Green candidate, Vix Lowthion, launches her ‘Personal Manifesto’ (videos)

The IW Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate, Vix Lowthion, launches her Personal Manifesto for the Isle of Wight. Watch the videos or read the text.

Vix Lowthion - green scarf

This in from Vix Lowthion, in her own words. Ed

Yesterday saw the launch of Vix Lowthion‘s own personal manifesto – showing what difference a Green MP would make for the Isle of Wight.

It comes in a series of short video clips, but the transcript is also included below.

The videos can be viewed below or via the main campaign website,

Vix says,

“Many people are unsure who to vote for this Thursday.

“So let me tell you about some concerns that we all share.”

Some of the biggest issues faced by islanders today are the cuts to our community and our local services. Cuts to our libraries and our museums. Cuts to our public toilets, and cuts to our youth services and those people who are vulnerable and with disabilities. These services have been cut due to a lack of budget for our local council. And that’s a national problem. It’s only at a national level, as your MP, can we start to change the way our government is run and actually get the money to the people who most need it.

Everyone has been to St Mary’s hospital – to visit a loved one or to receive treatment. Our NHS is precious to us all. 70 years on from its birth, the National Health Service is under threat – from a lack of public investment, and an increasing privatisation of clinical services. We must ensure that the NHS remains a public service, run for and by the public. It is important – too important for private interference. And we must pay for it, together.

We all rely on our ferries – whether it is to visit friends and family, commute to work, or ship goods across the Solent. A reliable, frequent and efficient service is an essential for islanders. Yet increasingly, cross Solent transport is being priced beyond the pocket of the average resident. I believe that we need to tackle this, with the broadest number of options, and look into regulating our ferries to be more publicly accountable. They’re not just a private business – they’re a public service.

As a parent and a teacher, living on the Isle of Wight, I know that education has undergone a massive upheaval in recent years. We have been left with a mixture of different school providers; academies, free schools, studio schools and trusts. The Green Party believe that our schools must be accountable to our local authority – and not this inefficient mix of different organisations. We must move on from this target driven culture, and get back to what really matters – which is happy, motivated and well qualified young people.

Visitors flock to our island because of our beautiful green spaces – but they are under threat. The Green Party will invest in measures to combat climate change, including low carbon energy generation and flood defences. We value food produced locally and the farmers who work hard to be caretakers of our land. We must ensure that our open countryside, such as Brading Down, is managed by the public and for the public to enjoy. The Green Party are the only party who are completely against fracking – and a Green MP would lead the way to ensure our island is fracking free.

We need to improve the prospects for young people on the Isle of Wight. Education, training and apprenticeships are key – but so are jobs once qualifications are achieved. The Green Party would invest in jobs to combat climate change – and on the island this would be in engineering and manufacturing renewable technologies. We are against the exploitative zero-hours contracts, and believe that everyone deserves a Living Wage. Young people need affordable housing to rent or buy. The Green Party would invest in jobs by putting empty homes back into use, and build social housing to fulfill the needs of future generations.

The Green Party believe in better representation – not absolute power. A Green MP would not join a formal coalition, but would support policies on an evidence and a case by case basis – in line with our manifesto. A Green MP can put forward parliamentary Bills which receive support from across party boundaries. I would put our island on the map as a Green destination.

So for the things we share, and what we really care about on the Isle of Wight – please give me a minute of your time next Thursday. And Vote Vix. Vote Green

Tuesday, 5th May, 2015 8:33am



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Green/ EcoIsland pix Vix will make a nice tabloid headline.

she brings security to the older most conservative voters who follow here or send there children to vote GREEN in droves… she brings money to the Island if here fresh new ideas can be implemented…. Ecoisland tourism ,Renewable Energy can be sold in the future and Norway makes the start And hopefully my dream, a magnetic level tram/train which would be build on the Isle of… Read more »
Dave the cave

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Appalling inane comment. Such personal insults demean you. This should be taken down

Sally Perry

The type of comment left by ‘Dave the cave’ is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

billy builder

What a narrow minded puerile comment.

billy builder
Now for my narrow minded puerile comment:- In the Isle of Wight constituency and in all other constituencies across the country with the exception of perhaps Brighton the Greens will trail in last or close to last place. Vix will not be the next IOW MP. The Isle of Wight is in general a Tory / LibDem battleground. Where the MP returned will either be from the… Read more »
Your powers of prediction are asstounding! Ain’t gonna be Turner or McKie. LOL!! And as to “last or close to last” you simply have not been paying attention… We came third (behind UKIP and Blue) in 2015, and in the 2017 locals we came second* and grew our vote share from 13% to over 17%, whereas both Labour and Lib-Dem lost ground to the Greens. UKIP… Well… Read more »
box sticks

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Oh dear. The island is full of them isn’t it? Do try to separate informed and balanced political comment from personal insults.

Albert Street

Sadly this is just a bunch of words that play on peoples fears. Like all the other PPC’s the Green candidate’s personal manifesto does not address the issues with real and achievable solutions.

I will vote for the candidate that can actually achieve rather than those that want to talk or reinforce peoples fears.

Caroline Lucus is doing a pretty good job in Brighton yet still gets herself heard on the national stage. I have issues with some Green policies but I’m making my decision to vote for Vix as she stands the best opportunity to put the island’s case. There’s no chance the Greens will form the next Government but their ideas could well influence the decisions of those who… Read more »
billy builder

But Darcy, Vix stands absolutely no chance of being elected on the Island as the Islands MP. It will not happen.

A vote for Green is in essence a Vote for Andrew Turner and/or UKIP.

You will certainly be doing the Green agenda no favours by voting Green

billy builder
Darcy, you are absolutely right you should certainly vote for what you believe in with your eyes wide open. However, you must also be mindful of the likely effects of your intended course of action. A driver, driving at excessive speed along country roads might well have an absolute right to do so, but when the crash happens, he cannot absolve himself from culpability. Likewise if a… Read more »

BB “if an unacceptable candidate is returned, then that person is partially responsible for that unacceptable outcome.”

Unacceptable to whom?

billy builder

clearly the person who made a deliberate voting choice to vote for an unelectable candidate, resulting in the unacceptable (for themselves) being elected.

Say I vote Green in the full and certain knowledge that the Green candidate would not be elected, and UKIP get elected, then (for most Greens) that would be an unacceptable outcome (as UKIP effectively deny the link between man’s activity and global warming).


So…the “win” motivation attached to voting overrides the democratic duty as a citizen?

billy builder

We are being a silly billy again aren’t we cicero.

Its called cutting off you nose to spite your face. That is, you want Green policies. You know a Green Vote will not win, but increases the chance of getting an anti-green MP.

So vote Green get UKIP, who wins. Certainly not Green policies or the Green agenda.


BB Would the following scenario be similar?

Say I voted for the LibDem candidate despite the fact that should he succeed it would lead to another Tory/LibDem coalition that would be unacceptable to me..

Would that unacceptability be acceptable to you as long as your candidate won my vote? :-))

billy builder
Cicero, If the Island were a LibDem / Labour political combat zone and a Tory administration of any kind was totally unacceptable, then a LibDem vote would be unacceptable, as it could lead to a Tory / LibDem coalition. However, the contest here is between the Tory/UKIP Right and the liberal centre. A vote for the left will increase the likelihood of a Tory victory on IOW… Read more »

… and a vote for LibDem also aids a Tory/LibDem coalition?

However “A vote for the left will increase the likelihood of a Tory victory on IOW and a subsequent Tory government, where as a vote for LibDem will reduce the likelihood of a Tory administration.”

Even a Tory/LibDem administration? Another coupling of the unspeakable with the untrustworthy?

(I think you mean “government” rather than the US-style “administration”)

billy builder

Vix, you’re quite right I do not *know* that. But I’ll bet you a pound to a penny that your nowhere near winning the Isle of Wight


You make me laugh BB. This is what you said on another thread and I quote:
“What I do know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY , Greens will come bottom of the poll…
I then bet you 20 quid that you are wrong but you ignored the challenge… Want to change your mind…?

billy builder

Darcy, I did not ignore your post, I responded to it. However the odds on the Greens coming bottom are radically different from the odds on the Greens winning. William Hill is currently quoting 125/1 odds on Labour winning, but not even bothering to give odds on a Green victory on the Isle of Wight.

@BB. The entirety of your many permutations, possibilities, hypothetical outcomes and observation of the demographical dynamic, are all based on one thing, a reliance that the people of the island are incapable of adaptation and change, whereby they’ll remain statically predictable enough to simply repeat historical trends. That in itself is a big reliance, because never has there been such social inequality, ecological degradation, financial ineptitude and… Read more »
Hi BB? Great politician’s answer. You answered a question I did not ask. I did not say you ignored my post. I said you ‘ignored the challenge’! One final time: are you going to stand by your assertion that ‘the Greens will come bottom of the poll? An ‘absolute certainty’ according to your post. Or have you changed your mind or are you not prepared to put… Read more »
Vix Lowthion
How do you *know* that BB? Fact is – you do not. This is why this 2015 election on the IW is fascinating. The reaction to our campaign in the last 5 days has been immense. We have given people something to vote *for* and they are reacting en masse. The Green Party on the IW is getting regional and national coverage. BBC are calling me and… Read more »

@BB It might surprise you that I am voting for what I believe to be right this time. Last time I voted LD because I believed it was right then.
The LDs don’t have a monopoly on virtue. You’re at liberty to vote for whom you wish.

Don Smith


You present a very good manifesto. You work hard and you deserve to prosper. Maybe not this election, but I am sure many people will warm to you in the future.

We need change, and I find your manifesto very honest. Good luck and you get my vote.

I considered giving you my vote, Vix. You argue for many things that evidently need putting right. But your political outlook lacks maturity and authority, so it comes over as being worthy but glib. If by any chance you do get in, here’s some cheap advice to be ignored at your leisure: pick one fight you absolutely believe you can win, and one fight that you would… Read more »
Whatever the thinking voter does, it will make no difference on the Island to the Tory outcome. So the Greens get my vote for their aspirations for the Island. Whatever the chances of implementation, it’s necessary to keep on logging these aspirations so that they don’t disappear down the agenda. A vote for the Greens also reinforces nationally the scandal of our outdated voting system whereby an… Read more »
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, in case you missed it – it is either TM or JC in number 10, and across the table from Juncker, Tusk, Merkel and co. now, who do you want representing you at that table? no other decision, no other point, matters in this election. I just wish I could post you an illustration to show you my… Read more »
Steve Goodman
And in the much more important wider context, for those (unlike Vix) still missing it, not only will whoever is on the British side of the brexit table have to ask the other much more powerful side to be nice to us, but whatever happens at that table won’t matter much if we don’t all get greener fast, as agreed by everyone at the bigger climate crisis… Read more »
Black Dog

Don’t write off the independent Ms. Jones-Evans has a lot more to offer the island, starting with experience at grassroot level

Steve Goodman

Don’t remember her ever helping with our Island’s long grassroots level Listed Frank James campaign in response to the failure of the council she was part of.

Do remember Vix and other Greens helping though.

Sally Perry

Have noticed a few people commenting on this 2015 article today.

Those looking for more recent articles related to Vix, Julie or the 2017 general election see the links below.