Deep divisions in another Town Council as motion of ‘no confidence’ tabled against five councillors

Ryde steps up as the next town council with deep divisions, as a motion of no confidence is tabled against five councillors, including the mayor

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A motion of no confidence in the Ryde mayor and deputy mayor has been tabled by town councillors, who have slammed a lack of transparency, inclusion and respect shown to colleagues.

Seven against five
Seven town councillors have signed a letter sent today (Friday) to the mayor, Cllr Michael Lilley, calling for an extraordinary general meeting to be held.

They said they had no confidence in five fellow town councillors — Cllrs Lilley, deputy mayor Adrian Axford, Phil Jordan, Nancy Farrell and Diana Conyers.

The move comes after two clerks left the council.

Terms agreed with clerks without proper authority claim
One of the signatories, Cllr Tim Wakeley, said the councillors who agreed terms with the clerks did so without the proper authority.

He also raised concerns that without qualified clerks, the town council lacked the ‘power of competence’ to make decisions.

He said:

“There has been a lot of tension in the council. Due to the unhappiness, we are seeking the meeting to pursue a motion of no confidence, where we can express our views about the processes that have been employed and explore the consequences.

“At an informal meeting last night, the panel could not identify the powers they used in our standing orders. In other words, we feel they have acted outside of their powers.”

Adams: Issue ‘covered up’
Another signatory, Cllr Henry Adams, accused members of ‘covering up’ the issue and said they needed to be more transparent.

He said:

“It has all come as a bit of a shock. We are hoping to know what has been going on.”

Lyons: “Why was a non-disclosure agreement signed?”
Cllr Sue Lyons said:

“We need answers — were there staff grievances, were there allegations of bullying, why was a non-disclosure agreement signed?

“This is very difficult. As a councillor, I was not aware of what was happening and what was being done in my name.”

Cllr Lyons also said she understood the council had spent £1,400 on legal and HR advice.

Lilley: I will defend myself
When asked about the motion of no confidence, Cllr Lilley said he had not yet seen the letter but pledged to defend himself.

He said:

“Anyone can take this action and I have to stand up and put my case forward.”

The letter calls for Cllr Lilley to convene the meeting within seven days or the signatories will schedule it themselves.

The other signatories were Cllrs Julian Critchley, Jim Moody, Ian Stephens and Karen Lucioni.

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13 Comments on "Deep divisions in another Town Council as motion of ‘no confidence’ tabled against five councillors"

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Brading, Sandown, Bembridge and Ryde, getting close to a full house me thinks


If you WANT to be a politician, there’s your first clue why you shouldn’t be one. This whole story does more to prove that point than anything else – nobody comes out of it looking good and the public feel end up alienated further…

The last few meetings I witnessed had been getting increasingly testy, with obvious factions having a go at each other. This sort of shenanigans should not be tolerated at the local level. You kind of expect it at the national level as they are all inbred with the morals of Satan. I say we subject the instigators to rough music or another time-honoured public humiliation method. Repeats… Read more »
Benny C
This entire message trail is a disrespectful embarrassment to the electorate and the island as a whole. Numb, arrogant, infantile small town egocentricity driven by fundamental inadequacy. Get over it, look yourselves in the mirror and stop taking your eyes off the ball in pursuit of personal point scoring . It’s worthless. If there were music accompanying your public political personas it would be either the Benny… Read more »
Geoff Brodie

More IW Labour fratricide ! Diana Conyers is supposed to be a Labour colleague of the Ryde Labour mafia – Critchley, Moody and Lyons. Delightful people, not.


Poor old Geoff cannot get over his disputes with Labour any more than Michael can get over his problems with the Island Greens neither of them are ‘team’ players and expect everyone to bow to their greater wisdom, there is discord wherever they go.


Why would a town council pay hush money to former employees?
It all sounds very questionable.

Perhaps Cllr Brodie, who is obviously an avid practitioner of harmonious municipal relationships, can enlighten us as I believe his own Newport council is not averse to dishing out non-disclosure agreements.

Geoff Brodie

Entirely untrue. But it easy to make cowardly accusations behind a cloak of anonymity.


‘Cowardly’ as in high-profile local councillors getting low-ranking staff to sign severance agreements that compel them to silence?
Local democracy in action and it’s no wonder our local representatives are held in such low esteem.

Geoff Brodie

Produce evidence this was the case at Newport & Carisbrooke


If you say no NDAs/compromise agreements or the like have been signed in the past by your council’s employees then I will happily accept your word on that.
To be clear, my comment immediately above was in relation to Ryde Town Council where such agreements have, apparently, been signed.

Geoff Brodie

Thank you. As for Ryde, I think the key word is ‘apparently’. If Ryde Labour’s Critchley and Co. told me it was currently daylight outside I would have to look out of the window

Eagle eye

BrockBadger – I can only assume that you are jealous of two hardworking and dedicated councillors who have the respect and support of their residents, why else would you troll them?