Bestival 09: Kraftwerk And Massive Attack Headline

O M G … fan fabby dozy.

Oh blimey, someone’s going to get in trouble for this one

Bestival 09: Kraftwerk And Massive Attack HeadlineIt looks like some of the line-up for this year’s Bestival has been leaked ahead of the strict ‘not before tomorrow morning’ instructions.

Well it’s in the public domain now …. so here you go.

The classic creators of the whole of electronic music movement, Kraftwerk will be headlining. Just how brilliant this is cannot be contained in words.

Totally amazing Bristolians, Massive Attack will also headline.

These two alone leave all other music festivals trailing in Bestival‘s wake.


More to come shortly.

Were these the naughty leakers?

Thursday, 26th February, 2009 8:48pm



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  1. Bass Girl

    26.Feb.2009 9:28pm

    Oh yes baby, that’s done it for me – sold!!!

  2. I saw Kraftwerk by accident in about 1981 (Trans Europe Express period) and It was the most dire thing I had ever seen. It took two decades to appreciate them and the fact that they were at the forfront of that electro-pop revolution that would take the world by storm in the mid 80’s.

    Still wouldn’t pay good money to see them though :-)

  3. Kraftwerk of the late 70’s and early 80’s were basically using a load of sequencers. On one occasion they actually left the stage with the instruments just playing themselves, and danced with the crowd.
    Tangerine Dream were at the forefront of genuinely pushing the musical boundaries during the 70’s, with their long improvised sets.

  4. Hey Insider, at last some common ground. TD, Dominion, London, 1982: I was there. They took ages to come on stage and goddammit it was loud. Awesome night. However I did see TD leave the stage at Portsmouth Guildhall once and let the sequencers carry on. They were too cool to come down to the crowd tho, just went out the back for some R&R. :)

  5. gerd mayer

    27.Feb.2009 2:21am

    This seems to be just Ralf Hutter, not the real Kraftwerk. Is that right?

  6. I understood that Florian had recently left Kraftwerk which is a great shame. Still very excited about seeing them, though.

  7. Kev, That was Computer World period. TEE was way back in ’77.

  8. @gerd – It’s a great shame that Florian Schneider left Kraftwerk, especially given the amount of time they’d played together – getting on for 40 years – somewhat surprising.

    Ralf Hütter, Kraftwerk’s other founders is still playing Bestival, so I think you’d struggle to say that it not the real Kraftwerk playing.

    To get a sample of Florian Schneider … we give you this video that we came across of an enthusiastic Brazilian TV presenter interviewing Florian – creating what for her must have been a nightmare live interview – loads of questions, with the responses from Florian being the ultimate in minimalism.

    Example ….

    Q: What are the song that you’re going to play tonight?
    A: All.


    Interesting to see that they were playing with Massive Attack.

  9. @Drone I saw TD at the Albert Hall in`75-reputed to be one of their best gigs. I also saw them on the Ricochet tour, I tried four months before the tour to get a ticket for the York Minster gig or any of the cathedrals but they were all sold out, only tickets available was a Fairfield Halls Croydon, so that had to do.
    I never did get to see them play a cathedral following the (in)famous concert in Reims cathedral after which the Pope banned Tangerine Dream from ever playing in cathedrals again
    Get hold of The Bootleg Box Set Vol.1:
    7 cds of live recordings from the 70s including the Albert Hall gig!…But dont take any notice of £50 price tag though as I bought it from Amazon about a year or so ago for £16, or rip it or torrent-well worth the trouble, there is also another bootleg box set taking it up to `83 but Ive never heard it yet.

  10. So very, very excited about Massive Attack. Perfect Bestival headliners. They were amazing at Brixton Academy a few years back and always put on a great live show.

  11. Did they not release TEE express several times, I remember it on a neon Vinyl 12″ with Shes a Model on the other side…couldn’t possibly be before 1980 (could it?…maybe I’m just older than I think)

  12. Have you heard the Senor Coconut Kraftwerk album. An absolute classic

  13. I saw Massive Attack last year. Absolutely mind blowing! I haven’t seen Kraftwerk yet but you got to see them if you’re a music fan… see u there!

    In case you missed it, Laptop Rockers is doing a remix contest with former Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flur and a band from Ireland.

  14. GogglyGogol

    19.Nov.2010 10:40pm

    Kraftwerk were far ahead of Tangerine Dream in terms of creating something different to the hippy, spacerock aesthetic that became out of date by 1974. I saw Kraftwerk in 1981 twice and those were unforgettable concerts.

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