Red Funnel’s Southampton terminals to move in Royal Pier development (Updated)

Both the car ferry and the RedJet terminals would have to move when this £400m redevelopment takes place. OnTheWight has found out where to.

Southampton Docks - Royal Pier

A £400 million development intended to transform Southampton seafront is another step closer, following the signing of a Development Agreement for Royal Pier earlier this month.

Red Funnel customers might be forgiven for thinking the artist’s impression above looks vaguely familiar.

They’d be right, for the Royal Pier development – which intends to create 6,000 new jobs – sits on the current site of the Red Funnel ferry terminal.

The development is intended to showcase “the international face of the city”, and will see the waterfront revitalised, with new shops, a super-casino, office space, residential property and new waterside attractions.

Red Funnel terminal would move
As you can see from the image above, the current Red Funnel terminal is slap bang in the middle of where the development is planned, the tall ship is exactly where the car ferry comes in (don’t be confused by the reclaimed land to the left of the tall ship).

We got in touch with Red Funnel to see what they thought about the plans and they were very positive about the development.

Not surprising, given the plans include a new super-duper purpose-built terminal for both the car and foot passenger ferries on Pier 50 (just to the right of the marina).

Royal Pier on Google Maps
Click on image to see larger version

Berth 50 – Glamours past
In our research about the docks, we discovered that Berth 50 was previously a flying boat terminal with some fantastic history.

Update 21 March: Many thanks to Peter Hall who got in touch to give us this further background on Berth 50 and the Flying boats that left from there.

Public consultation
Now the agreement has been signed, a public consultation will take place and plans drawn up by RPW (Southampton) Ltd will be submitted to the council.

Simon Letts, Leader of Southampton City Council, said:

“We are very excited by these proposals. The Royal Pier Waterfront development is the flagship project in our overall plan to further enhance our city’s reputation as a first-class destination to live, work and visit.”

Southampton Port Director, Nick Ridehalgh, said:

“We understand how important the Royal Pier site is to the future development of the City`s waterfront. Given this, we welcome the completion of the development agreement.”

Thursday, 20th March, 2014 9:49pm



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12 Comments on "Red Funnel’s Southampton terminals to move in Royal Pier development (Updated)"

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Rhos yr Alarch

A pity the new location seems to be further away from city centre, station etc…


Hopefully, they will re-design the roads to minimise the distance – I expect a slice to the west would be sufficient.

I assume the Red Jet terminal would then be converted to more offices.


Yeah, it’s a massive 5 mins further away. How are we going to cope?


If they cut a new route, it will be 5 minutes, but if they don’t, it will be more like a 15 minute walk.

The move further away should help secure the future of the free bus.


I may be wrong but is this the same road in as the one that causes all the problems with the cruise ships?


Only because of the extensive roadworks going on at the moment at Dock Gate 4/Platform Road.

Rhos yr Alarch
The timetables would have to be completely revised to make sure of connections at Soton Central – already the 14 mins journey time is not always enough to make it in time, and it’s always a close-run thing! Not actually sure why the Red Jet Terminal would need to be moved at all, as that area is recently constructed and not shown as having any change in… Read more »

There is a free bus every 20 minutes, why worry about a slightly longer ride? It should be easier to drive in and out with a longer vehicle as the road looks wider there instead of having to funnel into the lanes off the roundabout. I might be a problem in busy times when you chance it and get there too early for your sailing.


But the bus only runs because Southampton City Council provides a subsidy, and that’s being withdrawn in April, so unless Red Funnel and SW Trains dib in to make up the difference, no bus. It looks like it is going to be a lot more awkward to get to Berth 50 than to the current Red Jet terminal.


Red Funnel, West Quay and South West Trains all subsidise the bus, wasn’t aware that the council had any involvement at all. It’s a wholly commercial service.


Just read that Red Funnel are taking the service over – free for Red Funnel customers and £1 for everyone else.

Good for Red Funnel customers, as it would make it a lot more costly going via the commercial routes. I doubt there are huge numbers that get it who aren’t customers, but the rate is still competitive.


Idont see what the fusss is about new terminal more jobs the only thing whats bad is the road getting out of the place