Attempt to oust Andrew Turner as 2015 Isle of Wight MP candidate

OnTheWight has been told of a move within the Island Conservative Association to have Andrew Turner de-selected as Isle of Wight MP.

Andrew Turner

A number of Isle of Wight Conservatives have triggered an internal process to have Andrew Turner de-selected as the Conservative candidate for the Isle of Wight’s at the next election, OnTheWight has learned.

Now officially started, it brings about a series of events that will lead to the members of the Island Conservative Association being asked to either back or reject the Island’s current MP, who has represented the Island since 2001.

Wheels already in motion
OnTheWight understands that the Chair of the Isle of Wight Conservatives, Alan Wells, has written to Andrew Turner asking him to ‘state his intention’ if he plans to stand for election as the Island’s candidate in the May 2015 elections.

Andrew’s response will be taken to the IW Cons Executive Committee on 18th October. They will either accept his response or put it to the membership of the Island’s Tories to vote on.

Only if Turner is rejected would the process of selecting the alternative Conservative candidate start, with a non-public National pool accredited candidates being informed on the opportunity.

Who’s behind it?
The two names that party-insiders have told OnTheWight about are ex-council leader David Pugh and another. OnTheWight has contacted David Pugh to ask if what we have been told is correct, but as yet he hasn’t responded.

It’s widely-known that there are considerable differences between the sitting MP and David Pugh, matters not helped by the ‘PughTube’ incident on Valentine’s Day in 2010.

OnTheWight has been told that it’s not just this that has led to the recent action, but Andrew Turner’s vocal opposition at Conservative head office-level to the changes to the Isle of Wight school system that David Pugh spearheaded, to which it’s been said that David was furious about.

“Determined to bury Turner”
Such offence was taken at this that it’s been described to OnTheWight as strongly as, those involved are, “Determined to bury Turner”.

Why now?
With the 2015 National elections getting ever more close – witness the increased political posturing of all parties at their recent round of conferences – it’s felt that time is running out and if it’s not done now, it’ll be too late.

We’ve tried to get in touch with Andrew Turner’s office and are awaiting a response. We’ve also contacted David Pugh for a response.

Naturally, we’ll update this article once we hear back from them.

Image: © IslandMP

Monday, 7th October, 2013 8:03pm



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  1. “Hell hath no fury like (local politicians) scorned.” :-))

  2. Go Ouroboros, go!

    If the IOW Conservative party tearing itself apart is to be a public spectacle then I do hope they will respect the capitalist nature of their party and sell tickets to the event.

    It is something I might pay to watch…. although the depressing thing is that this is all to the benefit of the UKIP mob. I guess this is something that the ever myopic Pugh wouldn’t be able to see.

    Consultancy business can’t be too buoyant if these has-beens have enough time to spend it chasing about the sitting MP.

  3. steephilljack

    7.Oct.2013 8:35pm

    Tories of the Island beware: Pugh was recently rejected for local government and his reputation stinks.
    Turner has an independent mind and was right to oppose the school re-organisation, the Iraq war, Syria intervention and he’s good at taking on the ferry companies.
    Pugh is a career politician and will do what suits his own advancement. George Brown is way passed it.
    UKIP will be the winners and we will be the losers.

    • How is our MP ‘good’ at taking on the ferry companies? He’s done little more than bang on about a review by the competition commission for which there were no grounds, and then went against his otherwise very right-wing views on the free market to ask for government subsidy, as if we were some tiny Scottish Island with one ferry a day.
      A complete waste of time.

  4. IW Tories what a shambles! Get rid of them at the next Election do not vote for them!

  5. I’m not really bothered as I have no intention of voting Tory in a general election anyway. Obviously they need to know whether Turner is intending to stand or not, not least because he is knocking on a bit and isn’t in good health. If Pugh is a career politician he was made redundant, he is history in any case not to mention a complete joke. Let ’em get on with it.

    • Totally agree on the Pugh being a redundant politician comment – but Andrew Turner “knocking on a bit”? He’s only about 60! Hardly knocking at heaven’s door! (and isn’t the new way of thinking that we have to carry on until we are at least 70, even if we’re dropping?):)

      I don’t vote Tory and Andrew Turner has a huge personal vote. So bring Pugh on and make the contest interesting!

      • If it would take you longer than 15 minutes to bath him he’s knocking on a bit Anna.
        Off topic I know, but there is nowhere else to raise it, I wonder if our Council is one of the 60% of Council’s identified by Leonard Cheshire for using 15 minute care visits and if so what the Cabinet Member for Health Community and Adult Wellbeing has to say about it.

        • Only 3 red marks so far, can we take it that only three Indy Councilors have read it so far then? Come on all 20 of you need to stick up for each other, thats the way politics has always worked, along with lots of broken promises.

  6. Patrick mckay

    7.Oct.2013 8:53pm

    So Andrew Turner is deselected, stands as an Inderpendent, I O W Tories take another hammering,there is a God!.Well,one can dream.

  7. Maria Green

    7.Oct.2013 9:05pm

    The best thing the Tories can do is get rid of that idiot Alan Wells.
    Anything that man has anything to do with is a disaster.

  8. Lady at the back

    7.Oct.2013 9:46pm

    I’m not a Turner fan, but he’s not 60 yet (until the end of this month), and he is supposed to have made a full recovery from his stroke in 2006, so it would be surprising if he chose to stand down. I’ve always thought it was the Pugh-led council that gave Conservatives on the Island a bad name, not Turner. He may not be the most charismatic politician, but he seems to be a fairly energetic constituency MP.

  9. Don Smith

    7.Oct.2013 9:48pm

    This reminds me very much how the Tories ousted Mrs Thatcher, back stabbers.

    I have not always agreed with Andrew Turner, however, in my dealing with him I have always found him to be very helpful, and honest; he and his partner Carole have done a great deal for my family and me.

    I have never voted Tory in my life and never could; and Andrew is fully aware of this.

    If Andrew has to go, let it be done at the General Election, and not by a few traitors trying to feather their own nest. I still feel that he could, before the next election, be ennobled, and move to the House of Lords (Nod).

    I feel that the Tories will lose the IoW seat at the next General Election, not to Labour, but by the threat from UKIP and the cock-ups of the last local Tory Council; which still remains instilled in the memory of the electorate.

    Wells and Co. are shooting themselves in the foot; as if the Tory party is not in enough disarray already.

    Will those who are planning to oust our MP have the courage to give their names? Mi thinks not.

    • Island Monkey

      8.Oct.2013 11:48am

      It all looks very sleazy and underhand. Pugh tells people Turner is to blame for his council defeat and humiliation. Despite also telling people that he has a job in London, Pugh is obviously keeping busy plotting against Turner and Carole, assisted by his pal ‘Don’t mention Cowes High’ Alan Wells. They can easily make a bit of mischief, but I would be amazed if local Tories had any appetite to deselect Andrew Turner?

      Or, perhaps Pugh and Wells are hoping to distract us from the large part they played in the Cowes school fiasco?

      Either way, even if it is David’s long held dream, I can’t see Islanders wanting him as our next Mp any time soon.

  10. Black Dog

    7.Oct.2013 9:51pm

    Conservatives under the guidance of their Chairman Alan Wells (a man with delusions of adequacy) will lead the Conservatives on the Island into oblivion – Long Live Alan Wells

    We have an Independent led council so why can’t we have an Independent Candidate for the 2015 Elections? Unfortunately none of the current elected members are capable, even if one of them were suitable it would result in an IOW election and that could let the Conservatives back in.

    There are very few people who could actually do the job and do it well, representing the Island and Islanders in these difficult times.

    Before the negative campaigning that will undoubtedly say “A vote for an Independent Candidate is a wasted Vote” We have to consider the national picture where an Independent Candidate together with other minority candidates (Greens, UKIP, etc) could actually hold real power and deliver for their electorate

    We need someone with passion, presence, fairness and COMMON SENSE

  11. redstream

    7.Oct.2013 10:19pm

    Not much escapes the eagle eye of on the wight bloggers methinks but if this has been bubbling underneath for some time (Poor Andrew Turner -isnt’ it enough to have recovered from a major stroke without coping with this cesspit of nastiness from those who purport to be loyal to the party they serve )then its as well (excuse the pun ) that its out in the open . The vision of Alan Wells coping with the microphone manned by Nic Robinson –Well do you support the MP or not ? fills one with unconstrained mirth . I guess only good can come from this because the vast majority of Conservative members and a good few non aligned will rally round now to make sure that Turner stands again .

  12. Being attacked by Pugh [] is probably the biggest boost that Andrew Turner could possibily have. If those two don’t like him its because he is a very decent guy, something that could never be said about either of them.

  13. That such failures as Pugh [] should still, after their finally being routed, remain as self-important, as ignoring of the electorate, as vindictive as ever – beggars belief.

  14. This is outrageous. OH MY GOD could you imagine Pugh as our MP…. sadly if he gets selected come next election 1% of the population will vote and he’ll get in. The sheer arrogance of Wells and Pugh is staggering, if the Cons had any decency they would have got shot of the pair of these two after the damage they have done to the island. I heard from a Cllr that Seeley was a possible replacement. Not sure what the public can do …

    • As far as I’m aware David Pugh now works for Wightlink, so unlikely he will run for MP – if he couldn’t win his Council seat, standing in the ward where he lives (and should be most popular) he is unlikely to win in an island-wide vote.

      If anything it’s most likely going to be a UKIP MP who gets elected as disillusioned Cons and Lib Dems team up with other protest voters to choose an alternative.

      Just hope that a decent Independent steps forward who will get the support of the Council and keep UKIP out.

      • kevin barclay-jay

        8.Oct.2013 12:56pm

        UKIP has had its day and the crackpots will ensure their vote reflects that.

        Can’t see how anybody beleives UKIP will do well in a real election….They may well do in the European Elections (2nd last time)but the Tory unfaithful will be back into the Tory fold once the propoganda machine gets going and the Tories adopt all UKIPs policies.

  15. I do not believe it

    8.Oct.2013 8:41am

    When I opened last week’s IWCP and saw Pugh’s epistle about how wonderful the island schools are, and his sycophantic photo above his letter, I gagged momentarily and got a nasty taste of warm vomit in the back of my throat.

    2015 is looming, I thought, and the cockroaches at the IW Tory HQ are mustering!

    Either the local Tory Party is suffering from a severe death-wish syndrome or they all need to increase their medication.

    There was I, comfortable in the thought that Pugh was now in Scunthorpe, Durham, Liverpool, or ANYWHERE but here! Anyone want to set up a fund to buy him a one-way ticket off the island?

  16. Despite my politics being left-of-centre and Turner being a Tory who is usually faithful to the party whip until recently, I have voted for him three times for the following reasons:

    1. I have always found him and his office responsive and helpful every time I have wanted to raise a question directly with Ministers.

    2. He is regularly visible on the Island and counters IMHO the deleterious PR effects of the Island’s Conservative Party mandarins.

    3. The rest of the candidates are usually no-hopers.

    The concept of a “Pugh-candidate”, a “Wells-candidate” or a “Whitehouse-candidate” (the likely anointee IMHO based on the name-check PR he has been littering the Island media with recently) would- for me- be like offering a choice between a “Tony Blair”, a “Maggie Thatcher” or a “Maurice Saatchi”.

    In which case my vote would go to “Anyone but Tory or UKIP”.

    Maybe Island Tories are betting on achieving a win for a non-Turner candidate based on reducing even further the turnout of the electorate- by inducing greater public apathy faced with a unacceptable with a chequered history- combined with the Tory party’s normally good organising high volume of its supporters out to vote?

    If you think the dirty politics in the last local election was disgusting, watch out for what is likely to happen on the Island in the next two years!

  17. Mmmm interesting! Is CCHQ breathing into the ears of the local Tory officials trying to climb the greasy pole of politics in their party the message that Jacob Rees-Mogg MP has been preaching recently?

    “Jacob Rees-Mogg has risked causing disquiet among Conservative ranks by once again suggesting the party should allow Ukip to win parliamentary seats in order to avoid splitting the right-wing vote.”

    “He even suggested that Nigel Farage could be Deputy prime minister in a Tory-Ukip coalition.”

  18. Cllr Chris Whitehouse (Newport West)

    8.Oct.2013 10:24am

    For the avoidance of doubt and ending of any speculation, Andrew Turner has my 100% support. He is a fantasic MP for the Island and the cabal that is plotting against him are doing a great disservice to the Conservative Party both locally and nationally.

    • Thank you for the clarification Cllr Whitehouse.of your position

    • Stalking horse.Then wait for the real challenge Chris Whitehouse?

    • Where do you stand on fox hunting Chris?

      • Don Smith

        8.Oct.2013 12:48pm

        Fox hunting is illegal and the mavericks in red and black (Who think they are hussars) should be monitored.

        Killing any animal or bird for fun is barbaric.

        • I agree that blood sports are barbaric.

          However will any government risk losing votes by banning coarse and game fishing that attracts 3-4 million anglers?

          ” A new poll commissioned by the Countryside Alliance has revealed that more people have participated in angling (38%) than in organised football (36%) or birdwatching (22%).”

          • Don Smith

            8.Oct.2013 7:39pm

            Fishing is not cruel. A fish is cold blooded and feels no pain; what is more 99% of freshwater anglers return their catch back to the lake or river.

            Game fishermen/women, return their catch or EAT IT. I have never seen a Fox on a MENU.

            Perhaps CA members do eat the fox after the hounds have finished with it; just maybe!

            The Countryside Alliance have always used angling as an excuse to justify their barbaric fox hunting. When will the CA realize that the countryside belongs to us all?

          • Nothing to do with blood but that the nociceptors in their brains do not act in the same way as they do in humans and animals.

            The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)Scientific Panel concluded “There is scientific evidence to support the assumption that some fish species have brain structures potentially capable of experiencing pain and fear. The balance of evidence indicates that some fish species have the capacity to experience pain.”

  19. isleoflove

    8.Oct.2013 10:57am

    There are some real charmers around on this Island! As far as I can see Andrew Turner is a popular MP who works mainly for his consitituents not the Government..I bet George Osbourne’s consitiuents wishes he focused on them a bit more. I don’t know who Alan Wells is, except that he was chairman at Cowes High during the rebuild…I sincerely hope he is not involved with this unwarranted attack on a decent man who has overcome a stroke to carry on serving the largest consituency in the country…shame on those who are involved.

  20. gettingbetter

    8.Oct.2013 11:46am

    How can a couple of failed local non-entities such as David Pugh (could not micro-manage his way out of a paper bag or his Chief Executive Steve Beynon to make a decent job of the schools reorganisation) or Alan Wells (Chairman of the Cowes High debacle) have the nerve to try to manipulate the selection of our MP?

    This perfectly good MP should have the chance to stand and be judged by the electorate in 2015, not sidelined by these pair of petty political plotters with a personal axe to grind.

    I am pretty sure the members of the Conservatives will see through this.

    I always have voted Conservative but if a change of MP is hoisted on me by these disloyal turncoats – never again whilst I am on the Island!

  21. Surprised no one has mentioned that Bob Seeley is the most likely replacement, although he lacks the bluster, pre-prepared speeches, pomp and circumstance of a certain other Conservative who seems to crave a leadership role.

    • I mentioned Seeley and have it on good authority he fancies his chances UGGGG

      • martin william wareham

        8.Oct.2013 5:16pm

        Bob Seely that’s stretching the bounds of credulity.

      • just a little one

        11.Oct.2013 10:47am

        I had five minutes to spare so googled Bob Seeley. Oh my goodness I think you might be right Mama and what a disaster, in my view, if he was the replacement. The Guardian article said he was an ex Conservative spin doctor. Had stood in the last election and had not been successful. I also note that he states on the IWC website that he rents a property on the Island, so would he be fully committed to the Island? Shames me to say it but Whitehouse might just be a better bet, and if he was elected I would move. ;-)

  22. Cllr Chris Whitehouse (Newport West)

    8.Oct.2013 12:50pm

    Wise words, Mama. The inevitable fallout of the Conservative civil war that a reselection battle would entail would be a split in the Association, a disheatened campaign and the loss of the seat to UKIP if an Independent stood as well. And I am being accused of disloyalty to the Party for pointing that out!

    Andrew has been a fantastic voice for the Island, telling things straight, even in the face of bitter opposition from others.

    • Brownie points for CW’s clear statement!

      • George Brownie points, but no mention of his stance on fox hunting despite him commenting here 17 minutes after I asked him. More posh blood lust?

        • Cllr Chris Whitehouse (Newport West)

          8.Oct.2013 1:48pm

          As I happen to be passing through whilst trying to run a business…. I have never “ridden to hounds” and have no desire ever to do so. Never understood the appeal. And certainly not posh, grew up “up North” in Bradford, grammar school scholarship boy, work darned hard and try to serve well my residents in Newport West….my idea of a good night out is a few pints of real ale, a bag of cheese and onion crisps (must be Walkers) followed by a good Indian. Posh my…. as the Royles would say!

    • Island Monkey

      8.Oct.2013 1:29pm

      I suspect Mr Pugh doesn’t give a toss if Andrew Turner or anyone else is the Island’s Mp after 2015. What this looks like is a simple case of bitterness, sour grapes. ‘If I can’t have it, you can’t have it.’

      It rather reminds one of the old fable, about two mothers squabbling over ownership of a baby. The fair solution offered is to cut the baby in two. The real mother says NO! Let her have it, thus proving she is indeed the real mother.

      This silly attempt to deselect the ever popular Turner, will indeed rip local Tories apart and that creates an opportunity for someone else. A good time for the Lib Dems to reorganise?

    • retiredhack

      8.Oct.2013 4:15pm

      I see from Cllr Whitehouse’s latest posting the beginnings of a campaign to convince anyone willing to listen to him that a vote for an independent candidate is a vote for UKIP. The logic is as false now as it was when he used exactly the same tack before the May election to loudly demand that UKIP stand aside in Newport West in order to improve his chances of beating the incumbent, Cllr Whittaker.

      If just three candidates (Turner, UKIP and A N OtherTory), separated more by personality than by their unpleasant right-wing views, were to stand in 2015, I grant you that it could go any way. It would also be profoundly undemocratic.

      If, on the other hand, a strong independent candidate were to emerge (and by that I mean a candidate aligned with the IWC Independent Group), then logic suggests that he or she would certainly benefit from a right-wing vote which was split three ways, and could win it.

      I suspect that Cllr Whitehouse knows this perfectly well. I also hope it happens.

      • “If, on the other hand, a strong independent candidate were to emerge”
        Trouble is that would be dependent on the performance of the Independents after two years, and after 5 months they have already abandoned their per-election p̶r̶o̶m̶i̶s̶e̶s̶ aspirations

        • in reply to @retiredhack’s comment 8.Oct.2013 4:15pm

        • Black Dog

          8.Oct.2013 6:23pm

          I am a critic of this regimes performance, nevertheless I still believe that there is a massive opportunity for the Independent movement to influence elected member performance. Ladies, Gentlemen and Elected Members engage in a meaningful way as Time is of the Essence

          Lacking in effective leadership and with some Independent members actively working on their own agendas signals a long and unnecessarily painful process they have to go through to rectify the absolute mess left behinf by the Boy Blunder, His Puppet Master (BROWN) Beynon, Love and others

      • Robert Jones

        8.Oct.2013 6:14pm

        I agree with your analysis, but any strong independent candidate is going to have to start strapping his or her boots on fast – time to establish credibility as a candidate is running out.

        If you’re thinking of an already-established figure – there are very few who are even remotely convincing as a potential MP; I can think of only one who might just swing the popular vote, and will not hamper his chances by naming him; but I doubt that he’d beat Andrew Turner, or would want to.

        • Robert Jones

          8.Oct.2013 6:16pm

          Also a reply to retired hack – it seems not to be as obvious as it might be.

        • Black Dog

          8.Oct.2013 9:53pm

          I do not know who you have in mind. I too know of someone who could selflessly represent Islanders needs well in Parliament. Just one problem, he needs convincing and no it is not one of the elected members.

          • Island Monkey

            8.Oct.2013 10:22pm

            Tell us who, name names please. If time is short, this person needs to get on with the job as soon as.

          • redstream

            13.Oct.2013 2:14pm

            What on earth does this idiot Wells think he is doing protesting in the press that everyone at the Mall is united and perish the thought that he or David had ever had a moment’s doubt about Andrew Turner . Everyone knows that Pugh hates Turner . He has told so many people that his one ambition in life is to get rid of Turner “who is a disgrace ” (according to him )that there are bound to be recordings or emails which prove this to be the case . This situation wouldn’t exist for the Tories if Wells had half an ounce of guts about him and told Pugh to shove off and leave matters to him . Mind you , having encouraged Pugh to spend £39 million on Cowes Enterprise College , the biggest white elephant the island can’t afford , they are both complicit -almost joined at the hip . So if Pugh crashes and burns because some people can prove that he is telling porkies , goodbye Wells . And won’t that be a relief .

      • Sally Perry

        9.Oct.2013 7:59am

        Testing the reply button.

    • Black Dog

      8.Oct.2013 6:33pm

      Councillor Whitehouse, you have stuck you head above the parapet and I respect that. The Boy Blunder is still attempting to bring his distorted view of success to the table via his friend and confidant Alan Wells.

      You need to prove your metal and deal with the upstart, Wells and Brown – otherwise it will be a living cancer which will see the Conservative Party, like the Liberals, disappear into political history on the Island.

      The mood for change was demonstrated by Islanders voting in a rag, tag and bob-tail group of independents. With effective leadership they could be very good and here to stay for many years to come. I do not have a problem with that if it benefits Islanders

  23. Robert Jones

    8.Oct.2013 1:39pm

    There is nothing on earth that would cause me to vote Tory, but in all my dealings with Andrew Turner – the first being before he became MP for the island – I’ve found him to be true to his word, and clear in his opinions. The same can’t be said of those who are plotting to replace him (and have been, for some time).

    If the island’s Tories want to buy themselves a ticket to oblivion, they’re going the right way about it. But then, if they’re still stupid enough to think that they got their schools policy right, and Andrew Turner got it wrong (and they are…) then oblivion is what they deserve.

  24. redstream

    8.Oct.2013 2:07pm

    Chris. Please get your facts right. As far as I can see, whilst the Council were frightened to challenge the ferry companies to improve their attitude to island residents and businesses, Andrew Turner was doing his best to force the Competition Authorities to look into the situation. They didn’t want to for two reasons. Firstly they don’t have

  25. The “reply” isn’t working on firefox by the look of it

  26. hammerhead

    8.Oct.2013 5:44pm

    Apparently Keith Hook was ‘co-opted’ into the deputy chairman role in mysterious circumstances and has now been lined up by Pugh/Wells/Ratcliffe to be the knife-man. He might find if he tries it that he might have some ‘difficult’ explaining to do.

    And a gem from IWFirst FB page :

    DP: “Finally, I must reiterate to you my record as the most successful Conservative Leader in local government there has ever been on the Isle of Wight. No attempts by you or others can diminish that currently unmatched record.”

    CW: “Only 11% of our children are in “good” schools and those who are most in need of social services support are “unsafe” according to our Director of Children’s services and you are proud of that record? May God forgive you.”

  27. I don’t know David Pugh but,as a teacher ,I have little respect for him for what he[and Alan Wells]did over re-organisation of schools on the Island.Their attack on Andrew Turner reflects their spitefulness,which was apparent during their determination to close some outstanding Middle Schools-Solent and Bishop Lovat,for example.I am not a Conservative,but Andrew Turner is a good constituency MP and I voted for him at the last General Election.I would NEVER vote for Pugh or Wells as I prefer my MP to have care,compassion and above all,integrity.

  28. Actually, I have an amazing respect for what David Pugh is capable of. Just when you think that he cannot be more slimy, self-serving and completely delusional he manages to find a whole new level of it.

    I can see him as the Conservative candidate in 2015, assuming the Island Conservatives suddenly want to to be completely obliterated at the ballot box.

  29. hazel wyld

    8.Oct.2013 10:58pm

    whatever you think of andrew turner the very fact Pugh wants him out seems a good reason to keep him!!!

    • From memory, (you don’t expect me to get out of bed, do you), the CP quotes Pugh as saying he has always “publicly” supported Conservative representatives, (guffaw). He might as well have said he’s always plotted behind their backs.

      I agree with Cicero, Alan Wells’ remark does assume there is dirty washing about.

  30. Interesting! According to the CP today, ICW Chairman, Alan Wells, complains of Cllr. Whitehouse’s recent revelation “It is very damaging to the party’s reputation to air your dirty washing in public like that without any justification.”

    Does that imply that there is some ICWA “dirty washing” to be concealed together with its “justification”? :-))

    • If things carry on like this I shall be obliged to be supportive of HRH Cllr Chris Whitehouse (Somewhere west of Newport, DC & bar, star & garter, crab & lobster), something I never anticipated. He’s coming up a bit of a hero on this one.

  31. Wells at it again calling for Chris Whitehouse to be banned from the Conservative party for bringing it into disrepute .This for supporting the local and elected Conservative MP Wells laughably claims that the IWCA is not divided . What parallel universe is he living in ? The sooner he departs permanently to France the better and then the Conservative Association can be led by someone with the guts to stand up to the plotters against Turner and restore some pride and unity .

  32. mittromneylovesiow

    13.Oct.2013 2:00pm

    I say let Mr Pugh stand as an MP. I have two islands in mind – Ascension or the Falklands. And if he does happen to be on the Wightlink board perhaps he can ask for a ferry service to them although I suspect the return fare may be a tad high.

  33. soppysolly

    13.Oct.2013 8:03pm

    No doubt from the above comments our hardworking MP is still as popular as ever – me thinks if anyone is bringing the party into disrepute it’s the slimy puppet of the boy blunder. Hats off to Chris Whitehouse.

  34. kevin barclay-jay

    14.Oct.2013 1:17pm

    What is clear is that Cllr Whitehouse’s plan to increase his popularity in his push for Tory party leadership is well under way.

    God help us all

  35. Does any know what happened at the executive committee meeting of the Isle of Wight Conservative Association on Friday? Was it decided that MP Andrew Turner will have to fight for selection as the party’s candidate in the 2015 general election?
    Writing in last week’s County Press, Graham Nichols, a past association chairman, said a majority of the executive – ‘whose names are known only to a few’ – was being asked to support the move although he was against the idea.
    In another letter Mark Patterson of Shorwell, who claims to have his finger on the party pulse, said Mr Turner has been interviewed by Tory national organisers on a number of occasions in the last two years to ‘discuss his continued representation of the island’.
    Mr Patterson adds fuel to the fire by saying: “I hope Andrew Turner sees sense and doesn’t invite further difficulties by listening to his assistant, Carole Dennett.”

    • retiredhack

      22.Oct.2013 8:26pm

      Chris Whitehouse’s Twitter feed has been a useful source of information on this topic in the past. Nothing there since the meeting though…

      • just a little one

        23.Oct.2013 8:30am

        I hear Chris had his hand smacked for his Tweets.

      • Andrew Turner NEVER bothers to attend a council meeting – fair enough certain members of his team do (although i haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them; unless they are privileged to bypass the public gallery) At this present moment I remain undecided on my vote of the general election however I must admit Mr Blackmore not only visited my house but asked & noted the issues I raised….Ive never seen Andrew Turner in the flesh. Maybe it’s time for change?!

  36. redstream

    23.Oct.2013 9:04am

    Silence is golden as far as the split tory party is concerned but not for long. The only question remaining now is how the malevolent Pugh will manipulate Wells and Hook into his next “clever”but utterly transparent tactic to force a ballot on Turner. Watch this space. And it might be a good idea if all the people who care about The island having a decent and hard working MP looking after their interests write to Mr Wells to ask him if he supports Turner and expressing their views about his continued position if he doesn’t.

  37. Could it be (reading Mr Magoo’s comment of 22 Oct) that there’s more in these moves than meet the eye? It could well be that Andrew Turner’s independent-minded stand on a number of issues has upset the shadowy figures at Conservative Central Office and they are trying to destabilise AT behind the scenes, in order to bring in a more pliable candidate who will toe the Whip’s line in what might be a new 2015 Parliament where every loyal vote will count.

    • What are the odds that CCHQ will try to offer AT a bribe (e.g. as place on the 2015 Birthday Honours List) to stand down so that it can parachute in one of its favoured acolytes to be selected by a sheep-like ICWA Executive leveraged by CCHQ promisess and threats?

      If AT is the honourable man for whom I have voted in the past- a vote for him as a person because our politics differ – his integrity would not let him accept that bribe. (Even better if he stood as an independent.)

  38. Don Smith

    3.Nov.2014 12:59am

    Andrew is not worrying about 2015 – He will receive a nice pension – lump sum – Resettlement allowance, and will retain his property portfolios.

    Andrew is Tory through and through and would never throw in the towel. I must agree with Cicero’s about AT becoming ennobled; it has been a way out for many in the past

    The sooner we get an elected second chamber the better.
    The honours afforded to the PMs cronies is…Well, will things ever change?

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