Additional cost of providing healthcare due to being on an Island about £12 million, says Isle of Wight MP

Seely said that it’s estimated the additional cost of providing healthcare on the Isle of Wight – to the same standard as on the mainland – is about £12 million

Bob Seely arrives

Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Robert Seely has reiterated to Government Ministers that the Island has additional costs to bear when it comes to healthcare, because it is separated from the mainland.

During a debate on health inequalities on Wednesday evening (4th March) Bob said,

“It is estimated that the additional costs of providing healthcare on the Island to the same standard as on the mainland is about £12 million.

“That is part of the wider issue I am looking at when seeking an Isle of Wight deal.”

Unavoidably Small Hospitals Programme
Bob said he had recently spoken with Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, and Health Minister, Edward Argar about the Isle of Wight’s healthcare system, and that he was looking into the government’s Unavoidably Small Hospitals (USH) Programme – which includes St Mary’s on the Isle of Wight. 

Bob said he would try to secure debates on the USH Programme, to gain support from other Members of Parliament with similar circumstances to ensure Ministers understood the additional pressures on those hospitals.

Seeking increased revenue
Bob said he would also make the case to Sir Simon Stevens, Chief Executive Officer of the NHS – accountable to Parliament for over £120 billion of annual Health Service funding – to look at increased revenue for unavoidably small hospitals, especially on the Island, which has a 100% remoteness factor according to the USH Programme.

News shared by the office of Bob Seely, in their own words. Ed

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Friday, 6th March, 2020 10:31am



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I think £12 million is on the low side, when you look at salaries of needed medical personnel, absent medical kit, and the hidden costs of travel to and from the mainland, etc., and the number will grow quite quickly with our ageing population. Although I’m annoyed that this Island Deal isn’t as done as they pretended it was, credit where credit is due – past IW… Read more »
I do believe it is an underestimate and about a year ago when this question was asked at IWC Health Scrutiny. The figure suggested at the time from NHS representatives as I recall, was between £30-40 Million deficit due to being an Island in regard health service. We need Portsmouth University to update their original report when they confirmed £6.5M as the deficit for IW Council. I… Read more »
Alternative Perspective
Let’s hope Government will deliver Bob. British culture is peculiar. Generally you have to ask for twice as much as you need, in the expectation you might get half if you are lucky, and if you do get funding, you are made to feel guilty for requesting it in the first place! When I worked in Ireland, the Government would give you what you whatever you asked… Read more »