Isle of Wight MP under fire for ‘hatchet-job’ tweet about report on Boris Johnson’s late night altercation

The organisation that supports women affected by domestic abuse said the tweet from Bob Seely, “Reflects an ugly misogyny in our MP choosing to protect the reputation of such a man.” The MP hasn’t, as yet, responded.

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Isle of Wight MP, Robert Seely, has come under fire from an Isle of Wight domestic abuse charity accusing him of a “shocking dismissal of domestic abuse”.

Police called to altercation
A report by Jim Waterson at The Guardian on Friday night revealed that police had been called to Johnson and Symonds’ flat in Camberwell, after neighbours were concerned for Symonds’ safety following a loud altercation which ended in silence after a loud scream. The incident sparked much comment with some supportive of Johnson and others opposing what happened.

Police attended the incident and left without taking any action, telling The Guardian,

“Police attended and spoke to all occupants of the address, who were all safe and well. There were no offences or concerns apparent to the officers and there was no cause for police action.”

Wight-DASH: “Shocking dismissal of domestic abuse”
However, it was Bob Seely’s tweet about Saturday’s follow-up Guardian article that attracted responses from Isle of Wight residents. The Guardian excerpt which he offered his re-write of read:

Leadership campaign falters as he refuses to respond to questions at hustings about late-night argument with Carrie Symonds

He tweeted the Guardian article, adding:

Let me rewrite that sub-header for you @BorisJohnson⁩ ⁦campaign does not falter despite feeble hatchet-job attempt

At time of publishing, the tweet had 329 retweets and 1,161 likes, but some Islanders were not impressed with his words.

Wight-DASH: “Reflects an ugly misogyny in our MP”
Wight-DASH, the Isle of Wight organisation that supports women affected by domestic abuse, childhood trauma, poor mental health and other challenges, replied:

MP not responded as yet
Although he has tweeted since, Mr Seely has not replied to any of the tweets on this thread.

OnTheWight has contacted Bob Seely, but have yet to hear back.

Fiona Gwinnett, CEO of Wight-DASH told OnTheWight they’d not had a response from Mr Seely.

Wight-DASH comment on police statement
Speaking to OnTheWight about the police statement, Fiona said,

“That kind of language is usually indicative that nobody was prepared to make a complaint. That’s not the same as saying nothing has happened.”

Lowthion: “Appalling dismissal of public concerns”
Isle of Wight Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate, Vix Lowthion, replied

Labour: Support police campaign
On behalf of Island Labour, Julian Critchley sent the following to OnTheWight,

“The Isle of Wight Labour Party supports our police in encouraging those who believe that a domestic violence incident is underway to report their concerns to the police. No matter who it is.

“Those who discourage such action are placing people at risk.

“Don’t ignore it. Report it.”

Last week Mr Seely explained to OnTheWight why he’d switched his support from Michael Gove to Boris Johnson in the Conservative leadership race.

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Leaving aside the issue of whether it was morally right to share the information with a National newspaper, the bigger issue is whether people should report a concern about suspected Domestic Abuse. Nobody should wait to find out if it IS Domestic Abuse – if they suspect it MIGHT be, then reporting it to Police was 100% the right response. Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility and that includes… Read more »

Why would someone vote down my above point?! I’m genuinely interested to know – please reply rather than simply hide behind the click of a red thumb icon…

I didn’t down-vote it (never do) but I suggest it’s because you’re missing the point a little. “Leaving aside the issue of whether it was morally right to share the information with a National newspaper, the bigger issue is whether people should report a concern about suspected Domestic Abuse.” Not in my opinion. The issue WAS reported and it WAS acted upon by the police. There’s no… Read more »

I wasn’t implying your contribution was at fault ukdave – you make a valid point. YJC’s point doesn’t get past the fact that confirmation it wasn’t DA could not have happened without it first being reported. Speculation by ‘Another Perspective’ that it was Eastenders turned-up loud on the TV is what someone might convince themselves in order to not act.

Alternative Perspective

It was a cynical addition to YJC’S post.

Whether, or not, a genuine act of domestic violence this whole pantomime is providing a useful media diversion, a Boris tactic we will all need to get use to should he ever becomes PM


I’ve yet to see any proof that any domestic voilence – on either partner – was involved.

Alternative Perspective

……and it might have simple been an episode of Eastenders with the TV volume turned up.


I’ve read the words “misogyny”, “domestic abuse”, “domestic violence” from a variety of people in this article, all of whom have no idea what went on in that flat.

But let’s not let a lack of knowledge stop you from pushing your agenda.

Mark L Francis

Only members of the Conservative Party get to vote in this leadership contest, so it does not especially matter what normal people think.


I just hope Boris does not get the job. Whatever the pros and cons of this incident, he can be very unpredictable, particularly in saying the wrong things.


Can you explain what you mean by saying. “he can be very unpredictable, particularly in saying the wrong things” ?.


See as an example.


My answer should have said read see this article in The Guardian, but the website cut the reference out. The article is at

Benny C

Supporting an adulterous liar tells us more about the supporter than the supported!