Wightlink join Red Funnel by closing their cafes to passengers

Red Funnel stopped selling food and drinks on board their ferries last year, but Wightlink had continued to keep theirs open, until now

graces bakery on wightlink ferry

Wightlink have announced that their takeaway cafes will be closed from Saturday 16th January 2021. 

They also say customers will not be allowed to take their own refreshments to eat or drink onboard ferries or at ports. 

Concerns raised at Scrutiny
The announcement follows debate at this week’s Scrutiny committee, when the Chairman, Cllr Richard Hollis, relayed concerns from residents about people eating on Wightlink ferries and then keeping face coverings off for the entire journey.

Red Funnel closed their cafes a long time ago and insist that passengers consume food and drinks on the outer decks and not inside.

Greenfield: Not everyone is following the regulations
Wightlink’s Chief Executive, Keith Greenfield, said,

“Although the vast majority of essential travellers onboard our ferries are obeying the law over mask-wearing, not everyone is following the regulations.

“We want to remind customers that they need to wear a face covering, at all times and in all areas, to protect themselves and others during the pandemic.” 

Face coverings
All passengers must wear a face covering throughout their crossing (unless medically exempt) to help stop the spread of Coronavirus, especially the new variant of Covid-19 which is 70 per cent more transmissible than the first strain of the disease and responsible for over 90 per cent of the current cases on the Isle of Wight.

Thursday, 14th January, 2021 5:14pm


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8 Comments on "Wightlink join Red Funnel by closing their cafes to passengers"

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Well done, Cllr Richard Hollis for raising concerns about passengers eating and drinking on ferries – just one example of how Wightlink has put profit before lives. There should be legislation to stop this on public transport. Yet asking people to obey Covid health rules isn’t enough. They need enforcing.

Justin Case
Wightlink are either being disingenuous or do not know what is occurring aboard their ferries. Perhaps it’s both. There are any amount of people on board not wearing masks once they sit down, often holding conversations with their group or eating food provided by the on-board cafeteria. There is a complete lack of signage inside the onboard areas encouraging people to remember that facemasks must be worn.… Read more »

Too little too late comes to mind.


Maybe now they’ll even consider only allowing essential travel too! Just a thought!!


No F chance.


Let people stay on their cars! The MCA say it’s fine. At least let people book crossings without the terribly dangerous cargo they say prevents them. The MCA have already agreed!


Wightlink supports a few Island producers so they can screw even more out of us. We always take our own supplies now but , in their spite, we can’t even do that now.


So in a couple of weeks time, ‘Full Spread’ will be laying off staff owing to lack of trade possibly.