Proposed roads for Ryde development ‘breathtakingly inadequate’, says councillor

Cllr Jordan says the plans will “see hundreds, if not thousands, of extra vehicle journeys per day in this area — some from very large commercial vehicles”

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A Ryde councillor has called for ‘suitable and sustainable roads’ to be put in place before the extension to Ryde Business Park on Nicholson Road takes place.

Cllr Philip Jordan, representative for Ryde North West, has called the proposed layout of new roads on Smallbrook Lane ‘breathtakingly inadequate’.

Plans submitted to the Isle of Wight Council will see new homes, a GP surgery, gym and cafe built as part of the council’s regeneration strategy at Nicholson Road.

They also suggest installing a main road at the existing site, by the Royal Mail delivery office, carrying on to Smallbrook Lane.

Jordan: “Does not address already heavily congested junction”
Ryde Town Councillor, Philip Jordan said:

“We cannot continue with the wholesale building developments around this whole area of Ryde without putting into place a suitable and sustainable road infrastructure to match the increased demand.

“The proposed entry and exit to the development is entirely and breathtakingly inadequate. It does not address the already heavily congested junction with Great Preston Road and Smallbrook Lane and there are no proposals to increase capacity at other junctions.

“Apart from constructing an entry/exit onto Smallbrook Lane — essentially nothing more than a county lane — adding to surrounding traffic problems, no improvements or upgrades to surrounding infrastructure are being proposed.

“We will see hundreds, if not thousands, of extra vehicle journeys per day in this area — some from very large commercial vehicles.

“Without proper capacity of road infrastructure it’s simply not sustainable for our community.”

This follows a Ryde Town Council Planning Committee meeting on Tuesday, 24th September, where the plans were discussed and concerns were raised by councillors and residents.

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Why stop there? The Pennyfeathers development along with the other new proposal along Bullen road and Rosemary Vinyard housing plans; all are going to contribute towards more traffic in an area that is already too busy. It is all very well re-doing the Westridge traffic light junction but it won’t diminish the prospective amount of traffic. The IWC won’t be happy until the previous out of town… Read more »

Including a New GP Surgery, just got to find some GP’s to cover it, when we are already suffering an Island wide shortage.


I’m sure that if the development had already taken place, there would be a “rat run” through the development at the moment bypassing the queues up Smallbrook Lane!