Yarmouth RNLI lifeboat snatches yacht from near disaster (photos)

A broken rudder and violent seas resulted in a dramatic rescue for Yarmouth RNLI on Wednesday afternoon.

Dutch yacht

Richard shares this latest news from Cowes RNLI. Ed

At 3.15pm on Wednesday 3rd August, the Yarmouth RNLI Lifeboat, the Eric and Susan Hiscock (Wanderer) went to the aid a 30ft Dutch yacht whose rudder had broken just west of the notorious Shingles Bank, off the Needles Rocks.

Dutch yacht in trouble

The tides of the Solent and the Channel meet in this area and it is renowned for its dangerous seas. The wind was gusting near gale force making the task of establishing a tow very difficult for both the lifeboat and the yacht in such violent conditions.

The yacht was so close to the Shingle bank that it was able to try to anchor before the lifeboat arrived.

Although the anchor was holding, the yacht was rotating round its anchor in the violent seas making the lifeboat’s approach dangerous.

Dutch yacht being towed

The yacht’s crew were asked to cut the anchor which made her more approachable and the lifeboat was able to secure a temporary tow from her bow to pull the yacht clear of the shallows and once in calmer waters was able to establish a safer tow back to Yarmouth where they arrived at 5.50pm.

Dutch yacht

Image: © Richard Hemming

Thursday, 4th August, 2016 12:57pm


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