Bail Extended For Damien Nettles Suspects

Police can confirm three people arrested on suspicion of being involved in the suspected murder of missing Isle of Wight teenager Damien Nettles in 1996 all had their bail extended today

Following earlier report on the Damien Nettles investigation, this in from the Police, in their own words. Ed

Damien NettlesPolice can confirm three people arrested on suspicion of being involved in the suspected murder of missing Isle of Wight teenager Damien Nettles in 1996 all had their bail extended today (Wednesday, March 7, 2012).

A 38-year-old man from Ryde, Isle of Wight, a 36-year-old woman from Cowes, Isle of Wight, and a 45-year-old man from Cowes, Isle of Wight, will remain on police bail until Thursday, June 7, 2012 pending further enquiries.

Wednesday, 7th March, 2012 5:36pm



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Couldn’t agree more dispondent – if I were in the position of Damien’s family, I’d want nothing left to chance.

If the Police were to ignore every lead they received from members of the public be they malicious or otherwise, then many of the ‘cold cases’ re-opened would never result in a safe prosecution and prison sentence for those responsible. So one must conclude that the Police have good grounds to extend the bail for these three Island people and therefore, we should for the sake of… Read more »

Am I right in thinking one of the main witnesses (seen in the chip shop at the time with DN) has since passed away?

if the police have not got the evidence to charge anybody by now,they should leave people alone until they do,also if the case had been investigated properly 16yrs ago,the police would not be acting on malicous rumours/and false imformation now,as all the leads they have had have led to nothing,surely you would have to question the sources of this information,and motives behind leading the police up the… Read more »
the police clearly have enough evidence to extend bail. with 20 20 hindsight im sure they might have done some things differently, but then again with hindsight I would have won the lottery last week. its pointless trying to second guess what the police are doing without full information, and no-one has that information because the police have not released it. as for questioning motives, i would… Read more »

somebody knows something. the police need to keep going until this is solved. not all information is malicious, all decent people want the people involved in damiens disappearance caught for his families peace of mind. 16 years is a long time to not know what happened to your child.

i agree with all above despondents,but cant fathom how c.c.t,v evidence from the investigation could be mislaid?how does that occur?i have upmost respect for the police,but in lite of evidence being misplaced,and the apparent lacklustre approach at the onset of the investigation,i feel damiens family deserve some explanation,i dont feel highly publifying elements of the investigation has served them well,lines of enquiry could of been followed descreetly,then… Read more »
as i said, hindsight is great. I have no idea how the police allegedly lost cctv evidence, but they did and harking on about it now does no-one any good. what the police should be, and are doing is following the leads that they have now. mistakes have been made im sure, but until damien is found the resources should concentrate on what happened to him, not… Read more »