Letter: Brexit transition period extension needed before we end up with No Deal Brexit

This reader believes the country is heading towards a No Deal Brexit and says the Government should extend the transition period in light of Coronavirus

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This letter from Joanna Minchin. Ed

I am perplexed as to why the Tory Government are not willing to extend the transition period for their discussions over Brexit? Surely it is in everyone’s interest to reach a deal?

We are at a critical time for our country. While the Government is occupied with Covid-19, the end of the Brexit transition period is drawing nearer.

There is now less than one month for the UK and the EU to agree an extension.

Heading towards a No Deal Brexit
If no agreement is reached, we risk a No Deal Brexit that would alter our economy, way of life, and NHS forever. 

We should tackle one problem at a time. We need to extend the transition period.

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Tuesday, 16th June, 2020 5:58pm


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Barnier, until last year, encouraged by Junckers and Tusk, now by Von der Leyden, has wasted three years of negotiating time by trying to interfere in British domestic politics, refusing to accept and attempting to undermine our democracy instead of addressing his brief. Just last week he started another attempt at scare mongering and he still wants to screw over British fishermen and dictate British trade relationships… Read more »

To agree an extension would just drag things out indefinitely; I think most people have had enough of that uncertainty. It seems that refusing to extend may actually be bringing about some progress:


You losers still haven’t got the message. We are out on 31st Dec. It was voted for by the country, a majority was in favour and it is in law that we are out, so just starting towards planning for it.


The former Govt Chief Brexit negotiator, Olly Robbins, landed a plum job at Goldman Sachs despite having had no banking experience whatsoever. Who’d have thunk?


Well said, mariner58. The EU is not about a common market, it’s dedicated primarily to political and monetary union. Traitor Heath knew this when he took Britain into the clutches of the European Union and fed us a pack of lies in the process, so now is the time to leave this politician’s paradise and tell Juncker & Co. where to go.


Joanna, you really aren’t helping yourself with all these letters to the press. You just come across as increasingly befuddled and out of touch. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but you must know that people are thinking less and less of you in the process. It’s like you’re searching for a hill on which to die.

Justin Case
I feel for you Joanna, but the decision is made and the quicker we let this administration set their course, the quicker we will fall over and smash ourselves in the face and finally realise en mass that our Government has been taking advantage of our abject communal stupidity and that our country is not well. For god’s sake, look at our leaders. Can anybody of sound… Read more »

Whilst one cannot be certain, this bravado could be just a bargaining ploy. You do not let the other party know what cards you are holding. On the other hand it could be political foolishness.


Snout in the trough Tory’s want a no deal Brexit with total deregulation and a slave culture workforce lining their pockets.

Angela Hewitt

Don’t blame Barnier. Blame the British and Johnson, they voted for Brexit. Barnier is doing what we would do. Protecting the union’s interests

Well said Joanna Minchin. It’s not just that our government is failing to cope properly with a crisis that threatens people’s lives, so that we need to ask them to concentrate on doing their job properly in a pandemic. It’s also right to ask them to postpone Brexit negotiations – not just with the European Union but with everybody, and especially with countries with dodgy governments like… Read more »