Post Brexit farming subsidies only for those who do ‘public good’

After Brexit, new agricultural rules will be tailored with subsidies only given to farmers who do public good, as well as produce food.


This in from the office of Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Bob Seely. Ed

MP Bob Seely said today (Wednesday) a post-Brexit green farming policy is an excellent opportunity for the Isle of Wight to further cement its reputation as a producer of top-quality food.

Only subsidies for those ‘who do public good’
Environment Secretary Michael Gove recently announced that agricultural rules will be tailored for the UK after we leave the EU, with subsidies only given to farmers who do public good as well as produce food.

This means money moving away from a model based on landowning, to supporting those who plant woodland, provide new habitats for wildlife, increase biodiversity, improve water quality and provide public access to their land.

Bob said,

“Brexit is a huge opportunity for agriculture to work with government to develop flexible schemes that produce the best food in the world and protect the environment.

“This announcement is also a good opportunity for the Isle of Wight because there will be help to protect the landscape, but also scope to really develop the Island’s reputation as a producer of top-quality food, as I believe the Isle of Wight should be a national and international brand.

“The reassurance that farmers will have continuity with subsidies until at least 2022 is sensible while a new and better system – a system for the UK – is put into place. I also see no reason why this should not extend to a better deal for fishermen too.”

Image: © Isle of Wight Young Farmers Club

Wednesday, 10th January, 2018 4:22pm



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Billy Builder
Bob like all of the hard BRexiteers of the Nasty Party has got his head buried so far up where the sun never shines that he it total oblivious to the real world. We are currently losing 340 million pounds per week as a country purely as a result of the current BRexit process. In all likelihood with an impending hard Brexit, those losses will increase significantly.… Read more »
Steve Goodman
Dear Bob – if this is actually part of a genuine long overdue move in the inevitable green direction which is our best hope for any sort of worthwhile future given the ultimately unignorable limits of nature and science, rather than the latest con. party greenwash (like runaway PM brexit bookie David Cameron’s pre-election huskie hugging and green promises broken by his post-election “green crap” cutting) –… Read more »

Of course, the sensible thing to do is stay within the EU and bring about internal change, for which there is now Europe-wide support. But no, we know better!

There was an article I read the other day (I’ll try to find a link to it) that suggested that the country will be mostly Remain by 2020 due to older voters (who were largely Brexiteers) dying off and young people who get the vote who are almost exclusively in the Remain camp. It went on to suggest that leaving the EU, now, could actually, bring about… Read more »

I see the t**d Farage has re-surfaced. To paraphrase an earlier comment: will no-one rid me of this troublesome prat?

Billy Builder
Strangely I find myself in agreement with Farage. There should be a second referendum on the terms of any devorce. If I were to make an offer on a house based on an estate agents description, and following surveys that description proved flawed, I would have every right to review or withdraw that offer. The Leave campaign was based on a pack of lies and disinformation. Now… Read more »

It’s just Farage trying to make himself seem relevant again.

He isn’t.

From his fawning around Trump to his insistence that he keeps his €70,000 EU pension the man has clearly demonstrated than the only thing Farage cares about is Farage and he doesn’t give a damn about the damage he causes to get what he wants.

Anyone who still thinks otherwise is clearly deluded.

Billy Builder

I fully agree, Farage like Trump, and to a lesser extent Johnson & co, want to be centre of attention and will say anything no matter how outrageous to get that attention. The point I was making is that in this instance his tantrum’ing adds to the very real and justified debate about a second referendum on the Brexit divorce.