£4.5m of cuts from Isle of Wight council budget and possible 4% council tax rise

Council Tax could go up by four per cent next year as the Isle of Wight council has to find cuts in their budget of £4.5m


The Isle of Wight Council has to cut its budget by a further £4.5 million — either by making money or ‘doing things differently.’

It was announced at last Thursday’s meeting of the Isle of Wight Council cabinet that a further £4.5 million worth of savings would need to be made by the end of the next financial year — on top of £80 million in the past eight years.

Another council tax rise next year could be as high as four per cent.

Stewart: Same standard of services, but for less money
Council leader Cllr Dave Stewart said he hoped the same standard of services could be provided, but for less money, or more income could be generated.

He said:

“I think it is important people understand where we are as a local authority. It is very challenging — we are in an unpredictable situation, we don’t quite know what is going to happen.

“We have to find the money, one way or another, to balance the books.”

Hutchinson: Savings position is more difficult
Cllr Stuart Hutchinson, cabinet member for finance and resources, said:

“The savings position is more difficult as we run on a three-year rolling programme — we have evened out the overall savings and, over the three years, it amounts to £13.5 million, about 15 per cent more than we have saved already.

“This is why we are putting so much emphasis on generating additional income. We will be working in detail in the coming months on sorting out how we can manage our savings.”

Possible four per cent annual council tax increase
Cllr Hutchinson said the council was in an uncertain position regarding an anticipated annual council tax increase — which could go up by either two or four per cent. A final decision on the cap has yet to be made by the government.

The increase was previously capped at three per cent.

“The government has told us we are going to have a basic cap of two per cent, so we are going to lose £800,000 without blinking.

“However, there will be consultations on whether we can raise the rates by a further two per cent, purely for adult social care, where we have huge pressures because of the growing elderly population.

“So the rates will have a real impact on the kind of decision we have to make and the money we have available to spend.”

Cllr Hutchinson: “It’s the honest picture”
Responding to Cllr Hutchinson’s comments, Cllr Stewart said he was more optimistic than his fellow cabinet member, but admitted:

“It is the honest picture.”

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Wednesday, 16th October, 2019 1:30pm


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Where’s the PTEC money DC Dave? How much is Jay getting paid? Floating Bridge? Asda money? Councillor’s pay rise? Multiple meaningless £100K plus jobs? Ventnor Haven? Makes Joe Duckworth and his ‘thinking caps’ look almost competent!

Benny C
So true, well said. Other more mature and capable authorities just knuckle down and deal sensibly and professionally with the realities of life. This one has too many members who – continue to promote and spend our money on vanity projects for a select few; opine clumsily outside their remit without any sort of check as if they have a right to rule; fail regularly to gather… Read more »

Almost exactly a year ago, Theresa May declared that ‘austerity is over’. She couldn’t have been lying by any chance, could she?

Also, please stop with this ‘balancing the books’ and the use of ‘savings’ doublespeak.

It’s more CUTS, plain and simple.


How about not throwing £1000’s of Council Taxpayer’s money down that bottomless pit called the Floating Bridge?


Absolutely outrageous, residents cannot sustain these increases and should not have to. Tory Central Government once again reneging on their responsibilities. We all need to stick together and not pay it after all what value to we get nothing is the answer. Vote this ruling class out.


Not paying the council tax won’t get rid of the national government that caused the cuts. The answer is voting for a decent political party in the next general election – and persuading other people not to vote Conservative (or of course Brexit, UKIP, or any other Tory-like party).

I agree with voting the Tories out but my point is if everybody stuck together and didn’t pay the tax what are they going to do put us all in prison I don’t think so. In Scotland they stood together and didn’t pay the poll tax and won, I rest my case. Sadly we have become a selfish individualistic dog eat dog society. Collective action and organisation… Read more »

This is one of the many, many reasons we need to vote for a basically decent political party when we get the next general election. We’ve had far too long of national government treating local councils like dirt, and depriving people of our public services.


None of them truly represent working people we are in a state of a political shambles. Tony Benn is the best we never had sadly.


The Island Tories suck as do the senior staff. Waste tonnes of money on pet projects, bad investments, and lost causes like the floating bridge and then cut services, particularly to the poor and disabled.


Spot on