‘Hopeful common sense will prevail’ says Cllr Price after productive Seaclose Park discussions

The discussions with senior council members and officers at County Hall have been productive and they recognise the strength of feeling locally, says Cllr Price

Matt Price (after lockdown)

Productive discussions have taken place over proposed housing on Seaclose Park, the ward councillor has said.

Since the draft Newport Harbour Masterplan was made public earlier in the year, the Isle of Wight Council has faced backlash against plans to build more than 40 houses on the Fairlee Road entrance to the Newport park.

Petition boasts 3,100 signatures
The local community has fought back, with Cllr Matthew Price starting a petition calling for the removal of the houses from the plans, which has been signed by more than 3,100 people.

The masterplan is set to become a supplementary planning document if cabinet members approve the plans, now at its meeting in October.

Stewart: Will listen to residents’ concerns
After the petition was started, Isle of Wight Council leader Cllr Dave Stewart confirmed he will listen to residents’ concerns over the housing going forward and meet with the Cllr Price.

These discussions with senior council members and officers at County Hall, Cllr Price says, have been productive and that they recognised the strength of feeling locally.

Price: Hopeful that common sense will prevail
Cllr Price said,

“I am therefore hopeful that common sense will prevail and the Newport Harbour Masterplan will not include the proposal to build housing on part of Seaclose Park and all of Fairlee Service Station.”

Local council against the plans
Newport and Carisbrooke Community Council has also voted to oppose the plans.

If a decision is made regarding the housing on the park, which Cllr Price hopes will be to rule it out, he suggests the decision could be confirmed as soon as possible.

He said:

“The sooner we know that the future of Seaclose Park is secure, the sooner we can look to the future.”

Enhance the current facilities
Cllr Price has now asked for the focus to shift to looking at how sports and recreation at Seaclose Park can not only be maintained but enhanced and improved, with amenity facilities improved as the masterplan suggests.

He said:

“I welcome any suggestions from the community and local sports groups. With the Government having launched a ‘Better Health’ campaign, encouraging people to ‘get active’, I hope to see Seaclose Park being used more than ever for a diverse range of sports and recreational uses.”

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Good luck to Cllr Price. I hope he is successful. However, those running the council have created a regeneration department with salaries of those at the top of around £100,000 per year and are expecting to see results from this investment. If this plan does not go ahead because the council collectively changes it’s mind, what is the point of having a regeneration plan and expensive employees… Read more »
Regeneration only works if you have first planned for suitable infrastructure and put that in place. I am not saying that Newport couldn’t do with some regeneration, but so far to me it looks just more like one monstrous traffic jam with a lack of medical and recreative facilities. Can we sort that out first, please? Good luck to Councillor Price. At least he seems to have… Read more »
Oh, here’s an idea. Following the planning application to convert some of Mill Court (Pan Mill) into flats, how about converting more of the unused spaces there but also HMV in the High Street? How long has HMV been left standing as a huge empty space that could have been made into flats or knocked down and nice houses built? Space that could be used to home… Read more »
Benny C

By chasing rates revenue and granting consent for more edge of town retail near Newport, our Planning Committee have set in place a strategy that will run Newport retail into serious decline over the next decade. Still, Happy days for them, no doubt they all got their nice expenses allowances from their trip out to the site on the blunder bus.

Benny C
Residential accommodation breaks up streetscapes and can adversely impact the quality both of the homes and the shops, so effectively neither work well. A sensible policy to deliver high quality environments for both uses, in close proximity but respecting their very different expectations ( noise and servicing, to cite just a couple of obvious examples) Is what we need. What we get are inept decisions made by… Read more »