Islanders urged to ‘keep their eyes on the prize’ and stay safe by council leader

Dave Stewart is encouraging Islanders to “continue to be careful about where you go, who and how you meet because although things are looking up, they can quickly change”

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Earlier today the Government announced which Tiers all parts of the country would be in once we come out of Coronavirus Lockdown #2 on 3rd December.

The Isle of Wight will be one of only three places in the country that will be placed in the lowest Tier, Tier One. With low infection rates and a low number of

Stewart: Take personal responsibility and make good choices
Paying tribute to Islanders for their efforts during lockdown, Cllr Dave Stewart said,

“Being in Tier 1 gives us back some more of the freedoms we have all battled to secure in everything we are doing to reduce the transmission of the disease.

“Having done this so well, these are freedoms we need to fight to retain so the key messages of hands-face-space continue to apply.

“Please continue to be careful about where you go, who and how you meet because although things are looking up, they can quickly change.

“Taking personal responsibility and making good choices continues to be the best way to protect your self and those you love from the virus.

“The gradual introduction of vaccines and testing in the coming months will assist us in this challenge, but I can only urge, it is what we all do will make the biggest difference.”

Seely: Rollout of vaccine within a month
Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Bob Seely, said,

“I am grateful that the Government has listened to arguments put forward by myself and others that first, the Island should be treated as an Island, and second, that we should be in the lowest tier. 

“This is a sensible approach and a recognition of the fact that not only do we have relatively low infection rates on the Island, but our separation by sea from the mainland acts as a natural barrier to the spread of the virus.

“Island businesses have suffered as a result of the second lockdown. I hope that those that have been forced to close will now reopen and I hope that for those Islanders now doing their Christmas shopping, we will do our best to support local Island-owned businesses. 

“I spoke with officials last night about the roll out of the vaccine on the Isle of Wight, which should start within a month. I hope that this will mark the beginning of the end of the pandemic and we can look forward to Easter with optimism.

“I want to thank again the NHS and care home staff for their vital work over the last few months, and the Council for their work.

“It is clear that there are significant lessons to learn over how we have tackled the coronavirus pandemic, and how Government functions. For now, I am satisfied that we have been placed in tier one and that the Government has listened to us. I am also hopeful that with the vaccines, there is light at the end of the tunnel in what has been a frankly wretched year.”

Stewart: We have all come too far to throw this opportunity now
Cllr Stewart added,

“Let’s remember, there was life before the pandemic and all of the signs are hopeful that we can return to something of that life in 2021.

“That’s something I hold on to as a make my own plans to follow the guidelines and celebrate Christmas.

“We have all come too far to throw this opportunity now. So I encourage everyone to keep their eyes on the prize, do the right things, stay safe and make a good plan for next year.”

Thursday, 26th November, 2020 1:00pm



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What a total hypocrite!

The fact that the Isle of Wight is in tier 1 is solely because of the responsible residents on the IW, and nothing whatsoever to do with Cllr Dave Stewart, who sought to encourage visitors from high infection areas to the island, along with Will Myles, the island’s head of tourism.


This virus spreads when people come together.

Perhaps someone needs to inform Cllr Dave Stewart and Tourism Head Will Myles.

IW Council Leader Councillor Stewart needs to ban all holidays to the Isle of Wight which is not essential travel. Told this morning that a lady getting on the bus from Yarmouth yesterday was surrounded by people who were staying at Norton Grange. Then the Council and MP Bob Seely need to get government financial support for the holiday dependent businesses on the island to get them… Read more »

The real prize is throwing off these soviet style restrictions and being free citizens again.Not being intimidated through fear of a virus with the equivalent lethality of the flu


Oh no! Another “it’s no worse than the flu” proponent. it is far more infectious and more deadly than seasonal flu, just ask some of my friends. Oh wait, you can’t because they are dead.