Andrew Turner will be up against UKIP candidate at general election

Iain McKie says that Andrew Turner will have a fight on his hands come the 2015 general election.

Iain McKie

Readers may remember UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, saying earlier this year that some UKIP Parliamentary candidates might stand down in the 2015 general election to help ‘Eurosceptic Conservatives’ win their seats.

An Extraordinary General meeting of the Isle of Wight branch of UKIP was held on Saturday with just one person voting for their candidate to stand aside in favour of Conservative candidate, Andrew Turner.

A whopping 106 members voted for Iain McKie, the UKIP candidate for the Island, to fight for the position, with members abstaining.

OnTheWight was told that,

“The Committee of the Isle of Wight branch felt that, as sitting Conservative MP Andrew Turner was considered Eurosceptic, this could lead to confusion amongst members and the electorate in general and so called an EGM to debate the matter.

“UKIP PPC Iain McKie made the case that the EU referendum pledge made by David Cameron would not, and could not be honoured. He added that the Conservatives had a track record of breaking promises, and certainly could not be trusted to deliver on that issue. Iain also highlighted the 40 Coalition U-Turns and the 300 tax rises since 2010.

“He made the claim that with rocketing Government spending and debt levels reaching £1.4 trillion that, regardless of the referendum issue, the Conservatives were not fit to be in power. Iain ended by highlighting local issues over education, health, employment and development, and concluded that Andrew Turner had failed the Isle of Wight since 2001.”

Image: © Used with permission of Jason Swain Photography

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013 12:37pm



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Island Monkey

How does he know he will be up against Andrew Turner?

If those plotting Tories succeed, it’ll be a fresh new candidate he has to beat.

Either way I suppose he’ll lose. UKIP does look like a party of fruitcakes, just old fashioned disaffected right-wing Tories.

Don Smith
Mr Monkey wrote, “It’ll be a fresh new candidate he has to beat.” A fresh new Tory? You must be joking; they were all chums at Eton or Rugby:-) Conservative Central Office will tell the local Tory party who would replace Andrew; just like they did when Andrew got the nomination all those years ago. You never know TCO may just send us one of Cameron’s dolly… Read more »

Worst case scenario, a female MP, eh Don? Naturally she would be an air head, what else!


Hyperbole. UKIP will not be the ones to stage any “opposition” as their relevance and credibility will not be of any real significance. Look at their none entity representative in Ventnor for example.The only people who could challenge Turner are the Independents when they choose their candidate.

hazel wyld

Yes Sally..he made it clear he would fight to keep his seat.


Of course A-T will fight to keep his seat. After all where do unemployed MPs turn for work?

Currently Gyles Brandreth seems to have the Radio 4 comedy slots all sown up plus occasional spots on ‘Have I Got News For You’.

Could be interesting to see former council leader Pugh parnering Hislop on the show. Hasn’t done Boris J any harm.


@Stephen “Of course AST will fight to keep his seat. After all where do unemployed MPs turn for work.”

Either Belmarsh prison or the House of Lords- sometimes both! :-))


Of course, after 2015 I suspect that many ex-MPs and ex-Ministers will be turning up to lucrative jobs already promised in the City, Academies,private health industry, PFI providers or energy suppliers, in return for their political support when in Westminster.

Don Smith

With a property portfolio and rent from his Cowes flat, business interests, and a pension in the region of £30.000.

He can do a bit of gardening and watch the birds and let the grass grow, just like we all have to do when reach golden years.

Mr Magoo

Mr Turner’s website reveals his limited horizons … “Andrew lists his interests as reading, walking, old movies and avoiding gardening!”

Steve Goodman
He didn’t avoid gardening at the neglected former Frank James Hospital. Nor did Carol. Nor did some of our councillors (but no Conservatives, which may or may not be linked to the fact that voters chose not to re-elect many of them!). Anyone, politicians or public, wishing to support the efforts of the friends would be welcome to join us there from noon on Sunday December 15th.… Read more »

I thought we were to get two MPs at the next election ?

No, the Lib-Dems voted that idea down, in retaliation for Turner and other Right-wing Tories failing to back Lords reform. So when Turner campaigned for “One Wight”, what he really meant was “One Wight MP, me.” I seem to recall that the IW Tory civil war is due to come to a head around Christmas-time, when Alan Wells and his nasty cabal (Chris Whitehouse’s tautology, not mine)… Read more »

Ah yes, party politics takes over from Good Sense once again, I forgot that bit.
If Turner was not selected by the Island Tory Party he could stand as an Independent.
If he did that, he would show that he cared more about the Island than the Tory Party. Ken Livingstone comes to mind.

kevin barclay-jay

The one after if justice is done

Albert Street

Why have we not heard from the Independents? We should field an Independent candidate to make sure that we are proportionately represented.

Come on Indies let us have some thoughts on the subject, time is running out.

Better Red than Bled


kevin barclay-jay

He won’t stand. to busy being a decent town councillor and IOW Councillor

Albert Street
Lumley loves the sound of his own voice and is so far to the left he could never be considered a legitimate Independent candidate. What the Indes need is someone who is fresh and new with a real passion for where he or she lives. They need to have made a conscious decision to make their home on the island. No career politicians required just a quiet… Read more »
Don Smith

Too far to the Left! He could do a Tory ‘U-Turn’ again and again.


Bertie; yes, you’re describing someone like Bob Keats, who has the added advantage of knowing a lot about the need for whoever stands having to help us deal with the urgent issues our ‘greenest ever’ government finds so difficult, like the latest energy price hike problem.

Don Smith
Independents – Sort out one candidate to stand; not like last time, there were more independent candidates than voters:-) If you want change, you must vote for it. But please, if you do find a suitable Independent candidate ensure that he is against the flood of immigrants invading our shores, not just from Europe, but from Africa, the Middle East and the rest of the world. We… Read more »

Sounds like the UKIP candidate will suit you very well Don.

Don Smith

Yes! And it will suit more than you can imagine.

kevin barclay-jay

Utter tosh

kevin barclay-jay

Boston Lincs has double its population in 10 years..mainly due to estimated one in four is an immigrant (mainly from Eastern Europe and Portugal)…but locally people vote on local issues, The Boston Bypass party substantially beating anti immigration parties in the last election.

80% of the population are christian 0.4% Muslim

Wrong figure are just what you get Don when you quote right wing extremist websites.

Don Smith
I am not going off websites. I watched the TV programme the other night. and four out of five shops had Polish or other foreign owners. Young men hanging about on street corners, doing nothing but drinking from cans. Unemployment is lower than the IoW, only because 65% of the population are working on the land, for wages well below the minimum wage. Seven to ten immigrants… Read more »
I do not believe it

I do not want to excessively dampen his parliamentary ambitions in his earnest desire to represent this island, but Iain McKie is of obvious Scottish decent (with the added burden of thus being remotely associated with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown) and posses the unfortunate appearance of someone from whom I would not buy a new car, let alone a second-hand one!


Not fair to put someone down on account of facial appearance. (Which of us would pass?! Post your photo here, idnbi!)

Just read up on Ian McKie and he sounds like a good candidate – lives on the Island ( most important),has family so has a vested interest in making England a better place for the next generation, and has held a proper job in the real world for 20 years unlike the current leaders of the Tory, Labour and Lib-Dem who went straight from Uni into Parliament.… Read more »
kevin barclay-jay

UKIP’s policies….cancel maternity benefit…make it legal for businesses to discriminate on age, sex and race…against equal pay for women.

kevin barclay-jay

If its a straight race between Turner and UKIP…

X A. Tuner

Don Smith
And what about all the scots in the Tory Party? And never judge a book by its cover. How then can Mr McKie be associated with scots just because he has a Scottish surname? You will be saying Mr MaKie [sic] was the chief officer in ‘Porridge’ next:-) However, if Scotland does vote for independence, (which I doubt they will) all the scots will have to head… Read more »
Don Smith

A race between a Tory, UKIP and a LOCAL Independent. Would allow the Independent
to win.

Come on Geoff Lumley, forget your outdated socialist ideology, your socialist are all toffs now, even Mr Skinner.

Become the islands Independent and let the island have a voice at last at Westminster. You will never get a better chance.

hazel wyld

Ah Don…if only…still waiting for my golden years in spite of being 78 in a week or two!

Don Smith

You’re still a young chick Hazel – Not long to wait now.

Don Smith
Iain McKie, if you want votes knock on as many doors as you can. The others never appear to bother until just before polling day. Start now, and get your policies across to people. Most will like your policy on immigration; the Tories are trying to get on the band waggon, albeit a watered down version; it will fail, it’s a con. The only way to claim… Read more »

Some revolting language in your post Don. You seem to feel free to use emotive and racist images: “Migrants invading…family hoards…”. These are people like you and I, and don’t deserve to be spoken of disrespectfully. If we had little in our country, you would be praising families seeking to improve themselves by going abroad from here.

Don Smith
Revolting language? ( Tryme’s, never been in the army mi thinks.) Emotive and racist images? I see no images. Migrants are due to invade? Ask our PM. Mr Cameron; he agrees with me. hence all the new rules regarding benefits etcetera’s. His fear of UKIP! I did not speak, I wrote. You and me can travel freely in all the EU countries, (If you wish), but try… Read more »
“…these people are not like you and me….. “. To deny common humanity with people of other races – no doubt this attitude has helped justify incidents of our military torturing prisoners abroad, as well as the stirring up of race hatred at home. Your image of a knife is again an easy resort to the emotive. Dealing with population control doesn’t have to be based on… Read more »
steve s

“These people are not like you and me”

Don, we’re ALL different. Haven’t you noticed?

Don Smith
‘To deny common humanity with people of other races’. Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22. The butchers of Private Rigby. Are these animals/scum like us? How did these non EU members enter the UK? We are not all the same – We are mostly civilized in peaceful times. War brings the beast out in us. Prisoners of conflict have always been tortured, it’s a trait only… Read more »

@DS “The butchers of Private Rigby. Are these animals/scum like us?”

…. and the Marines recently found guilty of murder?, Fred & Vera West?, Beverley Allitt?, Ian Brady & Mira Hindley?, Bomber Harris (25000 in Dresden, 15000 Hamburg, 7000 Berlin)?……. and so on.

Are they people like us or not?


I think you’ll find UKIP too left-wing for you Don. But check the criminal records of anyone else you might consider in their stead.


Beaker People: go home (where was that?)
Celts: go home (Iberia)
Romans: go home.
Angles, Saxons,Jutes: go home.
Danes: go home.
Normans: go home.
Irish with no potatoes: go to USA
Brits & French: go home. Hausa tribe West Africa 1870- now part of Nigeria.


Oh dear. There won’t be anybody left here…

iain mckie

If anyone wants to have a chat about UKIP policies, or my ideas for the Island, or wish to (even better) bring to my attention their ideas for us all I would love to hear from you. My email is Debate is pivotal to our democracy.