The ‘Isle of Wight Welcomes You’ campaign launches today

The ‘Isle of Wight Welcomes You’ brand has been developed to prepare for the remarketing of the Island as a go-to destination

Isle of Wight welcomes you t shirt and logo

Today (Friday), sees the launch of a new ‘Isle of Wight Welcomes You’ social media campaign, to make clear the Island is open to visitors – from this weekend onwards.

With hundreds of tourism and hospitality businesses on the Island set to open their doors tomorrow (Saturday), this initiative is designed to complement Visit England’s ‘We’re Good To Go’ standards, which allow those who will be trading to demonstrate that they are adhering to public health guidance, have carried out a Covid-19 risk assessment and check they have the required processes in place.

Meeting the ‘We’re Good To Go’ consumer mark
This local campaign is for those businesses that have met the industry standard – and been awarded the ‘We’re Good To Go’ consumer mark –  but also wish to promote a locally-led initiative to welcome new and returning visitors the Isle of Wight.

The ‘Isle of Wight Welcomes You’ brand has been developed by a number of business owners on the Island (including Tapnell Farm, The Hut and The Royal Hotel) who have worked together over recent weeks – in dialogue with a range of local stakeholders – to prepare for the remarketing of the Island as a go-to destination.

Edwards: The Island is ready, we’re good to go
Barnes Edwards, Director of The Garlic Farm (as well as Island Identity), helped develop the logo with local agency Peekaboo. He said: 

“The message is simple: the Isle of Wight is ready to welcome visitors. Our tourism and hospitality businesses are open for business. Our Island has so much to offer, and its vital that we promote this message far and wide, as a friendly and welcoming place for people to visit.

“Working with Visit Isle of Wight and others on the Island, we have developed this campaign to support our local economy and community. We hope this positive message of welcome will be shared widely, alongside the reassurance of our collective adherence to national standards. The Island is ready, we’re good to go.”

The Garlic Farm have launched T-shirts with the ‘Isle of Wight Welcomes You’ branding.

Holbrook: Delighted to support this fabulous initiative
Steven Holbrook, Chief Executive Officer of the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce, added: 

“The Isle of Wight Chamber is delighted to support this fabulous initiative to highlight that the Island’s tourist market is very much open for business and leading the way in creating a safe and welcoming environment for people to enjoy all the splendours the Island has to offer through both its scenery and mix of local businesses.

“The food and drinks and entertainment offering on the Island stands proud and this local campaign shows the entrepreneurial spirit running through Island enterprise.”

Myles: Our amazing Island is such a welcoming place for visitor
Will Myles, Managing Director of Visit Isle of Wight, added: 

“This is a great initiative, local businesses coming together and working collaboratively, supported by Visit Isle of Wight to ensure we get that message over that our amazing Island is such a welcoming place for visitors, sitting alongside the Visit England “We’re Good to Go” national standards it just shows that the island works as Team Isle of Wight.”

Stewart: I urge all businesses to get behind it
Cllr Dave Stewart, Leader of the Isle of Wight Council, added: 

“This weekend marks an important milestone in getting our Island back on its feet. We have so much to offer, and because of restrictions with holidaying abroad, people can look to the Isle of Wight for a safe and relaxing break after all the turbulence and stress of the coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown.

“This social media campaign will help show that the Isle of Wight is ready to welcome visitors – and I urge all businesses to get behind it .”

Seely: Passionate individuals joined forces
Bob Seely MP, added: 

“Over recent weeks, I have been in active dialogue with representatives of many businesses in the hospitality and tourism sector.

“These individuals are passionate about the Island and have informed the approach I have taken in making our case to Government for support.

“I’m delighted that they’ve now joined forces to develop this grassroots campaign to show that the Isle of Wight is a welcoming and friendly place to visit. I will be sharing the graphics and encourage others to do the same.”

Friday, 3rd July, 2020 11:13am



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Justin Case
Be sure to remember their names: The Garlic Farm, Steven Holbrook, Will Myles, Dave Stewart, Bob Seely, Now you know who to point at when you discover that coronavirus has by no means finished with us and this lot are wringing their hands saying how could we possibly have known. The price of an early return to business as usual is that coronavirus will still be with… Read more »
Some publicans (not on the Island) are reported in national papers as saying they are afraid of being sued if people get Covid-19 from going to their pubs today. True or not, all those national and local politicians encouraging shops and pubs to open without enough precautions (masks and so on) have to be brought to book for any deaths that follow. Add them to the manslaughter… Read more »
Angela Hewitt
I don’t get this. Who is going to check establishments and hand out these awards? (That’s the impression I am getting).If you haven’t got one does that exclude you from public perception that you are “good to go” which can actually be damaging to your business. Is this a means of making sure those with the logo get more business than others. If you have to apply… Read more »
The ‘awards’ are free & self certifying – just register & answer 20 questions. Businesses need to say they have carried out a risk assessment – if you have under 5 employees, it doesn’t need to be written down (!!) Establishments are also subject to spot checks, although not sure who carries them out… If I was a tourist I would be scouring acommodation providers website to… Read more »