We mustn’t be complacent about Coronavirus, says Isle of Wight health chief

“Some people in some areas seem to be getting somewhat complacent” says CEO of Isle of Wight NHS Trust, as she issues a warning to not let our guards down

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‘Don’t let your guard down’ —that is the message from the  boss of the Isle of Wight’s NHS as cases begin to climb.

Speaking at a meeting of the Isle of Wight NHS Trust Board, chief executive  Maggie Oldham said while the Island had seen ‘relatively low numbers’, that is no reason to be complacent as restrictions come back into place.

Smaller increase than other areas
Despite having had an ‘influx’ of visitors over the summer months and an increase in travel, the Isle of Wight has seen a smaller increase rate than other areas.

Ms Oldham thanked the Island’s community for its ‘combined effort in adhering to the guidelines’ and the diligence of staff within the trust.

Oldham: Thanks to staff and public for support
She said:

“I am asking everybody to keep practising social distancing other national guidance such as hand washing and wearing masks.

“It would be remiss of me not to take this opportunity to thank the public and our staff for the way they have supported us through this time.”

Oldham: “Don’t let our guard down”
With tighter guidance coming into place today (Monday), Ms Oldham is asking everyone to do what they can to stop the spread.

She said:

“Some people in some areas seem to be getting somewhat complacent and it is really important for us to reissue the message, both internally and throughout our community.

“That while our numbers remain low it is really vital we don’t get complacent, we don’t let our guard down and we do everything that we can, personally, to stop the spread of this awful illness.”

Rule of six
Restrictions being reinforced include no more than six people from different households are allowed to meet, indoors or outdoors, with some local lockdowns — not on the Island — facing restrictions to opening hours of premises.

Since the start of the month, the Island has seen an increase of 11 cases, taking the total number of positive tests to 444.

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Monday, 14th September, 2020 3:25pm


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Alternative Perspective

It is the very least we can all do given our amazing frontline workers constantly put their lives on the line treating our island community, particularly those infected with COVID-19.


That’s exactly what is happening complacency big time.