Three finalists named for Isle of Wight Conservative candidate

Two of the names were no surprise to OnTheWight who called it two years ago when Andrew Turner was being challenged in the 2015 general election, but the third name is not known to us.

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Paul Goodman from Conservative Home Website has this afternoon published the names of the three Conservative finalists in the 2017 general election.

Two of the candidates have already been named by OnTheWight as possibilities (thanks for the tip of the hat Paul), Mark Fox and Bob Seely.

The third finalist is occasional Times columnist, Clare Foges. Paul explains that the former speechwriter to David Cameron was once profiled by the Daily Mail as a “raven-haired poet (and former ice cream seller)”.

All three have connections to the Isle of Wight.

The names will be put to the vote by the Isle of Wight Conservative Association after the local elections this week.

Source: Conservative Home

Image: -bast- under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 2nd May, 2017 4:35pm



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24 Comments on "Three finalists named for Isle of Wight Conservative candidate"

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Jame Undercot

Clare has parachuted in from nowhere. Worked for Cameron says enough about her. Fox is a lobbyist. No more needs to be said… I would vote Bob Seely. At least he knows about the place he is standing. Seems the best option.


Oh well , 2 out of 3 chance of a worthy candidate then

Stephen Hendry

Out of the three I will be voting for Bob. I got to know him in the last County Council elections and he seems a hardworking and honest guy. He has been out a lot campaigning recently for the current local election helping other candidates as well. He understands the issues the island faces. Straight forward choice.

Julia Baker-Smith
Stephen, I have been underwhelmed by Bob’s performance in the Council Chambers. I’ve found him to be uninformed, he asks questions on topics he should know the answers to and certainly would have known the answers to had he shown up to briefings. He is rarely in County Hall. I understand he has a responsible job that takes him abroad, but that begs the question as to… Read more »
Luisa Hillard

My experience of him in the Council Chamber makes me inclined to agree with Julia.

Stephen Hendry
I knew why I only read the comments and did not partake in the discussion… @Julia – out of the list of three in your opinion who would be the best (or maybe in your opinion least worst) out of them? Looking at Bob’s attendance in the last 12 month he has a ~91% attendance record missing a single meeting. He has missed the same number of… Read more »
other parties are available...

3 comments so far – all saying they will be voting for one of these 3 candidates.

Lets be clear – ONE of these candidates will be selected. You will be able to vote for ONE of these people.

Meanwhile, Labour and Greens remain the best options for the Island.

iain mckie

Three spin doctors. Woo-hoo!


Bob has my vote


Bob Seely is the only choice, he would be an excellent ambassador for this Island.


He’d be my choice too.

Can’t do much damage in the Commons if he’s never there.


Will the IWCA be good little Tory Boys and Girls and pick the candidate that Central Office wants?


I wouldnt vote for any of them the Tories are really scraping the bottom of the barrel.Foggy and Foxy and a raven haired poet x ice cream seller no Thanks Theresa May yes if this is the best the Tories can offer the Island were Doomed.

Nick Stuart

Just a reminder that we Liberal Democrats have a strong candidate in Nick Belfitt, and there will be others as well . We do not care who the Conservative Candidate as they would be a poor choice for the island, and for the country.

Geoff Lumley

People will certainly care who the LibDem is, as he will be the next of their recent candidates to bear the brunt of continuing anger at their coalition betrayals of 2010-2015.

fed up

So strong I’ll wager he is ousted as leader by Bob B when he loses this election. My only questions are, will he lose his deposit, and will Ladbrooks let me make a bet …

Firstly, I would like to give my sincere thanks to all of those that have made such kind comments, sent texts, phoned and emailed me since last Friday. 😊 Fate would have it that now is not my time, and I have willingly accepted that to be the case. Three candidates will go before the Isle of Wight Conservative Associations membership this coming Friday, and for my… Read more »

Hope you are ready to take your place when the boundary changes come in Jed. How are the chickens ?

Mark L Francis

Sorry, Jeddwight, but who are you?

Rhos yr Alarch

Looks like we had a lucky escape from someone pretentious enough to use the phrase “now is now my time”!! However, danger appears to beckon for the future…

the auditor

The Isle of Wight would do better with an SNP candidate ……………


Bob Seely has the support of the vast majority of Conservative party members on the Island, the other two candidates would seem to be to closely associated with the outgoing regime. It is time for a complete change of ALL personnel and to revitalise the party on the IOW and concentrate on the future. The King is dead, long live the KING .

Geoff Brodie

All 150 of them ?