the local population, Visit Isle of Wight and the local council are requesting that visitors should travel ‘the Wight way’, which includes:

  • Wearing a face covering when required
  • Maintaining social distancing
  • Washing your hands regularly
  • Travelling only from Tiers 1 and 2 regions to the Island
  • Adhering to all Government and local advice and restrictions

Myles: Respect what the local community has achieved
Will Myles, Managing Director of Visit Isle of Wight said:

“Our Isle of Wight community has worked hard to keep the infection rates low and we are reminding our visitors to respect that effort by following the guidelines and following the measures that have been put in place by the Government, the local authority and the businesses here.

“Our message to visitors is that when choosing somewhere to stay, we thank you for choosing the Isle of Wight. Please respect what the local community has achieved in keeping infection rates low and help us to ensure that the Island will always be the place for people to enjoy.

“We hope that when planning your next staycation, you will choose the Wight way to travel.”

Stewart: Please do not travel from Tier 3 to the Island
Isle of Wight Council leader, Dave Stewart, said,

“Being placed in Tier 1 will come as a huge relief to many businesses across the Island, who will now be able to reopen in time for the festive holiday season.

“This is also good news for the hospitality industry here on the Island, but we must remember that our priority must continue to be following the public health guidelines and ensuring we do not see a future spike in case numbers.

“Likewise, visitors to the Island must appreciate why we have a relatively lower rate of infection here than the rest of the country and help us to keep it that way.

“If you are coming to the Island at this time, we ask that you continue to be considerate and help us to protect everyone wanting to enjoy the Isle of Wight. That means wearing a face covering, maintaining social distancing and washing your hands regularly while you are here.

“Please do not travel from Tier 3 to the Island. Visitors from Tier 2 must also adhere to the tougher Tier 2 rules during their stay.

‘Our special visitor charter sets out what we expect of our visitors – that you enjoy all that the Island has to offer but in the WIGHT way that respects our community and helps #KeepTheIslandSafe.”

News shared by Simon on behalf of Visit Isle of Wight. Ed

Monday, 30th November, 2020 8:14am


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It could be just me. I am often out of step with others thinking. I know the Island economy depends on tourism. I also know we have more elderly people living here then many other places. The Island has kept low infection rates because we are cut off physically from the mainland. So why, as one of the three tier 1 areas in the UK would we… Read more »

Interesting response of thumbs so far. So what do the red thumbs think?

Hello, deadly global virus pandemic!!!! Folks really shouldn’t be travelling at all unless their journey is absolutely essential. How much would some large posters at the ferry ports with the above words of wisdom on them cost? The ferries are public transport, I can think of better ways of spreading the virus, but not many. I recognise that tourism is crucial to the Island’s economy, but now… Read more »

By the same token, islanders should avoid going to the mainland for Christmas shopping. Most things can either be bought her or delivered. It would also support island businesses to buy food and as many presents as possible here. Quite a few places here now do home delivery.


I am a rubbish typist – that should have been “bought here”.

By the by, the AtoZ to me site is a great place to find businesses here who deliver food and gifts.


I see that the Isle of Man government has cancelled the motorcycle TT for 2021 because of the Covid re-infection risk. I hope our glorious leaders have a look at why the government made this decision and ask themselves as to why they are promoting a similar (but smaller) event here. The Isle of Man government also understands the need to keep their Islanders safe. Taken from… Read more »

Dave Steward seems to have been quoted as saying don’t visit the Isle of Wight. It could be a case of – Visit the Isle of Wight or don’t visit the Isle of Wight. If you are visiting, well then visit and if you are not, then you are not. Simple really. Hands, face, space. Thank you

Angela Hewitt
Colin, I agree with everything that you say. But Island businesses/people are the ones accepting the holiday bookings. If they closed their doors visitors would have nowhere to stay. Then we would just have to worry about those with holiday homes. Ferry companies should ban anyone booking from a 3 tier area, they will know by their address. Of course a few bright ones will lie about… Read more »