The number of Isle of Wight Covid-19 Cases have just gone up considerably. Here’s why

The Isle of Wight numbers were expected to rise when data for home test kits and drive through testing was included, but some may be surprised by how much they have gone up


The true number of confirmed Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases on the Isle of Wight has finally been revealed with the release of Pillar 2 test data.

The Isle of Wight’s confirmed Covid-19 cases have increased from 204 to 420 – more than double the previous figures.

As News OnTheWight has stated throughout the Covid-19 crisis, the true number of people with the virus is expected to be far greater, with many residents simply self-isolating upon experiencing symptoms.

Previously Public Health England was only releasing Pillar 1 data each day (these are tests carried out in hospitals – more here). The release of Pillar 2 testing ensures that testing via home test kits, drive through etc will now be included in the daily figures released by Public Health England.

Local comparisons
Isle of Wight has 420 cases with an infection rate of 297.4 per 100,000 (population approx 140,000).

Portsmouth has 492 cases with an infection rate of 228.7 per 100,000 (population approx 240,000).

Southampton has 915 cases with an infection rate of 362.0 per 100,000 (population approx 256,000).

Data for all areas can be viewed on the C19 Dashboard.

Does this include the care home data?
News OnTheWight has been seeking clarification from Public Health Isle of Wight for four weeks as to whether a reference in council papers to 178 C19 cases in care homes were part of the daily (Pillar 1) PHE data.

It is likely that the 178 are part of the new increase, but as the council and Public Health IW have still failed to answer the very simple question, readers can only guess.

Image: CDC

Thursday, 2nd July, 2020 11:48pm



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Relatively few of us 140,000 islanders have been tested for C-19 and figures of 200-400 cases merely reflect this. It may well be that over 100000 of us have at some time been exposed to it, we may or may not have acquired herd immunity by now & lockdown may no longer be serving any useful purpose. What is certain is without community wide testing we will… Read more »

I am wary of anything referring to *potential* ‘herd immunity’ and would caution others to do the same. There is currently no consensus that immunity of any sort follows an infection with COVID-19.

Without community wide testing we just don’t know, although it could explain the lack of any significant rise in cases following the BLM demos. The Japanese scientists confirm that you can’t catch C-19 twice, Prof.Whitty says that he doesn’t know. Perhaps one of the most damaging aspects of C-19 aside from the disease itself though has been the associated scaremongering which has apparently left many of the… Read more »
What is needed is an antibody test for the entire Island population, then we will see how many people have had C-19. Only then can any informed decisions be made as to how to proceed with life. Most other figures bandied about (including mine) are pure guesswork and those in authority are doing us no favours by playing down the numbers.If the antibody tests currently being trialled… Read more »
In the medical report from The Department of Virology, Amiens University Medical Centre, Amiens, France. Titled “Anti-Spike and anti-Nucleocapsid and Neutralizing Antibodies in SARS-Cov-2 hospitalized patients and asymptomatic carriers” After 59 days antibodies are undetectable in 54.5% of those that have been infected with a coronavirus, and After 74 days antibodies are undetectable in 63.6% of those that have been infected with a coronavirus. Furthermore the report… Read more »

What is very clear Mr Seely, is that all along you, and your Tory chums, have tried to mislead the public and islanders about the ‘true’ number of COVID infections.

You are a total disgrace.

Angela Hewitt

Herd immunity is a dangerous road to travel long. It is a death sentence for the elderly way before their time. Are you suggesting that we should be released from lock-down so that everyone can get infected.Hence a nation run by the young and inexperienced but immune?!
( I didn’t see many elderly taking part in the protests)
I think I must be misunderstanding the previous comments

Rhos yr Alarch
Thankyou for giving this prompt update. It is alarming that whilst early on in the outbreak the Island had the second-lowest infection rate in England, there are now 25 areas in England with lower recorded infection rates. It would be interesting to know how this could have occurred, given that we are an island. It would also be useful to know how much of the current infection… Read more »