Heroes for Heroes: Isle of Wight union delivers chocolates for staff at 54 schools

Whilst not heroes in the classical sense, education staff have shown resilience and courage, performing repeated selfless acts for the common good. They were thanked with chocolates or flowers last week

heroes chocolate

The local district of the National Education Union shared a little cheer last week by providing some Heroes for Heroes.

Commenting on this chocolate cheer, Peter Shreeve, Assistant District Secretary of the National Education Union, said,

“Some time ago, the local district of the NEU unable to meet members socially and having become used to social distancing and listening to local member concerns via social media and Zoom calls, felt they needed to go a step further in showing teachers and support staff, that they were appreciated.

“The solution being chocolate.  It was decided to bring a little cheer into staffrooms as we possibly move to the end of the second lockdown.”

A small token in recognition of support during challenging times.
Over four days NEU local district treasurer, Spencer Brown delivered Heroes to NEU members at 54 Island education institutions to be shared amongst all teaching and support staff.

Each tub was labelled with the following:

“These Heroes are from the Isle of Wight District of the NEU and are for all staff in school.  They are a small token, in recognition of all everyone has done to support each other and care for the pupils in these challenging times. 

“Normally our thanks would have been given in a way that is more convivial, but social distancing means this is unwise.   We hope that you can take a moment to see that you are valued and appreciated. We are here to help: neu.org.uk”.

Chocolate makes everyone smile
When asked about his experience, Spencer (pictured below) said,

“Driving over 200 miles in a short space of time is unusual on the Island, but it is clear that chocolate makes everyone smile and particularly in these challenging times, that in itself is worth the effort.”

Spencer Brown delivering tubs of Heroes

One receptionist said,

“It brought a tear to my eye. It was unexpected. I am not an NEU member, but it made me feel really appreciated.”

Other considerations
Peter went on to say,

“One school explained their predominantly vegan lifestyle to Spencer, so he delivered a bunch of flowers as a ray of sunshine for the soul on behalf of the district NEU.

“Another school, concerned about cross contamination and staff delving into tubs too eagerly in these Covid times, thought about putting them in quarantine for 72 hours. However, they decided the best way was to empty the tubs onto a table (2), thereby avoiding contamination of a single wrapper, whilst searching for favourites. Chocolate will always find a way.”

Heroes chocolates

He finished by saying,

“Whilst not heroes in the classical sense with developed physical bodily strength, education staff have shown resilience and courage, performing repeated selfless acts for the common good, unable to follow the guidance that so many others can, namely minimise travel and work from home where possible.

“The NEU district thanks, congratulates and applauds all education staff and other key workers at this challenging time.”

News shared by Peter on behalf of NEU Isle of Wight. Ed

Image: stuballscramble under CC BY 2.0

Monday, 30th November, 2020 7:48am


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A great gesture – and well deserved. This term has been very challenging and stressful for teachers.

By the way, you can find vegan chocolate in most supermarkets nowadays so you don’t need to buy out-of-season flowers that are bad for the environment, grown either in hothouses in this country or imported by air from overseas.


That’s the spirit – make the bovine lefties even fatter, and more dependant on their beloved ‘union’which sought to stop our children being educated simply because it suited their political agenda