Southern Powerhouse reacts to Chancellor’s ‘Biz tax to stay local’ speech

george osborne

One of the central tenets for 15 councils around the South forming the 'Southern Powerhouse' was so they could keep business tax local to the region. Yesterday George Osborne said it would happen nation-wide.

Tuesday, 6th October, 2015 5:19pm

By Sally Perry with 22 readers' comments

Daily Mail tries to give the Isle of Wight a kicking over benefits

Benefits Capital daily mail article

'Forget Benefits Street' screams the Daily Mail headline, going on to imply that the Isle of Wight is worse, as "residents pocket half a BILLION of state handouts every year." OnTheWight unpicks the alarmist headline, laying out the facts.

Friday, 2nd October, 2015 1:21pm

By Sally Perry with 48 readers' comments

HMP Isle of Wight prisoners ‘Almost entirely’ sex offenders

Police cells

A detailed report has revealed that 'almost all' of the 1,081 prisoners are sex offenders. Claimed victimisation and assault levels are 'unusually high'.

Thursday, 1st October, 2015 11:02am

By Sally Perry with 10 readers' comments

Isle of Wight MP pleased UK to build a prison in Jamaica

jamaican prison

The Jamaican Prison is a positive step for the Isle of Wight, says the Island’s MP, Andrew Turner.

Wednesday, 30th September, 2015 4:51pm

By Andrew Turner's Office with 24 readers' comments

Want to know how much Isle of Wight council invests in fossil fuels?

Oil pumps

Data released by, Platform, Community Reinvest and Friends of the Earth reveals how much the Isle of Wight council's pension fund is investing in fossil fuels.

Thursday, 24th September, 2015 11:22am

By Joe Ryle with 5 readers' comments

Simi the Tiger one step closer to the Isle of Wight

simi the tiger

With any luck, Simi the tiger - rescued from a German circus - could soon be on her way to the Island, after Government officials say they'll work to transfer the tiger from Belgium to Isle of Wight zoo.

Thursday, 17th September, 2015 5:54pm

By Sally Perry with 4 readers' comments

How can we tell terrorists from refugees? asks Isle of Wight MP

Syrian refugee camp

Isle of Wight MP, Andrew Turner, wanted to know "how terrorists posing as refugees seeking asylum from Syria could be identified".

Thursday, 17th September, 2015 12:24pm

By Sally Perry with 14 readers' comments

Turner’s Tiger Talk sparks Isle of Wight creativity

the tiger who came to tea -

We've gathered together all of the graphics, videos and poems that we could find that Islanders created after Andrew Turner's star appearance in the House of Commons yesterday. Creativity burns bright.

Thursday, 17th September, 2015 8:33am

By Sally Perry with 13 readers' comments

Andrew Turner MP says ‘clarity needed over Taskforce’

Task force

Andrew Turner has said the current position of the Council on an Infrastructure Taskforce needs to be made clear.

Wednesday, 16th September, 2015 4:22pm

By Andrew Turner's Office with 14 readers' comments

Twitter melts – and not in a good way – after Andrew Turner asks about Tigers in most-watched PMQs (Update 2 : Video)

andrew turner tiger

With the Nation's eyes on him, Andrew Turner had the opportunity of asking the first question after the first much-anticipated Corbyn/Cameron PMQs. He chose to ask about the plight of a Tiger for Isle of Wight Zoo - Twitter exploded with 'What!?!?'

Wednesday, 16th September, 2015 1:22pm

By Sally Perry with 59 readers' comments

Island Line: DfT plans a ‘kick in the teeth’

End of the line

Government announcement threatens beginning of the end for Island Line, Labour warns.

Monday, 14th September, 2015 1:04pm

By Ed Gouge with 48 readers' comments

Island Line: Department for Transport proposals shocker

Stitched up train

Those campaigning to keep Island Line within the South West franchise will be spitting out their cornflakes at the breakfast table when they read the Department for Transport's proposals for the line.

Friday, 11th September, 2015 12:01am

By Sally Perry with 44 readers' comments