Video: Ventnor’s Cliff top wildflower meadow now well established

Two years ago this cliff top was simply covered by grass. Now it’s a thriving wildflower meadow. Here’s how it was transformed.

cliff top meadow ventnor

Ventnor is home to the beautiful Glanville Fritillary butterfly as well as the Ventnor Wall Lizard, so townsfolk here like to do what they can to help wildlife thrive.

As well as the amazing flower fairy, aka Lesley Brown, we also have other residents who are doing their bit.

Step forward Steve Jones one of those involved with the creation of a wildflower meadow on the cliff top along from La Falaise carpark (up behind the Spyglass Inn) in Ventnor.

Year two of cliff top wildflower meadow
It’s now year two of the wildflower meadow and the space is looking incredible, bursting with wildflowers and wildlife. Pop over an have a look when you come to Ventnor for the Fringe Festival.

Steve explains,

“This was just a mown cliff top until Ventnor Town Council agreed to allow a strip to remain un-mown over the summer (thanks to Cllr Steve Cockett for organising).

“The knapweed and wild carrot is loving it, with quite a bit of rest-harrow too and some bedstraw and thyme.

“The grass is a bit boisterous so we could do with some yellow rattle to knock it back a bit.

“The chalky cliff face is SSSI for invertebrates, and now they get to feed on extra nectar-rich flowers. Plenty of marbled whites.”

Check out Steve’s latest video of the meadow below.

Why not take a visit to the cliff-top meadow and take part in the Big Butterfly Count (details here).

Friday, 19th July, 2019 2:57pm



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Benny C
It looks fantastic. These areas now exist around the Undercliff Drive, for real, as there is no pollution and less noise to disturb the inhabitants. Walk or cycle the route. It’s like a tropical forest. Unique, beautiful. But Dave Stewart wants to support his re election and a few flaky businesses he knows personally by crashing a bridge across the whole area, cutting down trees, leaving sooty… Read more »

The cliff top meadow is looking great: well done to the Ventnor Town Council !


Fantastic job. However, take a walk to Bonchurch Pond and you’ll see that a new householder ( down from London? ) Has devastated a roughly equivalent area. At least fifteen trees down, all groundcover lost and wildlife habitats destroyed. Red Squirrels, Badgers, Foxes, Jays and Ground nesting Bees were previous residents. Unfortunately in this case nobody from the council has lifted a hand.


Both Steve & Lesley deserve congratulating for their efforts to improve the wild environment around Ventnor. Hope that the public authorities learn a few lessons from this and employ the same principles on a broader scale.

Well done, those who negotiated with the town council and are looking after this wild strip. South-facing chalk slopes are so precious for wild flowers and insects. What next? There is plenty of space on Flowers Brook, so why cut it right to the cliff edge? Leaving a wild strip also acts as a safeguard for parents to tell their young children not to go into the… Read more »