East Cowes councillor apologises for getting it wrong over Wight Trash branding (updated)

Cllr Love said it was never his intention to “cause harm to young people or our community which I deeply care for and work for the better good”.

Karl Love

A row over the name of a well-known and well-loved skateboarding brand that blew up on the Isle of Wight yesterday has led to a ‘humble apology’ from Cllr Karl Love.

A funding award for John Cattle‘s Skateclub to run free skateboarding sessions for children in East Cowes came from the Town Council with a demand for:

“Written reassurances from you that the name Wight Trash would not be used in any way, shape or form in connection with any grant given by the Town Council or at any event held here in East Cowes or in any publicity or reports to the press.”

Objection to name
As OnTheWight revealed on Wednesday, the councillor for East Cowes, Karl Love, had raised objected to the name Wight Trash being used in connection with the sessions. He said,

“I’m not against the service provided to young people but the organisational name interpretation is not acceptable to me on so many equality fronts.

“I object to the negative connotations of the organisational name and because there are other providers who might like to deliver this service though a transparent tendering process.”

The news resulted in a flood of support on social media for Wight Trash, who saw a rise in people ordering merchandise from their shop (59 High Street, Ryde) and Website.

Humble apology
Today (Thursday), Cllr Love told OnTheWight,

“I  humbly  apologise for misjudging this situation to Island residents and those of East Cowes and members of Wight Trash. 

“I totally agreed at the meeting of East Cowes Town Council that the education services of Wight Trash were totally agreeable for our young people to participate in and my only issues at the meeting of the organisation was its name. 

“The full funding was agreed by the East Cowes Council to enable the activity to progress and I will support a rescinding of the motion at the next meeting. I had not realised the Town Council Vote  would effectively block the activity and for this I also apologise for my part. 

“It was never my intention to cause harm to young people or our community which I deeply care for and work for the better good. 

“We all make mistakes and I did in this occasion.”

Wight Trash: Humbled by support

Zoe Thompson from Wight Trash shares this response,

“We welcome the statement from Cllr Love today and look forward to delivering this project in East Cowes.

“We believe this has highlighted some issues that East Cowes Town Councillors may want to address between themselves.

“We have been totally overwhelmed, by the incredible support of islanders and people across the country. Those that know us get it, and that’s all that matters.

“We would like to thank the hundreds of people who made their opinion known in the last 24hrs, the many businesses and individuals who offered to contribute financially to this project to ensure it would go ahead, and every single person who has sent us a message of support.

“We really are very humbled”.

Image: © With kind permission of Allan Marsh

Thursday, 6th June, 2019 8:18am


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the auditor

At least he had the decency to apologise. I wonder how much peer and social media pressure prompted this?


Maybe, but he doesn’t have the decency to reply to emails sent to him….


I’m glad to see that Cllr Love has been shamed into changing his mind however he is lucky that this is a decision that can hopefully be revisited. We don’t need people who ‘misjudge’ situations running our community. We need people who can get it right the first time.

What about the other town councillor who objected on the same grounds? Michael Paler is standing for election to the Whippingham and Osborne IWC seat, yet he has been very quiet on the matter. This is populism at its worst from Karl Love, he objected on his principles, so have his principles now changed? Perhaps he should have done his research into Wight Trash and understood the… Read more »
Benny C
Great timing – Mr Paler is standing for election. I sincerely hope ward residents deal with this incompetency and vote him out. The arrogance of his silence lays bare the disrespectful, inept entity asking to be re elected. We need smart operators in our Councils who are connected to residents, the island economy and the local community, not marginal self opinionated attention seekers with personal agendas driven… Read more »

Has he apologised yet ?


Public figure stands up and apologises humbly? Don’t think we know how to respond to that ;-) Fair play to him. Hope it’s a great summer for them now.


The more I hear about Cllr Love – not just this report but others – he seems to be a most odious individual, even when judged against the current standards of Island politics

Luisa Hillard
Where is the apology from Cllr Michael Paler, who is Karl Love’s side kick? He is standing for election in the ward of Whippingham and Osborne and yet was instrumental in this situation on the grounds that he seems to think that the American term ‘White Trash’ is offensive, which is something I would expect of a Trump white supremacist, not a prospective Isle of Wight Councillor.… Read more »

Has Cllr Paler apologised yet ????