Lymington-Yarmouth Sailing Cancellations (updated)

More cancellations

This in from Wightlink. Ed

FogPlease be advised that owing to severe fog in the Solent the following sailings on our Lymington to Yarmouth car ferry service have been cancelled:

From Lymington: 1245
From Yarmouth: 1155 & 1355

Updated 15.22pm:
From Lymington: 1445 & 1645
From Yarmouth: 1355, 1555 & 1755

Passengers concerned about their sailings are advised to contact Wightlink reservations on 02392 827761 (cheaper than 0871 number)

Image: Perrimoon under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 29th December, 2010 11:32am



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I don’t believe it is fog , just another excuse to run less ferries. They will still get the same revenue at the end of the day to pay out amongst their shareholders. What was it last tuesday, staff shortages. Excuse me! who got rid of them?


the reason for cancellations is one of the ferries has hydraulic problems thats why there wa s a 3 hour delay on xmas day they could nt move wight light off the linkspan at lymington .

Isle of Wight Bob

Well can’t blame the Snow this time. They will soon be running out of reasons why their ferries fail to run & serve our lovely Island. Well I can only guess the word Technical in Wightlinks vocabulary does cover most of their failings to serve the public

nominative determinism
it does seem slightly puzzling that fog only effects 3 sailings. presumably theyre basing this on a forecast. Crew shortages because of ice and snow is beleiveable, as is fog, it just seems slightly odd that it only effects these services and not services all day. It also seems slightly odd to have fog around midday, but Im not a weatherman so maybe thats just me. But… Read more »

More than likely a decision made due to traffic density and restricted visibility…ie if they know that a number of rather large vessels will be sharing water with them at a particular time, then action will be taken to avoid a collision.


LOL, as night follows day so laughable comments will follow a Wightlink story. Im sure the same people moaning about a handful of cancellations would be the first to moan if there was an incident of any kind – “Wightlink recklessly endangering lives!”/”Why run in dangerous conditions in a congested river just for a few vehicles” etc etc…


moaning about the moaners Chris?

nominative determinism
better a few laughable comments than a laughable excuse. I see since my earlier comment its been updated and more ferries have been cancelled, so fair enough, they cancelled due to fog and kept cancelling until the fog cleared. thats 2 reasonable sensible reasons in a row. Maybe wightlink have a new PR man. Or maybe they just have no reason to cancel services because of low… Read more »

Perhaps they’re just proving my point for me! Since giving reasons virtually all operational issue’s are called an excuse to cancel a service, and any technical issue must be preventable, quickly and easily solved and entirely Wightlink’s fault. I cant see its made much difference, on here anyway…!

nominative determinism
well its all down to perception isnt it. Saying Operational Reasons gives the perception that there is no reason and wightlink are trying to pull the wool over customers eyes. Saying your staff cant get in because of the snow IS an operational reason, but is also something people understand. As for technical issues, they are always fair enough, again with a little bit of information to… Read more »

Trust me-cancelling a sailing does not save Wightlink a penny!! Ships must sail or they die.


Some people will find any excuse to attack Wightlink

I must admit that I’m not their biggest fan (I prefer Red Funnel for car ferry and the Hover when on foot), but it seems whatever excuse/reason they give for cancellations, there is always someone ready to dive in and attack.


It’s called free speach. Welcome to the real world.


There’s quite a difference between ‘free speech’ and simply attacking for the sake of it.


Oh and in the real world that I have lived in for the last 40 years, I have tended to gravitate towards those who are polite and positive rather than those of a rude, patronising and negative disposition. Think I know which real world I prefer.

Happy New Year!


Well said Amanda, goods manners don’t cost anything do they?

As a matter of fact my feelings were hurt by a couple of the regular all day long posters on here earlier today.

I wont mention any names but suffice to say they are both well old enough to know better than to gang up on an individual just because he is an intellectual.


oh the paradox Mr. Tique

one of the most negative posters ever

Louise Woolford

Hahaha seriously!!
Typical Wightlink service for you.

Next excuse??? Can not wait to see that one.

Just my ‘opinion’ of course. ;)


You might have noticed that Red Funnel, along with much of the shipping using Southampton and Portsmouth, also suffered significant disruption. One person’s excuse is another, more rational person’s sensible precaution when using the Lymington river…

louise woolford

Oh and let’s remember one and all its only the internet!!!!!!!!

Charlie Bear

Well said No.5


If people are interested, i’ve seen my initial thoughts confirmed – the fog was too thick for ferries to safely pass in the river, so to maintain a punctual service a two boat service was run.

Putting safety and punctuality above running the timetabled service? How dare they… ;-)