Solent WASPI report successful Isle of Wight day of action

Bob Seely listens to Island WASPI women

Isle of Wight MP, Bob Seely, met with members of the Solent WASPI group last week and promised to find out more about 1950s women’s pension injustice.

Tuesday, 12th September, 2017 8:04am

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Solent WASPI brings day of action to the Isle of Wight

Solent WASPI election team

Solent WASPI is having an Isle of Wight Day of Action on Friday, 8th September 2017 to link up with Isle of Wight members.

Friday, 1st September, 2017 12:37pm

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State Pension Age reforms have sharply pushed up income poverty, says WASPI

no cuts placard

The WASPI Director says the Government has implemented State Pension Age reforms without adequately considering the full impact of these changes on the women affected, adding it has sharply pushed up income poverty among 60 to 62-year-old women.

Wednesday, 2nd August, 2017 3:12pm

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What does the General Election mean for the WASPI campaign?

Sal Robinson Polling Station

The Joint Coordinators for Solent WASPI Supporters’ Group provide a post-election update on the campaign.

Monday, 12th June, 2017 12:12pm

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Local WASPI women take part in national day of action

Solent WASPI Group

Solent WASPI women took part in a day of action, raising awareness of their situation and calling on candidates in the General Election across the region to support their cause.

Tuesday, 30th May, 2017 4:57pm

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Election candidates invited to support pledge for fairer women’s pensions

Solent WASPI election team

Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) invite candidates in General Election to sign pledge arguing case for fair transitional arrangements for women hit by state pension age rises.

Wednesday, 10th May, 2017 8:31am

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Solent WASPI women joined thousands at Parliament demo

WASPI demo in London

Budget Day and International Women’s Day saw a mass demonstration by nearly 5,000 WASPI supporters in Westminster including women from the Isle of Wight and Solent region.

Friday, 10th March, 2017 4:33pm

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Solent WASPI women take their protest to the heart of government

1950s babies

Women born in the 1950s from across south Hampshire and the Isle of Wight will be travelling to a mass demonstration in London on Wednesday next week to protest.

Tuesday, 28th February, 2017 11:27am

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