Adam tries his luck with billboard promotion

Successfully used to advertise products, but how successful will they be when the product is you?

Thanks to Rosie for this update on Islander Adam Pacitti, as first featured here way back in 2008. Ed

24-year-old Adam Pacitti, from Ryde, is testing just this, using a billboard to search for prospective employers after struggling to find a job in the media. The unemployed graduate has used the last £500 of his savings in a desperate bid to land a job, hoping this effort will set him apart from the crowd.

Well, if you can’t stand out when your plastered eight foot high on a billboard in Camden, when can you?

Dedicated website
Adam, set up website last week, complete with a video CV to demonstrate his expertise with filming and editing.

“I’m looking for work in the ultra competitive, cut-throat, and slightly vacuous industry that is ‘the media’, so if you manage a production company, a broadcaster, an ad agency, or anything similar, then please keep watching” he says as he introduces his CV.

This is a CV with a difference, not just because it is filmed rather than written, but because it also possesses a quality rare in today’s paper-trail obsessed world: humour.

“Like any well-rounded individual, I enjoy a host of activities to keep my brain and body active: whether it be socialising with friends, having a kick about in the park, or even entertaining the locals at karaoke.” Adam says, as the camera flicks to a beautifully poor but enthusiastic rendition of Wham!’s ‘Jitterbug’.

“So, if I sound like your ideal candidate, then please get in touch, because, to be honest, I’m getting desperate.” The video finishes with Adam on Shanklin beach, using a metal detector to look for coins.

The video has been placed on YouTube and has already racked up 36,000 hits.

‘Girl of My Dreams’
The young media star is not new to viral campaigns, having struck a chord with many lonely ladies in 2008 when, he began his ‘Girl of My Dreams’ search. Featured on The Graham Norton Show, Richard and Judy, GMTV, and even as far afield as Australia’s Sunrise, Adam made headlines with his search for the women he drew, upon waking up, from a dream about the love of his life.

The drawing was a fairly poor image that looked not unlike Ugly Betty, but offers of dates soon poured in and Adam found himself inundated as the website received four million hits.

Quite a hit
When this petered out Adam turned his attention to completing his degree, and obtained a First from Winchester University in Media Production. During his time there he also produced two popular documentaries, gaining 200,000 views on YouTube between them.

The first, ‘Pinfall’ is a documentary about his attempts to break into the wrestling world, and the Second ‘Everything’s Bigger’ is an accidental guide to Texas.

If you know anybody that might be able to help this talented Island man, then contact him through his website, or if you just fancy a good old fashioned laugh at somebody naturally funny, give it a watch. He is clearly going places, so watch this space.

Friday, 4th January, 2013 5:03pm



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  1. Mr Pacitti has pointed out his employment difficulty by highlighting the fact that his degree is in media. Did he not research this fact before embarking upon this course of study? He has a greater chance of being served by the Pope on TESCO’s bacon counter than finding gainful employment with this qualification.

    My experience of media studies students in college

    1 Spend all day taking photographs/films of each other in corridors at an FE college

    2 Spend all day taking photographs/films of each other at University

    3 End up stacking shelves in TESCO

    The only ones who made any money out of media studies were the lecturers teaching media studies.

    Very few do well out of it. For every Jeremy Paxman or John Humphreys there are thousands who don’t make it.

  2. I thought everyone is expected to feel ‘passionate’ about everything nowadays, but if Adam finds that sounding bored about his chosen area of work,(“…slightly vacuous industry that is ‘the media’..”), gets results, good luck to him….

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