Umbrella Tree: Independent survey reveals true state of tree

The independent survey of the Umbrella Tree is now available and given the council’s previous rush to destroy the tree, the results are very interesting.

the umbrella tree

Bev Webster and Chris Gutteridge – of Angel Radio and residents of East Cowes – have shared an independent survey of the East Cowes Umbrella Tree.

Chris Gutteridge had previously reported that the Isle of Wight council had said the tree was unsafe due to fungus and was to be destroyed.

Positive survey
Following an independent survey, carried out by a highly qualified tree surgeon (ex English Heritage), and the news is excellent.

Chris says,

“The tree is absolutely sound and the fungus is not dangerous or life threatening to the tree.

“The tree will be able to withstand anything the weather can throw at it as it has done for more than 112 years.”

Following pressure in the media, last week, the IWC said they would consider the future of the tree following the independent report.

Monday, 29th January, 2018 4:22pm



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Email updates?

Hopefully Island Roads & Council will have learnt from this get a report first then discuss it. Perhaps we could learn the real reason for the tree to come down?

Luisa Hillard

To be fair, it wasn’t actually ‘the Council’ who planned on removing the tree but Island Roads, who submitted a request to the Council to do so. The Council have since said that Island Roads could not do so before the Council had considered the application and undertaken their own assessment of the tree.


Has the magnificient old tree on Wootton Bridge been given a stay of execution as well?

We need to be vigilant regarding Island Roads. If their contract is anything like Amey’s in Sheffield, they’ll have estimated the percentage of trees on the island to be removed and replaced annually, to set prices. And they’ll remove trees to meet their target, whether or not there’s anything wrong with the tree. So we might expect Island Roads to target more healthy trees as their contract… Read more »