Wightlink change their new £2 cash toll to enter Ryde Pier

The delays at the barrier caused gridlock in Ryde last weekend with traffic backed up Union Street

taxi driving on to the pier

Wightlink have backtracked on the new £2 cash charge to use the Pier in Ryde, announcing today it would reduce the payment to £1.30 – making it the same as charge for contactless payments.

Last month Wightlink announced they would be be hiking up the charge to get on to the pier (in order to use the Fastcat) from £1 to £1.30 if using contactless or £2 if using cash.

The ferry company said the new system would speed up entry to the pier, but last weekend there was gridlock in Ryde, with vehicles wanting to enter the pier backed up along Union Street.

‘Harmonised the charge’
Chief Executive Keith Greenfield said,

“Since the installation of the new barrier at Ryde Pier most customers are now paying the £1.30 toll using their contactless cards.

“Listening to feedback, Wightlink has harmonised the charge to £1.30 by both contactless card and cash.

“However payment by exact coins is required as the cash machine is unable to give change.”

Thursday, 10th October, 2019 2:32pm


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It is well within the realm of reality and technology to give change.

The fact is Wightlink never planned give change in the first palace.

Of course many will argue Wightlink rarely plans ahead for anything other than their own profits.


Probably to do with it not being legal to have different charges for cash and card.


Paying £2 in coins is less fiddly than £1.30 and I prefer to pay cash rather than use a card.