Floating bridge to be suspended for testing

The council say essential tests are due to be undertaken while the river is subject to a spring ebb tide. Details within

floating bridge suspended sign

The Isle of Wight council have announced the Cowes Floating Bridge will be suspended for part of Thursday and Friday for tests whilst the river is subject to a spring ebb tide.

The announcement reads:

The floating bridge will be suspended tomorrow (Thursday) between 5pm and 7.30pm, and on Friday between 5am and 8am.

This is for essential tests due to be undertaken while the river is subject to a spring ebb tide.

A replacement launch service will be provided.

Wednesday, 12th February, 2020 12:55pm


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Simon Cooke
I was in the public gallery at last night’s scrutiny committee meeting and I inwardly chortled at Cllr Stewart’s use of floating bridge statistics. He said about the floating bridge – without a hint of irony – that: “95% [reliability?] over 9 months apart from September.” Obviously it is well known among statisticians that you can simply leave off data like that to improve your numbers. Nothing… Read more »
Benny C

Exactly. And compared to the old bridge? How revealing and arrogant that our leader needs to spin even this – dismissive, disrespectful and patronising . A bit of simple proper honesty would go a long way. We need to be able to trust leaders, not be sceptical of their words.


Any idea what these tests are? Why are they only announced the day before when if they were ‘planned’ they could have been announced weeks ago?


What’s left to test?

Authur Sausage

Might just as well leave the sign out permanently!


It’s punctuality targets are very good, as it has a risable timetable

Seely should write to the johnson pointing out that a bridge between Cowes and East Cowes would be a lot cheaper and easier to build than either: a) a garden bridge across the Thames or b) a bridge between the Republic of Scotland and Eire. johnson should have plenty of time now he has brexit ‘done’. On reflection this is perhaps too mundane for our glorious dear… Read more »