Isle of Wight council say they DIDN’T ask Diamond Races to postpone meeting due to ‘recent spike in Covid-19 cases’ (Update)

Although the meeting was due to held out in the open air, organisers say the Isle of Wight council have asked them to postpone it for a couple of weeks

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The organisers of the Isle of Wight TT Diamond Races were due to hold a meeting at the Chequers Inn this Wednesday evening, inviting those interested along to hear more about their plans.

Update: IWC have been in touch, telling News OnTheWight that they’re keen for everyone to know, there is no spike. They do say they asked Diamond Races to get their social distancing arrangements completed at the proposed meeting – and have also asked them to change the wording on the EventBrite listing, dropping the reference to a spike.

Although the meeting was due to be held in the open air in the field next to the pub, organisers say the Isle of Wight council have asked them to postpone it due to Coronavirus (Covid-19).

They have written to all those who booked tickets via Eventbrite, saying,

Due to the recent spike in Covid-19 cases, we have been asked by the Isle of Wight Council to postpone the chat night on Wednesday 9th September and move it to Wednesday 23rd September – subject to an improving situation.

The new event will be held in the same location – the Chequers Inn – from 6pm. All current tickets are still valid for 23rd September. Unfortunately, this action is necessary in order to make the event as safe as possible for all attending, and we apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

Thank you for understanding and see you on the 23rd!

News OnTheWight has asked the council what spike they are referring to (C19 numbers on the IW are still very low) and whether they’ve asked for any other meetings or events to be postponed – their reply is at the top.

Article edit
4:43pm 8th Sep 2020 – Added IWC refutation of any Covid spike and altered the headline to reflect

Tuesday, 8th September, 2020 3:46pm



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Why not have a meeting within the area of the race instead of four miles away? I would suggest Chale recreation ground; plenty of parking and space for social distancing plus many of those on the course route can just walk there.


Chequers has been chosen as there are facilities available, whereas there are only a couple of locked portaloos at Chale Recreation Ground.


Just the Wight Mouse across the road.

Rhos yr Alarch

Isn’t it the “facilities” that will present the risk, via the possibility of the virus being transmitted within them? Surely much safer for things to be kept purely in the open air…


That’s why it’s at the Chequers, big open space next door to hold the meeting in the open, with access to the facilities.


This has to be one of the Islands better kept secrets. I have never seen this meeting advertised. Do the organisers not want people to go?


me neither


It’s all on the Diamond Races website, plus their Facebook page, and the Diamond Racers Supporters Group page. Very easy to find. It’s been mentioned on here several times, and on other news sites, online and in print locally. If you know how to comment on OntheWight, you know how to find these other sites.


Thanks Hermit. I can’t find it on their website at all; can you post a link? Surprisingly I haven’t seen it elsewhere either. I know you mentioned the meeting before, that’s the only time I’ve heard of it. Really for a meeting of such importance it would need to be advertised so that anyone can see it not just “supporters” and not everyone uses facebook.


Yes, please post a link.


Click here and all the info you need about meetings will drop into your inbox. Here’s the invite to the next meeting


Thanks hermit. I had already filled in the form on your “click here” link a while ago; yet to receive anything. I’m not sure a post on facebook constitutes advertising a meeting; if this is the sort of consultation that the population in the area is going to get then there isn’t really a lot of hope.

Benny C
It was hard to find, wasn’t it. And deliberately subtle. Still if you’re Playing a long game you do need crowd control. A smart move, trying to minimise the friction Through a lack of numbers (well not many turned up so you can’t say there’s much objection really, can you?) and then It’s easier to claim support (we dealt with all the queries at the meeting we… Read more »

Apparently the Diamond Races Supporters Group has 13,683 members… I wonder how many of those members are real!


A Facebook, or any other social media, post does not constitute anything remotely resembling a legitimate public consultation!