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Letter: Considered vulnerable to Covid-19, but forced to work says 60+year-old pensionless pensioner

Island Buses:

This reader said it's time the government gave assurances to the 1950's-born women who are forced to work due to the last minute change to pension age, but appear to be in the vulnerable category for Covid-19

Monday, 9th March, 2020 6:40pm

By Cathy Elobeid with 11 readers' comments

Letter: Could retaining wall collapse be related to large number of trees being removed?

Belgrave road

This reader raises a theory that the large number of trees removed from a site in Ventnor could have had a knock-on effect on Belgrave Road

Monday, 9th March, 2020 1:12pm

By Anonymous with 4 readers' comments

Letter: Is replacing bike storage for seating on RedJet short-sightedness or greed? (updated)

Folding bike

This reader asks whether replacing the bike holding area on Red Jet 6 with seating was "short-sightedness or just greed"

Wednesday, 5th February, 2020 6:28pm

By Naomi with 5 readers' comments

Letter: The NHS is an incredible service to value and treasure

protect the nhs poster

Nicky says that when we hear stories about poor care, we also need to remember the NHS is an incredible service to value and treasure. They share this story of amazing care in the hands of the NHS

Monday, 3rd February, 2020 12:37pm

By Nicky Hayward with 4 readers' comments

Letter: Just because we can cut down a tree or hedge and destroy wildlife habitats, does it mean we should?

hedgehog in undergrowth

Naomi from Binstead says, "With demand for land for housing and agriculture, we need to start being responsible for our actions"

Tuesday, 28th January, 2020 4:23pm

By Naomi with 4 readers' comments

Letter: Your help needed to raise funds and awareness for children’s cancer charity

Clic Sargent logo

Ahead of World Cancer Day, Liz from Clic Sargent shares ways that Islanders can get involved to help this cancer charity for children and young people

Tuesday, 21st January, 2020 6:27pm

By Liz Blunt

Letter: Time for Yarmouth to remember that it’s no longer an island within an island

Save our School - parents and children

David Griffiths from Yarmouth counters Steve Cowley's letter, setting out what he believes are valid reasons to move Yarmouth School to Freshwater

Thursday, 2nd January, 2020 7:29am

By David Griffith

Letter: MP needs take action over poor cross-Solent service delivered by ferry companies over festive period

Bob Seely arrives

Isle of Wight commuter, Steve Gibbs, reminds readers that MP Bob Seely was assured ferry companies were 'ready for the winter' and asks what he's going to do about the recent poor service

Monday, 30th December, 2019 9:13am

By Steve Gibbs with 15 readers' comments

Letter: Governors have ‘lost their way’, but West Wight parents still see Yarmouth as school of choice

yarmouth school - pupils and parents with save our school banner

Steve Cowley says he believes the Governors of Yarmouth school have "lost their way" and encourages parents to email them

Monday, 30th December, 2019 9:00am

By Steve Cowley with one comment

Letter: The leap from ‘standard speed broadband’ to ‘Fast Fibre’ is anything but ‘fast’

broadband blue LAN cables

This West Wight resident warns neighbours to take note of the long delay they would face in taking the leap from 'standard speed broadband' to 'Fast Fibre'

Monday, 16th December, 2019 8:32am

By Chris Jarman with 5 readers' comments

Letter: ‘Labour Party must reconnect with voters to recover from disaster’, says Labour councillor

Jonathan Bacon and Geoff Lumley at anti-austerity march

Independent Labour councillor, Geoff Brodie, shares his views on the outcome of the 2019 General Election

Friday, 13th December, 2019 6:00pm

By Geoff Brodie with 14 readers' comments

Letter: West Wight school proposals are ‘best option offered to date’

In response to Steve Cowley's letter, Daniel James says the solution being proposed in the current council consultation is the best offered to date

Tuesday, 3rd December, 2019 12:16pm

By Daniel James with 3 readers' comments