New Town Blog ‘ILoveRyde’ Launched

A new town blog has been launched to help put Ryde on the map.

It’s really encouraging to see new blogs springing up over the Island. The latest we’ve come across is

ILoveRyde.comWith a name like that, you’re not going to be surprised the hear that it’s about Ryde … and that they’re rather keen on the place.

It’s the brain child of two women who run businesses in the town, who were frustrated by the lack of apparent support that the IW Council was giving the town.

Their solution – to tell the globe how good Ryde is via a Web site.

Besides covering the obvious benefits of Ryde – huge sandy beaches, easy access, etc – it covers news about Ryde, highlights local businesses, details the wide variety of shops available and is planning to cover local history.

If you feel like setting up a blog about your village or town, get in touch, we’d be happy to help you out and get setup and running.

Check out

Thursday, 25th June, 2009 10:05am



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8 Comments on "New Town Blog ‘ILoveRyde’ Launched"

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i got the autograph of mr pastry at ryde carnival.

we shall not see his like again!


your so right seb Richard was a man among men !!


truly – he was a mensch


Anyone found the RSS on the site? I can’t seem to find it!

Claire Kay
Hi, Just to let you know – I Love Ryde isn’t your standard blog, although we do have a blog which you can comment on, the main part of the site is a general information and business directory. We do plan to include an RSS feed in the near future, but the team and I are trying to get the base layout perfect. We do Twitter, as… Read more »
roger regular

Mr Pastry, that brings back memories of good old Ryde. I have a video of him arriving on the Island via the hovercraft. Also on the video is that other great comic Ken Dodd


upload it to youtube?

roger regular

Unfortunately I had it copied from a cine film along with QE1 footage and family stuff onto a video but who ever done it for me (which I paid for) has protected it, so I cannot copy it.