Delay on decision for West Wight School Reorganisation

Those waiting for a decision on the West Wight school reorganisation will have to hold on a little longer.

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The Isle of Wight council share this latest news. Ed

A decision on the future direction of primary school education in the West Wight has been delayed by a few days. 

An official decision notice was due to be issued by the Isle of Wight Council on Friday 28 June, following a second consultation into surplus school places in the West Wight. 

However, that date has been moved to Wednesday 3 July to give the authority an extra few days to fully consider all the responses. 

Third consultation if approved
The notice will be published on the council’s website — — before going before the Cabinet on Thursday 11 July. If approved, a third consultation will follow the publication of a Public Notice in the local media.

A final decision is due to be made by Cabinet members on Thursday 10 October 2019. 

Councillor Paul Brading, Cabinet member for children’s services, education and skills, said:

“Once again, I am very pleased at the vast level of response received to the second consultation phase. 

“To ensure responses and implications of options can be fully considered and the right decision be progressed, I have decided to refer the decision to Cabinet on 11 July. 

“I fully understand that everyone who has been involved in the process up until now will be anxious for the outcome to be announced as soon as possible, however, I do want to ensure the right decision is taken.” 

The consultation was launched as there is an oversupply of school places in the West Wight area — a trend which is expected to continue in the coming years. 

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Perhaps this should read “We have made a complete and utter mess of managing the schools at West Wight. The local councillors are in complete disagreement and we are doing our best to concoct a solution that will satisfy nobody and blight the educational outcomes of pupils for years to come.” So business as usual. When was it this council was going to have all schools on… Read more »