Call for an end to over-testing of six and seven years in schools

quiet please

Isle of Wight Green Party leader, Vix Lowthion, says the over-emphasis on external testing of six and seven year olds is zapping the creativity out of our teaching and learning.

Tuesday, 3rd May, 2016 4:58pm

By Vix Lowthion with 7 readers' comments

‘Councillors Against Austerity’: Fewer than half on Isle of Wight council sign up

austerity not working sign

Cllr Geoff Lumley (who co-organised the launch of the campaign on the Island) is unhappy that 22 Isle of Wight Councillors have not responded to or have declined his call to support the 'Councillors Against Austerity' campaign.

Tuesday, 3rd May, 2016 9:41am

By Geoff Lumley with 45 readers' comments

New fly tipping fines promise some relief for rural areas, says CLA South East

Fly tipping

CLA South East says new fixed penalty notices for fly tipping which come into force on 9 May are welcome, but fears they may not be enough to stem the rising tide of refuse dumped in rural areas.

Friday, 29th April, 2016 4:47pm

By Helen Symes with 4 readers' comments

PCC election: Who can you vote for

polling station

PCC elections are next week. Want to know when elections are coming up in your area and who will be standing? This great new Website by The Democracy Club makes it all very easy for you.

Wednesday, 27th April, 2016 2:02pm

By Sally Perry with 6 readers' comments

Andrew Turner responds over refugee children vote (Updated)

syrian refugee child

The plight of 3k vulnerable children displaced by the civil war in Syria is stirring strong emotions on both sides. Here's Andrew Turner's view.

Tuesday, 26th April, 2016 6:01pm

By Andrew Turner's Office with 13 readers' comments

Letter: Disgust at IW MP after vote to turn away 3,000 vulnerable refugee children

syrian refugees

Vix Lowthion, the leader of the Isle of Wight Green Party expresses her disgust after 294 MPs, including Isle of Wight MP Andrew Turner, voted to turn away 3,000 vulnerable refugee children who have travelled to Europe.

Tuesday, 26th April, 2016 10:15am

By Vix Lowthion with 40 readers' comments

Isle of Wight junior doctors to strike for two days

junior doctors strike

Proposals to avoid the industrial action have been rejected by Jeremy Hunt, so the planned two day strike will go ahead tomorrow (Tuesday). Isle of Wight NHS say they have well-prepared contingency plans in place "to ensure minimum disruption".

Monday, 25th April, 2016 4:23pm

By Sally Perry with 34 readers' comments

Still uncertain on when Minister who controls funding will visit the Isle of Wight (updated)

greg clark mp

When Greg Clark made a commitment to visit leaders on the Isle of Wight to help find ways for the Council to stay afloat, it was thought a meeting would have been set up by now.

Thursday, 21st April, 2016 6:54pm

By Sally Perry with 32 readers' comments

Campaigners call on DfT to disregard Garnett’s Island Line recommendations

stop sign

The recommendations from the Garnet Report were rejected by Isle of Wight councillors in March so members of KILF are calling on the DfT will disregard Christopher Garnett's recommendation that Island Line is excluded from the wider rail franchise.

Wednesday, 20th April, 2016 8:07am

By Sally Perry with one comment

Isle of Wight councillors sign up to ‘Councillors Against Austerity’​

austerity doesn't work

Following Saturday's anti-austerity march in London, eleven Isle of Wight councillors have signed up to the national ‘Councillors Against Austerity’​ ​founding statement and ask the Government to reverse cuts to council funding

Tuesday, 19th April, 2016 12:29pm

By Geoff Lumley with 54 readers' comments

Andrew Turner says BBC editors have ‘created unintentional bias’

bbc building

The Isle of Wight MP says the editors of the BBC have cumulatively created unintentional bias and says that impartiality needs to be at the core of the BBC’s output.

Tuesday, 19th April, 2016 12:13pm

By Andrew Turner's Office with 24 readers' comments

Call for Isle of Wight businesses to support staying in the EU

european flag

The Isle of Wight Liberal Democrat INTogether campaign is calling on Island businesses to follow Siemen's lead and show their support for staying in the EU ahead of the referendum in June.

Tuesday, 19th April, 2016 11:48am

By Nicholas Belfitt with 44 readers' comments