Elderly dementia patient sent to wrong care home without medication or clothes

Agency staff are being blamed for the 73-year-old man being moved to the wrong care home without any of his medication, including his insulin, or his clothes, without the knowledge of his family.

St mary's hospital

Discharged to a care home on the other side of the Island, without his family’s knowledge, an elderly dementia patient was left without his clothes or vital medication for 19 hours.

After spending two weeks at St Mary’s Hospital, Michael McLoughlin, 73, from Wootton, was set to be discharged to a care home in Newport.

Sent to Totland without family’s knowledge
However, his son, Ian, said agency staff sent his father to a home in Totland without his family’s knowledge. It was only when Ian called the ward to check on his dad that he discovered he had left the hospital.

Ian said the sister on the ward told him she was ‘trying to unpick the situation as protocol has not been followed.’

Mr McLoughlin had spent two weeks in hospital before it was decided he needed 24-hour care.

Newport care home agreed
The family had agreed he would go to Cornelia Manor, Newport, and specialist equipment was ordered for his room. It was on the second floor, near stairs, and staff ordered a sensor mat to alert them if he got up in the night.

Due to Mr McLoughlin’s dementia, the family agreed with hospital staff that he would remain on the ward over the weekend to prevent the confusion of moving him twice.

Agency staff “to blame”
However, when Ian called on the Monday he was told his father had been discharged to a care home in Totland. Ian said he was told unsupervised agency staff were to blame for the mix up.

A spokesperson for the Isle of Wight NHS Trust said it would be inappropriate to comment, as Ian had lodged an official complaint and an investigation had been launched.

Dad was “worried and confused”
Ian said:

“My dad was so worried and confused because he didn’t know where he was going.

“The decision to move into a care home was distressing enough — he’s a proud man — and the way he’s been treated is disgusting.

“It’s not acceptable.”

No mediation or clothes
Mr McLoughlin was moved without any of his medication, including his insulin, or his clothes — leaving him with little more than a pair of pyjamas. It was only 19 hours later they were taken to the Totland home, Little Hayes.

Ian said:

“The staff at both homes have been brilliant, and I have been in regular contact with them, but this should never have happened.”

Staying in Totland
Mr McLoughlin has now chosen to remain in Little Hayes to avoid the stress of moving again.

Ian said:

“Our family live the other side of the Island, so it’s going to be a long journey for them to see him, but he does not want to move again.”

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Tuesday, 19th February, 2019 11:40am


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I am loathed to criticise hospital staff when occasional misjudgements are made. Colossal demand for hospital beds and capacity issues put staff under immense pressure to discharge.

Alternative Perspective

One unfortunate mistake out of the 1000’s of successful discharges. Let’s get things in perspective.


ukdave- fair comment and I support that view 100% but the wrong care home ?

Alternative Perspective

Mistakes occasionally happen, the patient was inconvienced but no one was critically harmed